Top 10 Best dog trainers in south florida [2022]

If you’re a dog owner living in South Florida, it’s important to know who the best dog trainers in the area are in south Florida.

Not all dog trainers are equal expertise, and some are far more qualified than others. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best dog trainers in South Florida.

These trainers have many years of experience working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments, and they know how to get results. If you’re looking for professional help training your dog, these are the people to call!

Top 10 Best dog trainers in south florida

best dog trainers in South Florida

As we have mentioned, it is very important to find an expert who has so many years of experience with dog training.

We have selected the best dog trainers from south Florida. We highly recommend you to look at them carefully before choosing your trainer.

All the trainers are specialized in aggression, anxiety problems, and many other common issues of dog training. We hope this valuable list will help you to make the right decision.

1. K9 Off Leash Allan Castillo

Take your dog to the next level with the help of K9 off-leash Allan Castillo if you are living in Miami, Florida. Because of their sincere training and well customer reputation, we listed them in our top 10 best dog training centers in Miami, Florida.

K9 off leash not only train dogs in Miami, but they are also serving clients from nearby cities like North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Sunny isles beach.

If you are looking for an expert dog trainer, then K9 Off-Leash Dog Trainer Allan Castillo is the best choice for you.

What Do They Offer?

  • The head trainer became more and more intrigued by canine behaviors due to her research.
  • His dogs’ knowledge and natural understanding of the canine mentality helped him develop a keen sense of what makes them tick.
  • The instructor has a deeper level of expertise and is trained in training methods specific to dogs.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Schedule appointments for consultations $100
Trained to help a person with a disability- helping them move around, or providing support$1500
One-Week Refresher –  to keep your dog active through the week while you’re away $1500
Dogs over a year old- two-week board and train course$3000
Intensive four-week training $6,000
Individual sessions are held for four days each lasting 50 minutes$1500


Address: 7140 NW 2 Ct Miami, Florida 33150
Phone: 305-907-9505

2. The dog training clinic

The dog training clinic is best served by experts. Trying to train your dog with little or no dog training experience is a recipe for disaster.

The Dog Training Clinic staff are well known of animal-loving pet owners, which is why they treat every dog as if it were their own. All training experts keep updated on the newest training techniques and answers.

What Do They Offer?

  • They offer IN-HOME TRAINING and training at their own location.
  • They have now expanded to serve St. Lucie to Broward Counties!
  • Offer the finest level of service and care to both you and your pet, regardless of what you require.
  • It’s simple and fits in with your dog’s daily routine. It provides a certain outcome of excellent training, ensuring success.
  • Offer a variety of unique training courses for your dog through trained staff and instructors.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Puppy Camp – 2 Week Board & Train Program$1500
Basic On-Leash Obedience – 2 Week Board & Train Program$2150
On & Off-Leash Obedience
2 Week Board & Train Program
On & Off-Leash Obedience+
3 Week Board & Train Program
$3,500 (If you need additional weeks of training, it will cost $900 per week)
In-home lessons – Available from St. Lucie County – Broward County
Basic Obedience / 4 In-Home Lessons
Advanced Obedience / 8 In-Home Lessons
Basic- $600/ advance- $1,200
On-Site Private Lessons
Puppies and Adults, 4 On-Site Lessons,
Fig : The dog training clinic cost In South Florida


7568 Coconut Blvd,
West Palm Beach, FL 33412

3. Natural Instinct Dog Training

Natural Instinct Dog Training in Apopka City, Florida, is always there for dog owners. Gary Adams, the facility’s founder and a volunteer for local animal rescue efforts, is the primary trainer for in-home sessions and agility lessons.

The Natural Instinct technique of dog training allows you to better connect with and understand your Canine than ever before. Their techniques are intended to help you talk to and change how you and your dog see the world together.

What Do They Offer?

  • The facility also offers board-and-train services,
  • Assist your dog in learning about people and other dogs.
  • Their goal is to improve the connection and communication between dog and owner.
  • Using animal behavior and communication methods to train up your dog

How Much Will It Cost You?

Manners & Unwanted Behavior Program – 2 weeks$980
Basic Obedience ProgramsOne week- $350 Two weeks- $600 Four weeks- $1000
Puppy training- 2 days$500
Human aggression programFor 2 weeks-$1700 For 4 weeks- $3100
Dog aggression programFor 2 weeks-$1500 For 4 weeks- $2500


Address: 8073 Stone Road, Apopka, FL 32703
Phone: 407-607-9567

4. Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy

The Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy is a family-owned business that is one of the most in-demand dog training firms in Tampa, Florida. It offers twelve professional training programs, six licensed instructors, and has trained over 3,000 dogs.

Master trainer Clarke Inghram, the founder of Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy, has worked and instructed dogs for 50 years.

Learn how to interact with your canine companion naturally so you may have a solid, fun relationship with your entire family.

What Do They Offer?

  • Becoming a client at S.N.S. is like joining their family.
  • Free consultation and evaluation are provided
  • They’ll make a personalized action plan that is focused on your family’s goals and particular demands.
  • Provide a range of lessons and other methods to challenge your dog as they advance in their training
  • A certified instructor leads all of the sessions.


Address: 10401 Wilsky Blvd. Tampa, Florida
Phone: 813-961-0052​

5. Doglando

Doglando is a dog training facility in Orlando, Florida, offering puppy training, adult dog training, and canine skill development. This dog training center will be the best training center for you if you live in Orlando, Florida.

Teena Patel is the founder and C.E.O. of Doglando in Orlando, Florida. She received a degree in dog training in New York City. Patel strategized a new form of dog training that quickly earned her the support of many dog owners in Orlando.

Doglando provides dogs with a 6-acre, nature-rich, outdoor environment that includes 8 Spheres of Enrichment.

What Do They Offer?

  • The Doglando Parent is an enthusiastic supporter of new ideas, activities, and immersive learning experiences that are full-body and multisensory.
  • They encourage exploration and the four degrees of movement.
  • The Doglando Parent is grateful for the magnificent outdoors, which provides their dog with a wealth of natural resources.
  • The Doglando Parent is a vocal advocate for the overall happiness of their dog.
  • No compromises in terms of attention, experience, or purpose.
  • They commit to giving them the power, life, and spirit back into their lives.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Good dog package2 bi-weekly payments of $250
Rock star dog package2 bi-weekly payments of $400
Skill building intensive package2 bi-weekly payments of $585


Address: 12276 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: (407) 574-3160

6. Completely Canine

Completely Canine has always used the most current and successful training methods, and it is an industry leader in conditioning new desired behavior while eliminating undesirable problem behaviors. Completely Canine is an active dog training firm based in Miami founded in 2001.

Their dog training company in Miami has a long track record of success and an apparent desire to do excellent work that benefits their clients and canine companions.

What Do They Offer?

  • The best way to condition your dog is through training, which they provide Private In-Home Training.
  • Private In-Park Training is ideal for those who want to teach their dog new obedience in a social setting.
  • Not only do they know how to train your dog, but they are also committed to doing it right.
  • The ideal dog trainers are those with extensive expertise who can assist you through the training process.

How Much Will It Cost You?

In-home trainingIndividual Session $150
Three Session Package $400
Six Session Package $800
Twelve Session Package $1,500
Twenty Four Session Package $2,500
Park trainingThree Private In-Park Sessions $275.00
Six Private In-Park Sessions $525.00
Twelve Private In-Park Sessions $1,000
Twenty Four Private Session Package $1,800
Group classes$115 for 4 classes


Address: Miami, FL
Phone: 305-444-1911

7. Wagging Willow

Do you have a dog kid and are looking for advice on establishing a good and healthy connection with them? Do you live in Winter Park, Florida? Let Wagging Willow provide you with the information and skills you need to comprehend how your dog learns.

The trainer is Susie Vergara, a canine expert. She obtained her education in Animal Behavior, which has helped her understand dog behavior and how to deal with it.

What Do They Offer?

  • You’ll learn what it is that motivates your dog.
  • They will help you evaluate the support and knowledge you need to grasp how your dog learns.
  • You’ll learn how to talk with your dog using positive reward-based training methods.
  • You can also use these training methods to help you build trust and mutual respect for your dog.
  • Finally, it will be a really enjoyable experience for you and your dog

How Much Will It Cost You?

Canine Communication 101 for Puppies, Adolescent, and Adult Dogs  $190 per dog
Canine Communication 201$190 per dog
Canine Communication 301$190 per dog
Private trainingContact Wagging Willow  


Address: 3756 Howell Branch Road, Winter Park, FL 32792
Phone: 407-399-3934
Fax: 888-541-5748

8. Applause Your Paws

It’s been a long road from the owner’s solopreneur days to Miami’s largest reward-based dog training firm. Rather than “traditional” dog training, an alternative is a more descriptive phrase that refers to personalized one-on-one instruction. In 2006, Dee Hoult launched Applause Your Paws in Miami, Florida.

What Do They Offer?

  • They believe that your dog will be a valued member of the family,
  • They’ll help you have the well-behaved dog
  • best training expert you’ve always wanted!
  • They provide engaging, positive education and humane, non-intimidating training
  • You can rely on them to be a team of professionals.

How Much Will It Cost You?

online live sessions to learn all the tips and tricks$55
Shadow dog training program$1200
2 weeks board and train$2399
Leash Skills Workshop$45
5 private lesson$669
101 dog tricks$199
Online live dog training$95
Level 2 Obedience Group Class$199
Level 1 Obedience Group Class$199
Puppy Kindergarten Group Class$199


Address: 4423 SW 74th Ave., Miami, FL 33155
Phone: 786-529-7833

9. Down Home Dog Training

Down Home Dog Training is dedicated to developing a strong connection between dogs and their people. Lindsay Smithson, B.A., CBCC-KA, is an experienced, certified, and accredited Orlando Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist with extensive experience in the local dog training sector.

What Do They Offer?

  • The organization offers a variety of training programs
  • Best therapy dog education.
  • Lindsay is a graduate of the Therapy Dogs International Certification and an Evaluator for the organization.
  • Down Home Dog Training uses positive reinforcement training methods to keep it simple, predictable, and loving.
  • Lindsay Smithson focuses on the connections between people and their dogs.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Immersion or “Life Training”$80 / 1 hr or $280 for 4 hours
Private In-Home Training$80 / 1 hr or $280 for 4 hours
Trick Training/ Assisted Living Behaviors$80 / (1 hr  or $280 for 4 hours
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification and Title$30 a la carte
Group class$150 for 5 week


Address: Orlando, FL
Phone: 865-617-8594

10. B.A.R.K. Training

B.A.R.K. provides dog training for dogs and puppies in Orlando, Florida. It was started by three buddies who had prior experience working as veterinary technicians and knew a lot about training service animals. The firm provides various services, including basic and advanced obedience, service dog and therapy dog instruction, and behavior modification training.

What Do They Offer?

  • Private in-person training is an excellent choice for people who wish to engage in the learning experience actively.
  • Public lessons at your house and in locales such as neighborhoods, parks, and so on.
  • Virtual lessons are a wonderful alternative for people who want to learn with them.
  • If a more efficient and individualized immersive approach is required, you may choose Board & Trains.

How Much Will It Cost You?

You may reach out to the company for price information.


B.A.R.K. Training
Orlando, FL
(407) 513-2570

Best Dog Trainers Near South Florida


Whether you’re looking for the best dog trainers or training centers in South Florida to help with basic obedience commands or more serious behavior modification, we’ve got you covered. These 10 trainers are some of the best in the state of Florida and can help your pup reach its full potential.

Have you worked with any of these trainers? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!