What Is A Group Of Horses Called? Details Guide For You!

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Several terms can be used to address a group of horses. “Group”, “Team”, “Herd”, “Stud”, “Harras”, “String” etc. But every term explains different circumstances.

If you want to be familiar with the appropriate terms to refer to a group of horses, take a closer look at the following:

What Is a Group of Horses Called?

Have you ever stopped and wondered to see a group of horses and think about a group of horses called?

Generally, a group of horses is referred to by various terms, and many people refer to them as a “group.” Whereas the phrase “team” was also widespread when horses were involved in pulling commodities or objects altogether. 

The word has been in use for decades and is still widely used today. A group of horses is also referred to as a “harras,” which is now unusual. 

What Is A Group of Horses Called

Nowadays, different names are already in use, most of which are more prevalent than others.

Names can also differ based on the circumstances, the gender of the horses in the issue, and other variables such as the horses’ purpose. 

Sometimes, the location also matters while determining the term. 

Let’s take a close look:

 “Rag”A group of horses typically made up of colts, known as a “rag.”  “Team of horses”A group of horses, pulling objects together or involved in a “team-like” activity together, is known as a “Team of horses.”“Stud”A group of horseskept primarily for reproduction, known as a “Stud.” But it is less often used.  
“String”A group of horses owned by or belonging to a single person is usually known as a “String.” The phrase “string” also can be applied to address ponies.  
“Herd”A group of horses is also known as a “Herd.” For example, the cowboys worked hard all morning with their herd of horses.  
“Stable of Horses”A group of horses, especially living in the stable at domestic circumstances, is known as a “stable of Horses.”  
“Harras”A group of horses can also be referred to as a “harras.” The phrase is becoming uncommon, but it is still used in rural contexts in several English-speaking countries.  
“Troop of horses”A group of horses that serve in the Army or worked as horse guards, usually known as a “troop of horses.”  
“Band of horses”A group of horses can also be referred to as a “Band of horses.”

 Is A Group of Horses Called a Herd?

A Group of Horses can also be called a “Herd.” 

The term “herd of horses” is commonly used to describe horses interacting with one another while feeding outside, similar to cows.

The terminology also indicates horses that engage in herd-like behavior, such as migrating from one location to another in a group.

How Many is a Herd of Horses?

Usually, a group of horses is known as a “herd.” But what about a herd of horses?

A group of horses also can be referred to as a team, a rag (for a group of colts), a harras, a stud (a group of horses usually taken care for breeding), or a string (a group of horses owned by only one individual).

But how many horses make a herd? Have you ever questioned yourself? 

A herd consists of two or more horses. At the same time, a flock of horses may consist of up to 12 horses, although it can be varied. 

An alpha male and an alpha mare will lead the herd and the other horses and their offspring.

Feral and wild horse “herds” are typically comprised of multiple pretty small “bands” that share a region. 

Sizes can range from two to twenty-five individuals, the majority being mares and their children, and one to five stallions.

What Are The Ranks in a Horse Herd?

A herd of horses forms a hierarchy or “pecking order.” There are two types of horse categories: Dominating Horse and Submissive Horse.   

A dominating horse is placed at the top of the hierarchy, whereas a submissive horse is placed at the bottom. 

The dominant horses direct the others in a herd. As leaders, they gain access to vital resources (such as water and food) first, while others must wait for their turn.

Most of the horses reside in the middle category; however, they are subordinate to the herd’s other dominating members.

The top and bottom of the hierarchy are the easiest to describe. The middle of the rankings is a little confusing.

Generally, the alpha stallion is at the top of the hierarchy, and the lead mare closely follows them.

The bottom rung is occupied by foals, while weanlings and yearlings occupy the levels above them. 

The remnant mares and young stallions establish their pecking order based on behavioral qualities like aggressiveness and perseverance.

What is a Herd of Wild Horses Called?

A herd of wild horses can be referred to as a herd, harem, band, harras, or mob. The phrases rag or rake may also refer to a group of colts (young stallions). 

However, the term “string of horses” refers to a group of riding horses rather than wild horses.

What is the Leader of a Horse Herd Called?

Each herd or group of horses has one stallion or male horse to defend the whole group. 

1 or 2 lead mares or female horses to guide the group to collect food and water and protect it when necessary.

Because other younger stallions may remain with the herd, the stallion in command is also referred to as the alpha stallion to distinguish him as the leader.

The lead or alpha mare is also known as a boss mare. The boss mare is responsible for making the majority of the herd’s personal decisions every time. 

The others follow this mare wherever she goes.

How Do Horses Communicate in a Herd?

One of the most common questions that many horse lovers want to know is how horses communicate in a herd.

How do they interact as a group to keep the relationship strong?

Horses are powerful animals; that’s why it is essential to understand if they become angry. Otherwise, we might be badly injured if we do not identify the signals they are sending us.

In a herd, horses interact primarily via body language. They also get in touch with other horses while communicate or send messages, such as social grooming, play-nipping, and physical aggressiveness.

Their communication sound is also different according to the circumstances. When they greet each other, they create the sound “nicker” in a friendly manner. 

When they encounter a new horse in their herd, they generally create the sound “squeal” to express vast danger. 

Whinny is in despair to find missing members in their group.

Understanding how horses communicate in a herd is essential, as it allows us to comprehend better what our horses are trying to say when they are agitated, scared, calm, playful, or in pain. 

It enhances our interactions with our equine friends and allows us to provide them with a good standard of living.

What Can Collective Nouns Be Used for A Group of Horses?

Several Collective Nouns can be used for A Group of Horses.

Let’s have a look:

  1. String of horses 
  2. Rag of horses
  3. Stable of horses
  4. Harras of horses
  5. Herd of horses
  6. Stud of horses
  7. Troop of horses
  8. Team of horses


I hope the above article helped you to understand better What is a Group of Horses Called? But, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask or leave a comment below. 

One thing is for sure that horses are fascinating and fun-loving animals. They understand humans better than we think and give them accredit.  

Take some time to listen if your horse attempts to interact with you. You’ll be surprised at how “talkative” a horse can get once they recognize you’re paying close attention to them!