has created out of our deep enthusiasm for the animal kingdom!

“We love animals, sharing fun facts and stories about animals and feathery friends, etc. We also try to communicate with people how to take good care of their pets to create the best environment for them in the family.”

AnimalHowever Proud Team Member

Mr. B. Rahman, Developer & Web Administrator

Mr. B. Rahman has been a web developer and passionate blogger since 2012. He is the web administrator of

He is a pet lover and started the blog AnimalHowever to extensively content about pets and educational content about wild animals.

If you are a pet lover and like to share your thoughts or become a proud team member of AnimalHowever, feel free to contact him.

Dr. Muhammad Nabeel
Dr. Muhammad Nabeel, Veterinarian (DVM)

Dr. Muhammad Nabeel is a certified Vet from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. He has been practicing for many years.

He loves to solve every animal’s problems that come to him and would love to educate people about the horses with detailed and Researched analysis. 

Usama Ali
Mr. Usama Ali, Author & Animal Advocate

Usama Ali is the youngest writer on this blog, and he has been fond of playing with animals since my childhood. I’ve studied horses and dogs primarily and have been researching all the animals out of my craze.

Since childhood, I have loved to research different topics, and that’s why I love to explore things to get extra points of view from other people and have a better understanding. 

I’ve attended the 6-Months program on Animal Psychology and learned a lot about their nature.

I started writing about animals to share exotic information and try to explain it in the simplest terms.

Susmita Dutta, Lead Author

Susmita Dutta is a passionate writer and writing since a long time for Animal However. She doesn’t like to have her puppy or any pet, as she believes that street dogs and cats need more care and love than the breeds, which motivates her to run a street animal campaign in her locality. 

Apart from cute puppies and kittens, she wishes to do something more for the animals like TIGER, HORSE, and Elephants. For the animal awareness campaign, she uses all the social media platforms and her writing skill to spread the message among people. 

Mr. Tom Brackett, Lead Pet Expert & Author

Mr. Tom Brackett, Lead Pet Expert & primary author of Animal However. Mr. Tom has had a big interest and a good friendship with animals from his childhood. 

He is a member of many international pet groups and organizations. He also loves to write about pets which are his friends. He has been writing for AnimalHowever from the beginning of the blog.