10 Best Calmer For Nervous Horses in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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The hormonal changes in horses cause many problems like anxiety, nervousness, over-excitement, and other hyper-neurological conditions, and it becomes a serious problem if left untreated.

Calming a horse requires the best calmer for nervous horses, which acts primarily on the hypothalamus inducing the soothing effect by dilating the blood vessels and stabilizing the level of dopamine by reducing the adrenaline, which causes stress.

This blog post will discuss the best calmer for spooky horses, the complete buying guide, and some natural remedies for nervous horses.

How Do You Calm An Anxious Horse?

Relaxing a horse requires a continuous effort from the owner’s side, changing behavior towards the horse apart from the holistic medicines.

best calmer for nervous horses

Use these three principle rules to calm a nervous horse immediately:

  1. Commend your horse’s better behavior and reward him (Toys, Meal, and Love)
  2. Don’t scream at your horse’s mistake, and rectify him with gratitude.
  3. Don’t punish an anxious horse riding with your horse will also make him calm, as horse riding is the key to making the biggest connection with your horse.

10 Best Calmer For Nervous Horses In 2022

Nervous horse calmers make a considerable difference for immediate effects, but for long-term and permanent impacts, we recommend you keep on giving the calmers for a long time.

Editor Pick Best Calmer For Nervous Horses

10 Best Calmer For Nervous Horses Reviews

1 Mare Magic Nervous Calmer – Our Pick

Mares behave the most unexceptionally during the cycle or pregnancy. Like human females, they also get hormonal changes and get nervous.

So, they require some calming horse supplements that work; the Mare Magic 32 Ounces is one of those we would personally recommend.

The healing and soothing power of raspberry leave exponentially calms down the nerves, and the mares will respond better and get less nervous and spooky.

There’s a problem with other calmers that taste bad, but this great formula is highly palatable and works with geldings. So, you can easily use these great stallion calming supplements without worrying.

  • Great calmer
  • Great for geldings
  • Specialized for mare cycles
  • Reduces nervousness easily
  • Highly palatable
  • Not suitable for moody mares

2 VIA-CALM Calmer – Best Calm and Cool For Horses

VIA-Calm is another great name in the world of chemicals to reduce your horse’s stress. It mainly has the following key ingredients that calm down the horse nerves:

  • L-tryptophan
  • Thiamine
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

The packaging comes in 5 pounds and has powder form that makes the horses eat the supplement with any regular food they’re eating.

Just mix the supplement with any food, and wait for the results for at least 1-2 months to calm the horses down.

  • Granulated powder
  • Easy to mix in hay
  • Great impacts
  • It contains all the essential ingredients to calm your horses
  • Best spooky horse supplement
  • It takes time to show results

3 MagnaGard Performance Paste with Electrolytes for Horses

MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste for Horses - All Natural Calmer, Acid Buffer, Gastric Support w/Electrolytes - 60ml Syringe

Horses need to maintain a healthy gut function to minimize pressure and health concerns as well as nervous breakdowns.

Maggard is an important supplement for nervous horses that provides essential electrolytes and magnesium to minimize nervousness in horses.

All the essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and chloride contribute to healthy gut function, leading to more promising and confident horse health.

The effects last for half a day, so you can easily use this supplement before any competition and get your horse calm for a whole day.

  • Magic electrolyte paste
  • Liquid form so, easily mixed
  • Good to reduce nervousness
  • It contains all essential electrolytes
  • Don’t give more than twice a day

4 William Hunter Liquid Calmer for excitable Horses

William Hunter Equestrian CLOP Liquid Calmer 1 Litre - for nervouse & excitable Horses or thoses That Suffer from Stress. Contains Valerian

The liquid calmers, in most cases, are more preferred than the solid calmers. For the horses under environmental stress, we’ve got one of the best calmers for nervous horses with valerian to reduce the stress.

Although the product seems too simple, we tested and got even better results than other liquid calmers for excitable horses.

  • Valerian induced
  • Good for nervous and excited horses
  • Don’t use it before any competition

5 Hilton Herbs Calm& Reduce Stress

Hilton Herbs Calm and Collected 1 kg

If you’re more of an herbal equestrian who wants to give only some natural and herbal calmers to his horse, we have an excellent product for you that contains only herbal medicines.

Hilton’s herb powder is great for all your horse needs that effectively reduce the stress level in your horse’s body and keep it calm.

We would personally recommend this amazing natural herbal stress reliever product that makes your horse calm in a short interval.

With the added benefits of traditional herbs, this supplement is equally safe to use in horses and mares.

  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Mix in hay or fescue to use
  • Don’t use it more than two times a day.

6 Senior Sport Textured Feed for Horses

TRIBUTE Senior Sport Textured Feed for Horses, 50 lb Bag

Stress mainly reduces the amount of energy present in the body, as adrenaline feeds on the ATP present in the body.

With the depletion of energy, the stress level increases, and the horse requires some calmer with high fat and fiber.

Senior sport textured feed for horses provides high vitamin-E levels in the body to reduce the stress in nervous horses and makes them ready for any flight or fight condition.

It’s an ideal diet for the sports horses that need a constant energy supply, so it could be mixed with diet or directly fed through the water to provide the best effects.

  • Highly efficient
  • Good energy
  • Vitamin-E induced
  • Reduces stress and increases energy level
  • Super-fast deliver
  • Not to use for ordinary horses who don’t do any sports.

7 Farnam Quietx II Pellets – All Natural Herbs

FARNAM COMPANIES 554173 Quietx II Pellets, 1.625 lb

Pellets from Farnam are a useful form of medicine that keeps your horse’s energy and hormonal changes imbalanced.

With these pellets, horses are fed with a huge amount of energy that causes an appreciable decrease in stress and the harmful hormones causing nervousness in horses.

It’s also valuable for the following events:

  • Traveling
  • Competition
  • Heavy training
  • Veterinarian
  • Farrier
  • Dental visits

The ideal time to act is 2 hours after administration, and it won’t cause any drowsiness or impedance in horse performance in any competition.

This brand offers two main forms of supplements; the pellets and the (liquids) syringes. This calmer for nervous horses will not yield any results if you’re not providing continuous and proper medicine administration to your horse.

  • Ideal for Traveling, competition, heavy training
  • Unique combination of ingredients
  • Many other amino acids
  • Don’t give half dose; it requires proper dose to show results.

8 Equine International Equi+Calm Pellets

Equine Healthcare International Equi+Calm Show Safe Performance Pellets - 1 Pound

With maple praline flavor, these pellet supplements are known to give a very good taste to your horse’s taste buds and will not make it sick taking medicine.

Many horses feel drowsy while taking an anti-stress supplement, but with this equine international pellet bag, your horse will only show power-up performance.

It has an added benefit that these pellets contain gut-focus chemicals that keep the horse’s gut in good condition so the chemicals would not upset the stomach.

This amazing equine formula makes the horses perform better and will minimize the acidity of horses. It means you can also use it safely for the acidic problems in your horses.

  • Maple praline flavor
  • Pellet supplement
  • Delicious taste
  • Anti-stress supplement
  • Power-up performance
  • Safely for the acidic problems
  • Use wisely and according to the prescription.

9 Global Herbs – Thoroughbred Calmer

For the horse owners with a thoroughbred, we always recommend a herbal treatment for the horses, and this global herbs supplement is one of them.

The herbal treatment for your horse contains all the vitamins, minerals, magnesium, calcium, etc., that keep the horse stress-free and very calm and cool.

  • Herbal
  • Natural horse calming supplement
  • Food for thoroughbred
  • A bit pricey
  1. Horse Health B-Kalm Calming and Focusing Paste, 1.2 oz.

10 Horse Health B-Kalm Calming and Focusing Paste

Farnam Horse Health B-Kalm Calming and Focusing Paste, 1.2 oz

The last article for the best calmer for nervous horses is the horse health B-Kalm supplement paste for horses.

We like the supplement genuinely for the quality of ingredients present in the paste and their effects on horses within a short time.

With the B-Kalm factor, the paste will make the nervous horse go happy within a short interval and keep it highly competitive, confident, and the L-tryptophan makes the horses stress-free.

  • Ideal for training horses
  • Best supplement in paste form
  • Don’t last longer

What Is The Best Horse Calmer?

The best calmer we would love to recommend to our equestrian friends is the:

Mare Magic 32 oz
  • May also help your mare become more comfortable during her cycle
  • Contains dried Raspberry Leaf, which has been known to help alleviate the effects of hormonal changes
  • May also be used on geldings

It has a special chemical that can be used for the mares to prevent any hormonal changes. The stallions can get the moody condition and stressful situation in balance.

Buying Guides on Best Calmer for Nervous Horses

How to choose the best calming supplement for a horse? There is a criterion for getting the best horse supplement for nervous horses.

Ingredient CheckCheck all the ingredients active and main ingredients.
Vet ConsultationNever buy any supplement before consultation from your vet.
Never Feed Supplement on an Empty StomachEmpty stomach supplements will cause problems and acidity.
Look for the Magnesium & TryptophanBoth Mg and Tryptophan make the horses calm and cool.
Use Yeast For Horse NervousnessYeast is a natural and homemade calmer.

 1. Ingredient Check

Take a closer look at the package and read the ingredients, even if many supplements have calm and relaxing effects. After that, you can choose the right supplement for your horse.

Moreover, you should never trust marketing tactics but rather the results of clinical trials. Horse supplements make the stress go away using different techniques.

Some of the best horse calming supplements are equipped with the following ingredients:

MagnesiumReduces Stress by lowering the salt concentration
B vitaminsHelps in general detoxification of bad minerals
ThiamineTransmits impulses. Aids in calming the horse.
PyridoxineEnsures a healthy immune system.
Folic acidBoosts hemoglobin and RBCs.
RiboflavinImportant for carbohydrates and proteins.
NiacinCrucial for protein and fat metabolism

If you are unsure about the kind of supplements you should use, it is necessary to ask a vet. A vet will better tell you the best supplement for your horse.

The following herbs may have excessive sedative effects, interacting with other drugs and causing side effects:

  • Chrysanthemum
  • gingerroot
  • valerian
  • passionate flowers
  • black cohosh.

2. Never Feed Supplement on an Empty Stomach

If your horse is acting strange, check to see hungry. If your pet needs food, hay and grass should be available for you at that time.

Using digestive support supplements to calm your horse may also indicate a link between the horse’s stomach disease and its nervousness.

So, do follow these rules:

  • Never keep your horse empty-stomach
  • Don’t provide horse calmer supplements on empty-stomach

3. Look for the Magnesium, Vitamin B,& Tryptophan

Magnesium(i) Magnesium is an ingredient that can reduce anxiety is magnesium, an element that contributes to nerve impulse transmission.
(ii) If you give your horse too much magnesium, its calcium metabolism will be affected.
(iii) To prevent this from happening, make sure the dose is just right.
Tryptophan(i) Tryptophan can calm and relax your horse.
(ii) A low tryptophan dose may result in mild excitement, while a high dosage may negatively affect the horse’s performance.
(iii) Taking the right treatment will ensure efficiency.
B vitamins(i) B vitamins are also involved in producing serotonin, so they are frequently included in supplements containing tryptophan.
(ii) The effectiveness of vitamin B in reducing horse anxiety has not yet been demonstrated in clinical trials.

4. Add Yeast to Food for Digestion Support And Horse Calming

  • Yeast is a bacteria that is very helpful to lower the pressure on the gut.
  • These microorganisms produce an acidic effect in the horse’s intestines, reducing anxiety.
  • By improving the acid-base balance, it is beneficial for the following environment.

Natural Calming Remedies for Horses

There are some products that we commonly see in the calming horse supplements that are:

1. Valerian root

Valerian root is commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia, and it also has soothing effects on horses. If given as directed by a veterinarian, it is relatively safe for horses who experience anxiety when traveling or during storms.

2. How Much Valerian Can I Give My Horse?

  • Dry Cut Leaf Format: Feed 1 scoop (30 g) daily.
  • The enclosed knowledge is approximately 30 g.
  • Liquid Format: Feed 25 ml daily.

3. What Does Valerian Root Do For Horses?

Some horses cannot relax their muscles in less stressful situations. Valerian works by soothing the nervous system to relieve those tense muscles.

Valerian root relieves nervousness and restlessness without affecting performance. It shows results faster than other products, and only in 2 weeks.

Is it necessary to use a calming supplement for your horse?

Putting supplements into food can calm your horse. It’s up to you to make every decision. We advise you to consult with your veterinarian or horse nutritionist before adding new products to your horse’s diet.

Your horses will require different brands or formulas for different situations. You also need to be careful when your horse is performing or competing with ingredients on the banned list.

But, we recommend the following horse calmer in every situation for safe use: Farnam 554173 Quietx II Pellets, 1.625 lb

In which ways can calming supplements help your horse?

Supplements work in many ways, and they help the horse owners calm their horses.

You can see the following examples to have a clear understanding:

  • Magnesium is essential for nerve and muscle function 
  • Chromium minerals regulate BP
  • Thiamine supports the nervous system.
  • Traditional herbal such as valerian roots, chrysanthemum, raspberry leaves, etc., helps horses.

Is it time you need to use the best horse calming supplement?

There’s never the best time to use the best horse calming supplement. You would only need the clear signals that your horse isn’t behaving well and needs therapy.

In that case, we would love to suggest the following supplement: Senior Sport Textured Feed for Horses

Due to expert advice from veterinarians and nutritionists, we chose this supplement. Horses can become less stressed, more relaxed, and calmer due to using this horse calmer. 

These supplements come in an easy-to-use package. Moreover, we believe in the long-standing brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Verdict: Best Calmer For Nervous Horses

The best calmer for nervous horses makes the horses completely neutral and calm because of the key ingredients mixing up in the bloodstream, increasing blood flow towards the brain.

It reduces the stress on a horse’s brain, thus making the horse less nervous.

We’ve reviewed several horse supplements tested and verified to be safe in horses. But our favorite ones are the 4th, 7th, and 2ndproducts. Go back to see what you want.

That’s all about the best calmer for the spooky horses. Make sure to comment and share this content with your friends looking for a guide to the best calmer for nervous horses.

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