Top 15 Best Dog Boarding in Vermont 2022

Are you looking for the best dog boarding in Vermont city? If you are looking for a safe place to stay for your dog then this content is going to solve your problem.

Sometimes, we need boarding service and it could be for training or to travel far. If your budget is limited and you are looking for a good quality agency then you can find it through our content. 

We have listed about 15 boarding centers. Almost all of them offer good quality service on a low budget. So, let’s brew a cup of coffee and find the best dog boarding near Vermont. 

15 Dog Boarding in Vermont: Find your suitable boarding center

Dog Boarding in Vermont

If you want to go somewhere far away for traveling or campaigning, you need to think about the safety of your pet first. There are several boarding centers in the city of Vermont that will take care of all your pets.

Also there they will feel safe. Their charges are quite budget friendly and their staff are quite friendly. So let’s see which 15 boarding centers are best for you.

#1 Oh my DOG

Are you looking for a dog boarding agency which has a friendly pricing system? Oh my DOG is the best Dog Boarding in Vermont. The staff is always friendly and engaging, even when things get a little crazy.

They’re entertaining thirty dogs at once. This place is always clean and well-maintained. Your dog loves going to Oh my DOG and you’ve never had a bad experience there. Let’s visit their office and get quality service.

#2 Wundrland Pet Lodge

Wundrland Pet Lodge is another dog boarding center near Vermont. They are open year-round and offer many services to customers in the area. Their mission is to provide a clean, safe and fun environment to leave your dog while you travel.

All dogs must be pre-screened before making reservations. They take care of dogs that are elderly, have special needs, or are exuberant.

#3 Wagmore Kennels

Don’t you have much time to take care of your dog? Then Wagmore Kennels may help you. They take care of your dogs like they are our own. They have a large fence in the yard and plenty of staff members to keep an eye on the dogs. Wagmore Kennels provides you the best dog boarding experience in Vermont and surrounding areas. Let’s make an appointment today!

#4 Gulliver’s Doggie Daycare

If you are looking for a Dog Boarding Vermont, then Gulliver’s Doggie Daycare is a good option. They have years of experience with all kinds of dogs. They pride themselves on offering the best care for your pet.

Moreover, they provide a fun and safe environment. Their rates are affordable and competitive with other dog care facilities in Vermont. Let’s talk with them today!

#5 Sleepydog Kennel

Have you joined a job recently and haven’t had much time to take care of your dog? Sleepydog Kennel is one of the best dog boarding platforms near Vermont. Their rates are very affordable and the staff are friendly. Your dog never feels bored.

They will provide daycare, boarding, and grooming. When you need a place for your dog to stay when you’re traveling, give us a call!

#6 Great Fields Kennel

Great Fields Kennel offers full-service and doggy boarding services. Their services are designed to create the best environment for your dog to feel safe, happy and comfortable. They have a large outdoor space for exercising the dog.

The kennel also has a large playroom with toys and beds for both indoor and outdoor areas. If you don’t want to miss all the facilities, then contact them today!

#7 Sandy Pines Boarding Kennel Inc

Sandy Pines Boarding Kennel Inc. is the best dog boarding agency in Vermont. This agency provides your dog with two daily walks, meals, and plenty of playtime. Also Provide bedding, toys, and treats for your animals, at no extra charge!

They can understand the anxiety a dog owner may feel while they are away from their pet. They ensure that you can focus on your travels knowing that your pet will be enjoying his or her stay. Register them today!

#8 Pinebrook Kennels

Do you want to travel somewhere but it is not possible to travel with your puppy? Don’t worry! Pinebrook Kennels can help you in this situation. They have a professional team who helps you in this regard.

Your dog never feels that you are not present. This agency believes that a healthy mind and body results in happier dogs and owners! Contact with them today!

#9 The Crate Escape, Inc

The Crate Escape is one of the most popular dog training agency. Their staff has been trained to administer medication and special diets when necessary. Every staff member loves your dogs and knows just how to handle them.

So you can rest assured that your pet is being taken care of by professionals. This agency offers the most competitive rates for our services, without compromising on quality. So, why are you waiting? Let’s make an appointment with them today!

#10 Top of the Hill Contain-A-Pet

Top of the Hill Contain-A-Pet is completely safe and well secured for your dogs. They make sure that the dogs are happy in their boarding kennel for your peace of mind. This agency understands the love and affection you have for your pets.

This is why they provide them with complete care. Their experienced staff will assist you with all your doggie queries. Contact today for more information about their boarding kennels.

#11 Willow Farm Pet Services

Willow Farm Pet Services are conveniently located just off in Vermont. This kennel was created as a response to a growing need for quality pet care in the area. Their staff is highly trained to handle all breeds of dog with the utmost care.

Besides, they are concerned for their safety as well as yours! All their boarding rooms have been designed so that each room looks like home. So, your dog feels like they are remaining in your house. Call them today!

#12 Comfort Hill Kennel

Comfort Hill Kennel is the name of “Quality Services”. Because they offer many different services from: Dog daycare, boarding and grooming just to name a few! They will provide you with the best facility for your dog’s needs and wants.

This company specializes in giving each dog their own personalized attention and exercise programs as well. They have a large property for exercising your dogs. So, your dogs will be well trained.

#13 Pawnal Pets

Are you ready for any emergency while you are away? Your dogs need care while you are traveling anywhere. Don’t know the place where dog boarding is? Then we can suggest you try “Pawnal Pets“.

In Pawnal Pets, they will provide a safe house for your pet. They make sure that your pet is under constant supervision to keep them safe from harm on the premises. So, you can stay tension free. 

#14 Lucky Puppies Dog Day Care

Lucky Puppies Dog Day Care is the premiere service for dog boarding in the Vermont area. They pride themselves on being able to provide a warm and safe facility for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Your dog will have access to a large outdoor play area where they can run, chase and play with other dogs. Your dog will also stay in an indoor area where they can sleep, relax or nap out of the elements if they choose. Don’t think too much, contact them today!


Are you feeling tense because of staying outside of the house? Then, it’s time to stay tension free. WOOF PACK helps you in this regard. They will provide you with the best quality dog boarding services.

Their top priority is ensuring that your furry friend has the best time possible while they are here with them. This agency will keep your dog on a schedule similar to what they have at home. So, your dog will have so much fun at WOOF PACK. Join them today!

Frequently Answer Question (FAQs)

Question: Are dogs sad when they are boarded?

Answer: Most dogs who visit a boarding facility are stressed out by the experience. It means they will be less likely to play with other dogs. This can lead to emotional trauma. It means that when you return, your dog may be more anxious than ever. But, if you choose good boarding then it can reduce anxiety.

Question: Do dogs get stressed when boarding?

Answer: If you’re thinking about taking your dog to a boarding facility, you may want to think twice. Dogs can become stressed in these places.

If your pup is suffering, here are some tips for helping him recover:  Talk to your dog and reassure him that everything will be okay. Try not to make eye contact with other dogs while walking in the yard.

Question: Is 2 weeks too long to board a dog?

Answer: In general, dogs can tolerate easily at least 2 to 4 weeks of boarding. The longer they’re away from home, the more they’ll miss their family. Besides, the more they’ll need to be reminded that they are loved and cared for while they’re gone. Pets may also benefit from some form of exercise or other stimulation in a kennel.

Question: Are dogs happy in the boarding kennel?

Answer: Most dogs are excited about their stay, and they have a great time getting to know the other dogs. Moreover, they are happy to play with the staff members. They look forward to coming back, and they don’t feel like they’ve missed out on anything.

Final Words

In fact, your pet (dog or cat) does not like to be away from you. But sometimes they can be sent to the agency for grooming or training. Also, if you need to travel somewhere, you may need to drop them off at the boarding center.

So, you need to find a boarding center where your pet feels safe. However, it must be kept in mind that the training center must be environmentally friendly.

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