List of Amazing Animals With Short Tails

Do you know animals that have short tails? Probably not, because there aren’t many of them! In this blog post, we will list of animals that have short tails. Some of these animals are very rare, while others can be found all over the world.

We hope you enjoy learning about these fascinating creatures!

Amazing Animals With Short Tails

1. Bobtail Cats

  • Animal size – 14 inches
  • Tail size – 1 to 4 inches

These creatures are very fluffy and cute. They are also very intelligent and make good pets. Bobtail cats are a healthy breed that is mostly raised in households.

These cats are different from other cats because they have a unique tail. This is caused by a genetic mutation. Their tails are short, and they can only be seen clearly when they are alert!

This breed first appeared in the 1960s in Arizona and has been a popular household pet ever since. They have a moderate amount of shedding, and their coat can come in different colors like chocolate, red, blue, lilac, black, brown, and cream.

Bobtail cats generally live for 13 to 15 years. They are very active and enjoy playing hide-and-seek and fetch.

2. Voles

  • Animal size – 8 inches
  • Tail size – 3 inches

The voles have short tails when compared to other rodents. They have a compact body and short legs that make them stocky. They are about 6 to 8 inches long, with their tails being no longer than 3 inches long.

These tiny creatures can cause a lot of damage when they are in numbers. They are commonly known as field or meadow mice.

Voles can be found in heavy grassy areas or litter. However, they prefer to hide in fields, fruit orchards, and windbreaks.

3. Lynx Cats 

  • Animal size – 26 to 46 inches
  • Tail size – 2 to 6 inches

The lynx is a member of the cat family. They have a very short tail, but large paws and long legs. They live in colder areas, so they have a thicker, rougher coat of fur. One distinguishing feature is their black tips on their tails and ears.

There is not a lot of certainty about why short tails are common in cold environments, but experts think that it has to do with the fact that shorter tails help keep the body warm. It is also thought that having a short tail makes these cats lighter, which prevents them from sinking into the snow.

Lynxes can grow up to be 46 inches long. They have short tails that are usually 2 to 6 inches long. They are excellent climbers and swimmers. These carnivore cats mostly eat other small deer, rabbits, and other mammals.

4. Short-tailed Hawks

  • Animal size – 17 inches
  • Tail size – 5 to 13 inches

These beautiful birds can mainly be found in the woodlands of North America and the Caribbean. Depending on the region, short-tailed hawks prey on smaller birds as well as lizards, wasps, frogs, and even various rodents.

The short-tailed hawk is a bird that can grow up to 16 inches in length. It has a short tail in comparison to its body. This hawk is popularly known as the “little black hawk” in Florida.

Short-tailed hawks have feathers that are mostly dark brown or black-brown. They are similar to other hawks, which means they have a loud scream.

5. Short-tailed Bandicoots

  • Animal size – 6.5 to 8.8 inches
  • Tail size – 3 inches

This bandicoot rat is a short-tailed member of the rodent family. They have short and stubbly hair in the summers, and in winter, their body is covered with dense, long, and soft hairs.

Short-tailed bandicoots vary in length from 6.5 to 8.8 inches long. In some regions, they are also called Indian bandicoot rats and are brown-colored on the upper parts. Their underbellies are usually lighter, with a white patch on the throat.

This creature is mainly nocturnal and spends most of its time in burrows. It lives in river valleys and lakeside areas near Asia and Africa. Its predators include jungle cats, weasels, snakes, dogs, and cats!

6. Short-tailed Parrots

  • Animal size – 9.5 inches
  • Tail size – 0.5 to 1.5 inches

This bird is medium-sized and can be found near the banks of the Amazonian rivers in Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. It is the closest relative of the yellow-faced parrot.

The short-tailed parrot has a large dark bill. It is brightly green and can grow up to 9.5 inches in length. It has a very short tail.

Adult parrots have a reddish maroon spot on their shoulder and at the base of their outer tail feathers. These birds gather in large, noisy flocks near the evening. They like to perch on the bark of trees at night.

This species of parrot is endangered because of habitat destruction and the pet trade.

Final Verdict

From the tiny shrew to the lumbering elephant, animals come in all shapes and sizes. While we’ve explored some of the more fascinating creatures that have short tails, there are countless other amazing animals with short tails waiting to be discovered.

So get out there and explore your local zoo, nature reserve, or even your own backyard; you may be surprised at just how many interesting creatures call home sweet home right beneath your nose.

Don’t forget to tell us about your discoveries in the comments below – we love learning about new and exciting animals!

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