8 Best Horse Clippers for Thick Coats in 2022 – Reviews and Top Picks

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Just like humans, horses require occasional grooming. With a trimmed coat, it’s easy to maintain your animal clean and easy management in all seasons.

Having a grooming kit for your horse enables an easy process every time. Not only does grooming improve horse appearance, but it also prevents insect infestation and improves skin health.

To achieve the best hair clipping, you need to invest in these best horse clippers for thick coats reviewed below. They are great options for every horse, especially thick-coated for best grooming.

Editor Pick Best Horse Clippers for Thick Coats

8 Best Horse Clippers for Thick Coats in 2022

1 Andis AGC Super Pro Horse Clipper with Detachable Blade – Best Overall Horse Clippers

Andis – 22330, Professional AGC Super 2-Speed Horse Clipper with Detachable Blade - Cool & Quiet Running Design - Includes Ultra Edge Size T-84 Blade for Complete Horse Grooming - Burgundy

It’s always a cool thing to give your horsehair trim without discomfort. But, how do you archive it? Andis AGC is one of the revolutionary clippers that have remarkable performance.

The heavy-duty trimmer weighs 2.33 pounds and has an ergonomic design to enable a fantastic grip. The clipper never disappoints; it works without overheating whether trimming one or several horses.

Besides the comfortable grip, the housing is super durable and robust. Bearing a shatterproof casing, even in case of a drop, it’s not going to shatter.

Depending on your desired trimming level, the clipper has detachable blades. It, therefore, fit different trimming gauges hence ideal not only for horses but even other livestock.

The ceramic blades are super cool and never heat, like in the case of stainless steel. Therefore, when the clipper is under heavy usage, there are no discomforts to horse skin due to heat.

Trimming your anima is simple since the extra-long power cord doesn’t loop. Actually, the 14 feet cord enables walking around the anal without an extension.

  • 2-speed motor speed
  • Super wide shaving blades
  • Heating resistant ceramic blades
  • It feels a bit heavy

2 Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Livestock Grooming Clippers

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers with Detachable CryogenX Size 10 Blade (078005-140-002), Black

Oster Golden is a versatile grooming clipper perfect for trimming different animals. Whether dogs, sheep, goats, or others, the clipper is your ideal tool.

The robust design and motors are why you enjoy excellent grooming with the device jamming. Unlike other clippers, this has two speeds which enable easy fur trimming. Hi and Lo settings can trim even the most challenging animal hair.

Besides the compatibility with animal coats, this corded clipper for animals is superb. It achieves general and a precise groom for most of the animals.

When you have different animals to groom, comfort and safety are superb using this tool. With size 10 CryogenX blades, they are suitable for varying levels of grooming.

For animals with the tendency of chewing instruments, you don’t have to worry as the housing is chew-proof. The housing is rigid and shatters resistant, which delivers incredible durability.

Amazingly, when you have this hair clipping machine for livestock, it has compatibility with Oster A5 blades.

  • Ideal for most animals
  • Chew proof housing
  • Compatible with different accessories
  • It doesn’t come with combs

3 Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Professional Animal Grooming

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Clipper Blade – Runs in Cool & Quiet Manner, Design with Two-Speed Rotary Motor & Shatter-Proof Housing - 120 Volts, Black

Keeping the coat well maintained is the way to give your horse an elegant look. To achieve a great-looking horse, Andis 22340 ProClip is one of the top-performing clippers.

The quiet operation gives the user and perfect animal peace of mind. Even for nervous horses, this fur trimmer offers safe operation. Besides, there is no overheating, which means extended usage without unnecessary case heat.

Whether it’s cleaning or working on different types of coats, there are detachable blades. Unlike in other clippers, no tool is needed when changing the blades.

When your breed of animal has curly skin, it can be frustrating to clip the fur. However, Andis 22340 is a fantastic tool with a rotary motor for high endurance. Thus, the machine never stalls or drags, which can cause discomfort to animals.

As you clip fur from horses, the blades provide a unique cutting. The blades are available in special hardened stainless steel and ceramic materials. Thus, they remain extra sharp for long to give unique clipping ability.

  • Tool-free detachable blades
  • High-reliability motor
  • Smooth and nick-free clipping
  • It doesn’t have a guard

4 Wahl Animal Pro Ion Equine Cordless Horse Clipper

WAHL Professional Animal Pro Ion Equine Cordless Horse Clipper and Grooming Kit

Wahl is a professional brand that specializes in making animal and human grooming kits. This cordless horse clipper is among the best and offers superb results.

The clipper is fantastic for light jobs since it has high precision. You can use it to trim horsehair around the eyes, ears, and other tricky-to-clip areas.

Unlike other clippers, this has a cordless design. You don’t have to drag or experience tangling cables. Instead, the inbuilt lithium battery is fantastic since it provides 3 hours of operation.

Equipped with a quick charging feature, a 10-minute charge delivers up to 15 minutes of action. Moreover, the clipper never gets hot and runs without loud noise.

Depending on the animal coat, it’s easy to adjust the shaving blade. The lever enables easy adjustment without requiring tools.

Once you get this livestock clipper, it comes with various accessories. Styling comb, blade oil, attachment combs, and others ensure the grooming process is super smooth.

  • Easy blade adjustment
  • High precision clipping
  • Cordless and easy to store
  • Not ideal for full-body clipping.

5 TAKEKIT Professional Electric Animal Grooming Kit

TAKEKIT Horse Clippers Professional Electric Animal Grooming Kit for Horse Equine Goat Pony Cattle and Large Thick Coat Animals, 6 Speeds Large Heavy Duty Farm Livestock Haircut Trimmer, 380W

Keeping your livestock neat and healthy requires investing in the proper grooming kit. Take it professional groom kit offers the best experience. The hair clipper is heavy-duty and delivers high versatility.

This tool offers flawless clipping, whether horses, sheep, goats, or other farm animals. The clipper is ideally suited for thick-coated animals due to its robust nature.

It has a powerful and silent motor that ensures smooth and reliable clipping even for the toughest animals. To ensure this, it delivers 6 superb speeds. The speeds are divided into High and Low to provide versatility.

Just by looking at the clipper, it has a rugged design. Thus, it’s perfected for use without issues, even when clipping aggressive animals. The shell drop and chew-resistant to guarantee an extended life shelf.

It boasts a 350W pure copper motor and churns enough power to offer remarkable clipping. Cloaking 2400 rpm guarantees a consistent ability to work on animal coats well.

Besides the power, the Takekit horse clipper has super sharp blades. With easy to detach process, the blades are interchangeable to offer the best one for the right animal.

  • Heavy-duty and powerful motor
  • Rustproof stainless steel blades
  • Simple to adjust blade button
  • Rugged outer shell
  • Pretty heavy at 6.5 lbs

6 Wahl Professional Animal Iron Horse Clipper & Grooming Kit

WAHL Professional Animal Iron Horse Equine Horse Clipper and Grooming Kit (#8582-100), Brown

Having a professional animal grooming kit is what everyone dreams of. However, it’s no longer a dream since Wahl’s professional animal iron is the real deal.

The corded horse clipper is reliable and safe for use in different parts. It’s perfect for trimming the fur around the ears, face, bridle path, and other tricky to maneuver areas.

Forget about the clippers with the plastic body; this has an aluminum housing, which improves durability. Despite the aluminum body, the clipper is super lightweight. The usability is therefore comfortable, and you enjoy effortless maneuverability.

The indestructible design is impressive since this tool lasted for decades. Also, the powerful motor can deliver incredible power to offer animal stress-free clipping.

Apart from the power, the blades feature hardened stainless steel, which cuts the strands precisely. Therefore, your horse enjoys the clipping process without pulls or clipper stalling.

Unlike some clippers on the market, this has an easy-to-adjust blade using a lever. Thus, it’s easy to set the clipping number depending on the animal.

  • Indestructible aluminum body
  • Easy to follow video instructions
  • Durable storage case
  • It takes time on whole body clipping

7 Wahl Show Pro Plus Equine Horse Clipper & Grooming Kit

WAHL Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Equine Horse Clipper and Grooming Kit (9482-700)

It’s time to enjoy clipping your horse without issues. Wahl Show professional clipper is one of the best performings. With the ability to offer remarkable clipping ability, it’s suitable for the face, bridle path, ears, and other parts.

The clipper offers exceptional performance, which leaves your horse looking neat. It’s also one of the top options when you need light clipping for your horses.

Forget about the limited time offered by cordless horse clippers. This has a long cord which ensures you can use it without worrying about the battery getting drained.

There is easy clipping to the desired size with an adjustable taper blade. The lever enables adjusting the blade to sizes #30, #15, and #10. Therefore, no need to change the blade frequently.

Besides the high reliability, Wahl Show has the latest motor that delivers 7200 strokes per minute fine clipping. It makes trimming different-sized fur easy without difficulties.

One of the benefits is getting a variety of accessories once you get this clipper. Grooming brush, blade guards, and instructional DVD ensures you give your horse the best grooming.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Long flexible power cord
  • Perfect for different animals
  • Blade dulls quickly

8 Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Cordless Clipper

WAHL Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit, Pink (#41870-0424)

Wahl Bravura is a professional animal clipper that eliminates the need to rely on electricity every time you are clipping. It’s a cordless clipper loaded with a rechargeable Li-ion battery for excellent clipping even when off the grid.

The clipper is also usable as a corded type, apart from the cordless design. Therefore, it’s possible to use the tool as it charges, enabling unlimited usage.

Forget about the clippers that require blades change. This has a 5-in-1 blade which is easy to adjust tool-free. Therefore, it’s compatible with different animals without buying extra clipping blades.

Interestingly, the clipper is universal and ideal for all livestock; dogs, cats, cattle, and other home animals.

The battery is super reliable and delivers enough power to work for 90 minutes. Also, the charging time is only 3 hours which is impressive compared to other horse clippers for thick skin.

As with other clippers from Wahl, this comes with all necessary accessories. A variety of combs, lubricating oil, and others ensures easy use of this clipper.

  • 2-way power options
  • Powerful battery with extended endurance
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • The body doesn’t drop resistant

What are the best clippers for horses?

Each of the reviewed horse clippers is amazing and offers your desired performance.

However, one of the best on the list is TAKEKIT corded horse clipper which is ideal for general livestock clipping. Despite being heavy, the clipper is super reliable and never heats.

The runner-up is Wahl Bravura Cordless Clipper which is a versatile option. With a cordless and corded design, the device delivers 90minutes of operation per charge. Also, it’s lightweight and comfortable to use.

How do you clip a horse with Cushing’s?

Horses with Cushing disease cannot shed coat correctly after winter. This can have a significant impact during summer, especially temperature regulation.

best horse clippers for thick coats

The clipping depends on the season. During summers, you will need to clip the entire coat for comfort. However, you need to leave some coats for heat insulation during cold seasons.

Here is the general process of clipping a horse with Cushing :

  • Ensure you are appropriately dressed for the task; wear apron and safety goggles.
  • Ensure you have all needed supplies; clipper, blade washing solution, conditioner, variety of brushes, shampoo, towels, twitch, and any other necessary item you might need.
  • The first step is cleaning your horse coat through a bath. This ensures the coat is dirt and mud free ready for clipping.
  • After the bathing process, it’s recommended to apply conditioner as you brush the coat.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to mark the horse. Marking ensures you achieve desired clipping style. Use the right color that is visible to ensure you don’t mess up.
  • Turn on the clipper and start the clipping process. Always start at the shoulders to ensure the horse can see you, preventing nervousness. To achieve the best results, it’s ideal for clipping against the grain. Also, do it softly without forcing the clipper to minimize the appearance of lines.
  • Keep an eye on the horse skin to ensure your clipper doesn’t leave large lines. If they are present, you can opt to change the clipping or clean the blade frequently during the process.
  • After clipping the body, it’s time to focus on the legs. Due to the coarse nature of leg hairs, it’s best to use scissors first. Then, use a clipper to give the horse a fine clipping.
  • Clip the last point, which is the head. Start with easy-to-clip areas and do sensitive parts like ears and eyes last. At this point, you might need a twitch.
  • The final step is to bathe your horse after clipping. Washing your horse ensures the tiny itchy hairs are off the skin. Applying conditioner is also essential to rehydrate skin. Then, cover the horse with a towel or sheet to maintain the skin hydrated and prevent irritations.

It’s crucial to consistently use brushes during clipping to achieve smooth and appealing results.

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Horse clipping is essential in maintaining healthy skin and general welfare. These best horse clippers for thick coats are undisputed to enjoy the whole process. With outstanding reliability and performance, it’s time to give our horse the best grooming.

Don’t let your horse suffer in winters or summers; grab one of these clippers and treat your animal like a professional.