What Is The Name Of Tarzan Elephant?

The name of Tarzan’s elephant is Jumbo. Jumbo was originally an African elephant who was brought to the United States by showman P.T. Barnum. He was one of the first elephants to be brought to the United States, and he quickly became a popular attraction.

Jumbo was a large elephant, and he was known for his friendly and gentle nature.

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The name of Tarzan’s elephant is Jumbo. Jumbo was originally an African elephant, but he was captured and brought to America to perform in a circus. He became a very famous circus elephant, and was even featured in a movie.

After the movie was made, Jumbo was sold to a zoo. He lived there for many years, until he was finally returned to Africa.

Is tantor from tarzan a girl

Many people believe that tantor, the elephant from the Tarzan stories, is a girl. This is because tantor is voiced by a woman, Rosie O’Donnell, in the Disney animated film. However, the character is actually male.

Tarzan baby elephant voice

If you’re a fan of the Disney film, Tarzan, you might be wondering who did the voice for the famous baby elephant, Tantor. The voice was actually provided by none other than the legendary voice actor, Paul Frees. Paul Frees was born in Chicago in 1920 and got his start in radio.

He quickly became one of the most sought-after voice actors in the business, with his deep, resonant voice. He went on to provide voices for many iconic characters, including Boris Badenov in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and the Jolly Green Giant. Frees was also the voice of many characters in Disney films, including Ludwig Von Drake in Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and, of course, Tantor the elephant in Tarzan.

Frees passed away in 1986, but his work continues to entertain and inspire people of all ages. If you watch Tarzan, be sure to listen for Paul Frees’ voice coming through loud and clear in Tantor’s scenes.

Elephant name in jungle book

The elephant’s name in The Jungle Book is Hathi. He is the father of the elephants in the jungle and is very wise. He is also very kind and always helps the other animals in the jungle.

Mabaya tarzan

Mabaya tarzan is a plant that is native to South Africa. It is a member of the daisy family and its scientific name is Helichrysum petiolare. The plant is a succulent and it has a rosette shape.

The leaves are green and the flowers are white. The plant blooms in the summer.

Tantor tarzan plush

If you grew up in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you had a Tantor tarzan plush. He was one of the most popular characters from the Disney movie, Tarzan, and his plush toy was a must-have for any fan of the film. Tantor was a big, friendly elephant who was always there to help Tarzan when he needed it.

And, of course, he was absolutely adorable. Now, nearly 20 years later, Tantor is still just as popular as he was when the movie first came out. His plush toys are still sought-after by collectors and fans of the film, and he remains one of the most iconic characters from Tarzan.

If you’re looking for a Tantor tarzan plush of your own, you’re in luck – they’re still being made and can be found online and in stores. Grab one for yourself and relive the magic of Tarzan all over again.

What Is The Name Of Tarzan Elephant?

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Is the elephant in Tarzan a girl?

Yes, the elephant in Tarzan is a girl. Her name is Tantor and she is one of Tarzan’s best friends. She is very loyal and protective of him, and often helps him out of tight spots.

She is also very wise and often gives him good advice.

What does the name Tantor mean?

The word Tantor is derived from the Sanskrit word तन्तुर (tantura), which means “elephant”. The name was given to the elephant by the ancient Indians, who considered the elephant to be a sacred animal. The name Tantor is also used in the names of several other Hindu deities, such as Ganesha (the elephant-headed god) and Indra (the god of thunder).

Why are the elephants red in Tarzan?

The elephants in the Tarzan films are red because of a process called selective breeding. This is when animals with desired traits are chosen to mate with each other in order to produce offspring with those desired traits. The red coloration of the elephants is a desired trait that was likely achieved through selective breeding.


There are many different animals that live in the jungle, but one of the most famous is the elephant. The elephant is a huge animal that is very strong and can be very dangerous. One of the most famous elephants is Tarzan, who is known for his strength and power.