10 Best Dog Bowls For Flat Faced Dogs

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We’ve tested the top 10 best dog bowls for flat faced dogs that are worth the money.

Let’s start discussing each bowl now.

Editor Pick Best Dog Bowls For Flat Faced Dogs

10 Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced Dogs

1 Bowl Set for Dogs & Cats with Non-Slip Mat – Our Pick

YMAXGO Food Feeding Bowl for French Bulldog/Cat, Non-Slip Design (Black, Set)

Dogs require some comfortable bowls that keep them actively eating without getting disturbed, such as a tilted bowl which is adjustable for the dogs while eating.

Think about the YMAXGO titled bowl set used for all sizes of dogs, whether it’s a pug, terrier, Maltese, boxer, or any dog.

You’ll be able to store 2 cups of food in it without getting worried about spilling the food everywhere on the floor, as this bowl is great for all the messy dogs.

Even if you think the dog’s making a mess, the elegant design will keep the food within the bowl.

CNAS testing stamp is already present on the dog bowl, and no health concerns are raised on it as with other bowls as all A-5 grade materials have been used in its made.

Several proven benefits have grabbed the attention of dog lovers, as flatulence prevention, gas inhalation problems, or appetite setting could be easily treated using this bowl.

Older dogs could think that it’s a blessing for them, as the tiled bowl for dogs by YMAXGO will help them get their neck muscles relaxed while eating.

Also, there are absolutely no concerns over washing the bowl, but the only thing you should watch out for is that you don’t use the dog bowl in any oven.

  • For All Sizes Of Dogs
  • Food Within The Bowl
  • CNAS Testing Stamp
  • Flatulence Prevention
  • Appetite Setting
  • Not Good With Oven

2 Shallow Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

PickIt Pets Paws Bowl – Shallow Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl for Small to Medium Pets, Ideal for Flat Faced, Short Snouted Breeds and Bunny Treats, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Non Slip Mat Included

With new advancements in the industry, we’ve always looking for new content that makes your pet’s life easier. This ceramic-based elegant design food bowl is the one we’ve looked for your dog today.

It’s ideal to be used with dogs of a short height but eats very fast. This bowl has a specific design that mechanically slows down the dog’s eating rate to minimize tooth injury.

The dog dish is ideal for all dogs who lobe dry food, and you can easily pour up to 1.5 cups at once. The surface of the dog food bowl is odor-resistant and wouldn’t be peeling off the paint any soon.

Anyhow, if you’re worried about cleaning the mess then, don’t worry about it as a dishwasher would be enough for this purpose, and are well with ovens or freezers without any health concerns.

The anti-slip mat keeps your pet safe while eating, plus the bowl’s ideal because it’s a great weight, and dogs won’t be flipping into them.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this year, then your dog wouldn’t be any happy to see this dog bowl for his birthday this year.

  • Stylish and simple design
  • Ideal bowl for fast eaters
  • Healthy and safe
  • Ideal for dry food
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip and flip
  • Not good for liquid-based foods

3 Ceramic Pet Food Bowl for Flat-Faced Small Dogs

(Set of 2) Tilted Elevated Pet Bowls Suitable for Cat and Small/Medium Dog,Solid Bamboo Frame Cat Dog Food Bowls Anti Vomiting, Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowl for Flat-Faced Cats,Protect Pet's Spine

If you’ve got a small dog with a short length, he would require a small bowl to fulfill his needs.

BOEEA’s flat-faced dog bowl will keep your dog’s neck muscles and joints relaxed, while it’s always said that eating from the normal eight always improves digestion. So, this bowl is ideal for small dogs.

You can use the 2-in-1 model bowl to adjust the bowl size according to your dog’s height and also keep the pet’s food within the bowl.

You know that how you hate the mess created by the pets while they’re eating their food, so to minimize that mess, this bowl has been designed to prevent spilling.

The manufacturer has installed four skid-pads that effectively absorb any vibration and don’t let your dog fall into the bowl.

Let’s talk about the quality of the material used in the bowl. We can wash the anti-rusting design easily with no fear of the paint peeling off, and it would be a great gift to any of your friends who’ve got a small dog.

The bowl is detachable from the handler and easily installed again when you’re finished washing. Only use the rinsing water to clean it, and don’t rub it very hard. 

Stack it in a safe place so that you’re getting the value for your dog bowl as long as needed.

  • Premium material
  • Healthy feeding position
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to storage
  • Not for large dogs

4 Elevated Slanted Feeding Bowl

Raised Tilted Dog Bowl for Small Dogs,Elevated Slanted Feeding Bowl for Cat & French Bulldog,Pet Food and Water Bowl with Adjustable Bamboo Stand, Anti Slip Dog Cat Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls

Now, we’ve chosen an excellent dog bowl for you that’s made with grade 304 stainless steel, which is very durable and rust-free and easy to wash for all dog owners who’ve just taken their dogs.

The bowl is fixed on an adjustable bamboo stand with over six adjustable heights and has two angles that help make the natural postures of your dogs and reduce bloating, gas buildup, and ingestion.

The bamboo stand’s eco-friendly and made with wood, making the environmentalists happy that no plastic is being used in the stand.

You’d be able to choose the height that suits your dog’s height, as it will also reduce pressure on your dog’s muscles that keep him healthy and active, and fit.

Washing the dog bowl is also very easy, as it only requires you to detach it and then easily rinse it with water.

  • Adjustable height and angle
  • High-quality pet feeder
  • Slanted dog cat dishes
  • Detachable raised pet bowl
  • Easy to install
  • Watch your dog’s height while buying this.

5 Tilted Slow Feed Bowl for Short Snout Dogs & Cats

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Flat Face Breeds, Tilted Slow Feed Bowl for Dogs & Cats, Slanted Maze Food Bowl for French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Flat Face Dog Bowls Large, Small Breed

Leashboss has a famous bowl that’s great for short-snout dogs to ease them for their short height.

Even some pet lovers use it for their cats, which helps the dogs and cats reach the kibble easily. As with the other dog bowls, this also reduces the rate of your dog’s eating, so no vomiting, indigestion, or nauseated conditions happen.

The design is made very elegant, and the non-slip and grip materials keep your dog thoughtful while eating and concentrated while eating.

You’d see a fascinating maze-like shape in the bowl that keeps the animals engaged with eating and reduces any anxiety the dog’s been going through.

Store a plenty amount of food up to 1 and a half cups in the bow, and also you can easily wash with water. But don’t store water in the bowl.

  • Promotes slower eating
  • Improved digestion
  • Non-slip grip
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety
  • Easy cleanup
  • Dogs reach their kibble more easily
  • Please don’t use it as a water bowl

6 Ceramic Dog-Food Bowl and Water Bowl Set

Frewinky Dog Bowls,Ceramic Dog-Food Bowl and Water Bowl Set for Medium Sized Dogs,No Spill Non Skid Dog Bowl Mat and Tilted Double Pet Bowls,Set of 3,34 Oz

Now, we’re going to discuss a dog food bowl that’s great for both cats and dogs and a unique feature that it’s got 2 cups or bowls. It’s better than most of the bowls available on the market.

What do you think these 2 cups are for? The first cup’s used to pour dry food, while the second cup’s idea for water or juice. It means you’ll get 2 cups/bowls in the great value of money without paying anything extra.

With the tilted design, your dogs will not be getting any neck sprains or muscle twisting while it also keeps your pet’s food from spilling over with the non-slip silicone mat, which is non-slippery also prevents your dog from falling while eating food.

Easy washing with a dishwasher is the basic necessity of this era, so don’t worry about damaging your dog bowl, and also feel free to use the pet bowl for dogs and cats in a microwave to heat the foods.

  • Large capacity
  • Dogs get food easily
  • Non-slip Silicone Mat
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Not for big dogs

7 Royal Care’s 15° Slanted Bowl for Dogs and Cats

No products found.

We’ve chosen another bowl that serves for medicated purposes for your puppy. The bowl is tilted at 15 angles, proving scientific benefits preventing any neck sprains.

With the tilted design, you’d also feel that a minimal dog effort is required to eat while the food is all on the bottom of the dog bowl, so your furry friend can easily eat the dog food in the dog bowl.

Heavy-duty melamine is used to make the dog bowl that keeps it non-slipper and harder to move from its position. Thus, it serves as an anti-spilling bowl for your dogs to minimize your efforts to clean your dog’s mess created while eating.

Easily wash this bowl in any dishwasher, and you’ll see no marks and spots as the steel used in its built-in stainless-steel. Also, 1- 1.5 cups of food are easily stored in the bowl, so you don’t have to put food again and again.

  • Concentrate the food
  • Stable & durable
  • Heavy-duty melamine
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits for dishwasher
  • For small-medium dogs
  • Keep it clean to make it durable

8 Slanted French Bulldog Bowl

SSAWcasa Slanted Dog Bowl, 15 Degree Tilted Design, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Plastic, Anti-Slip Silicone Pad, Easy to Clean, Suitable for Cats and Small Dogs

There’s a fantastic dog bowl from the SSAWcasa store that we’ve personally used for our pets and have found that these are great built-in terms of the luxuries they provide to our pets.

The bowl is tilted at 15 degrees, keeping your dog’s body relaxed while eating and releasing stress.

Materials used in the bowl are eco-friendly and are mainly ABS material that keeps the pet healthy and fit. While there are two sets of bowls attached, you can use one for dry food and the other for water at the same time.

The bows are detachable from the base and easily washable, keeping the cleanliness and quality hand in hand.

  • Slanted Dog Bowl
  • Release the stress
  • Eco-friendly Pet Bowl
  • ABS material
  • Stable Cat Food Bowl
  • Easy to Clean
  • Don’t overload food in the bowl.

9 Peter French Bulldog Food Bowl for Flat-faced Dogs

Pawdoer French Bulldog Food Bowl, Slanted Tilted Pug Food Water Bowl, Pet Feeder for Frenchie, Shih Tzu, Flat Faced Small Dogs, Puppies, Cat

Now, we’re going to discuss a bowl that’s ideally for the cats and dogs with flat-faced or short height, which needs a bowl with adjustable height.

Peter French bulldog food is a great value bowl for dogs with a short height and wants some healthy change in their body and posture.

With a wide-angle tilted bowl, don’t worry about spending hundreds on the medical bills of your vet, as it will greatly reduce all the possible medical issues.

An easily washable bowl will make your life easy, as it’s easier to wash under a dishwasher, while the BPA material will keep the quality paint and the materials used intact as long as you take good care of it.

The bowl’s generally anti-skid and anti-spill. That means it has the advantage of saving your time and extra money spent due to food waste.

So, we highly recommend using this bowl for all the needs in one place.

  • Flat Face or Short Snouts Pet
  • BPA Free Material
  • Wide Opening with Angle
  • Anti-Skid Bottom & Anti Spill
  • Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe
  • Not very easy to clean

10 Elevated Ceramic Pet Bowls Tilted for Flat Faced Cats and Small Dogs

No products found.

The last dog bowl that we’re going to review is the PetnPurr cactus dog food bowl, mainly used by dog owners whose dogs have spine problems.

This bowl also has a tilted style design, plus there’s an additional feature that keeps the height maintained at a constant height to prevent any further spine problems.

It’s not ideal for water, though, but great for dry foods only and will not be allowing your pets to make more mess.

Also, please don’t use this bowl in the dishwasher to clean it; you can only spray water on the bowl and clean it with a cloth.

  • Fun design & food safe
  • Reduces vomiting
  • Aligns for easier meals
  • Reduces neck burden
  • Less tipping & less mess
  • Lead-free
  • Not ideal for water
  • Not adjustable

How To Choose the Right Dog Bowl

If you have a flat-faced dog, you have to choose their bowl wisely. The dogs with flat faces are Labradors, Beagle, and French Bulldog. It can be hard for them to eat and breathe at the same time. Due to this problem, dog food and water bowls should be carefully chosen. 

In this section, you can know several factors that you should consider before purchasing a dog bowl. 


Movability is an essential factor to consider when looking for flat-faced dog bowls. Dog owners have trouble with dog food bowls. The problem is that the bowl keeps moving when the dog eats. 

So it’s hard for the dog to eat the food. It would be best to choose such types of bowls that are very easy to move. All the bowls are very lightweight, so dogs can easily move those bowls without any hassle.


While you’d consider the best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs, you should also consider the suitability of the bowl. One of the problems with having a flat-faced dog is finding bowls that fit right. 

So, it would be best if you chose suitable bowls for your flat-faced dog. You have to select different bowls based on the dogs’ height, shape, and size.

Easy To Clean

It is important to clean the bowls frequently for a dog’s health. So, we have to wash the dog’s bowl frequently( at least 3 times a day). If we are not feeling comfortable while washing, it will be painful for us. 

So, we have to go with such a bowl that is easy to handle and wash. Our selected products are easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. So, you can wash those bowls without any scratch.


You will notice the tremendous difference between our selected dog bowls and other traditional bowls when using them. These bowls increase the feeding experience. 

Besides, these bowls are not moving too much, so the dog can easily take their bite properly.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Do flat-faced dogs need special bowls?

Shallow bowl is a special bowl that helps a dog take its meal properly. Shallow bowls are the ones that have an inward slope at the bottom of the bowl. The inward slope makes it easier for dogs to reach their food and water.

So, try these bowls for flat-nosed dogs that have to make extra effort to eat from the other bowls.

Are tilted bowls good for dogs?

A tilted bowl keeps the food at one end and makes it easy for your pet to get to their food. If your pet has long ears, the tilting of a bowl prevents their ears from getting in their food. Pet’s with facial hair will keep their whiskers out of their food and water. So, we can say that tilted bowls are perfect for pets, especially dogs.

Do vets recommend elevated dog bowls?

Elevated dog bowls are an excellent option for dogs with orthopedic conditions such as arthritis. The reduced horizontal distance makes it easier on the dog’s joints.
These bowls are also recommended for taller dogs. The elevated bowl reduces the stress on their necks. That’s why some veterinarians and dog health professionals highly recommend this type of bowl.

What are the best bowls for dogs to eat out of?

Stainless steel is the best overall option for dogs to eat out of. It’s durable and holds up to the elements easily. These bowls can be washed in a dishwasher. The major benefit of stainless steel isn’t porous.
So, bacteria or other microbes can’t hide and grow between washings. So, try to choose the stainless steel bowls for your flat-faced dogs.

What are dogs with flat faces called?

Dogs with flat faces are called brachycephalic dogs. This term describes animals with short muzzles and moderately shortened skulls. These dogs tend to have narrowed air passages. These air passages can make it more difficult for them to breathe. It happened during hot weather.

Final Verdict

We hope you’ve found the best dog bowl for your pup. If not, please share which one is currently working for you and we’ll happily do some research to find out what other options are available.