Top 10 The Best Dog Trainers in Miami, USA

Has your pet dog recently barked more than it usually does? If so, you should consider taking it to a training center. When learning to obey orders, dogs will need some guidance. Dog owners must choose a dog training center to begin the training process. Now, which training center will be best for training your Puppy?

In this context, I’ll share the top 10 best dog trainers in Miami with you. If you live in Miami, this content will save you time and money by providing information about the training center.

After reading this content, you can decide which dog training center is the best for you among the ones we have listed. So, brew yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and sit back to enjoy the whole blog.

Best Dog Trainers in Miami

Top 10 The Best Dog Trainers In Miami: Find your dog’s spot

There are several training centers near Miami, but the problem is that most of these training centers do not have a clean and good environment needed to train a dog. 

That’s why we’re listing about 10 dog training centers that are doing a great job in providing a clean and healthy environment for dogs.

Let’s see in detail.

#1 South Kendall Animal Hospital

Are you looking for the best dog trainers in Miami? South Kendall Animal Hospital is one of the popular training centers for pets, especially dogs. Though there are many animal hospitals in Miami, SKAH is one of Miami’s most reputed and award-winning animal hospitals.

At South Kendall Animal Hospital, we are committed to ensuring that your pet has a healthy, happy life. They offer the best ever services at a very reasonable amount. Their trainers are well experienced & trained, and they are highly educated.

You will get digital Radiology, in house laboratory, and many more facilities. So, the South Kendall Animal Hospital is a great place to take your dog if you are looking for an exceptional experience. Contact them today!

#2 Gorgeous Puppies

Are you looking for a vaccination and puppy training center in your town? Gorgeous Puppy is an example of providing vaccination and puppy training services. Their veterinarians offer diagnostic, medical, and surgical expertise. So, your pet will enjoy the benefits of our up-to-date facilities with digital x-rays and modern laboratory equipment.

Their comprehensive approach to animal care is designed to provide you and your pet with the highest quality of convenient, compassionate care. They offer a full range of medical services for dogs and cats. They have surgery, lab work, dental care, microchipping, radiology, and more services.

So, if you need vets for dogs or cats, then visit their website, or you can contact them directly. I hope you will get the best services according to your needs. 

#3 Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer

Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer works with dogs in their home and public place. This is a private dog training service. So they give attention to each dog, and they can easily solve the problems. They are professional and experienced in this field. So they can solve all kinds of canine issues like dog aggression and behavioral issues.

Rose Lesniak is the owner of this company. She has certified herself in many different dog training disciplines. Your dog will have great success with her professional skills. She’s knowledgeable and fun, and she will train your dog or Puppy in one-on-one sessions.

They have a team of experts in various fields like nursing, veterinary medicine, and animal-assisted therapy. So, if your need to meet with them, contact them today!

#4 Crown Dog Training

Crown Dog Training will provide you with a free consultation before starting the training classes to decide whether it is suitable for your dog or not. They believe that each dog is different from the other one. So they will prepare a separate program to solve the problem of each dog.

Kristen is the founder of Crown Dog Training center. Her training programs will help your dog in building good behavior. It helps you in making relationships with your dog. She is a professional dog trainer who has to create practical training for your smart dogs.

So, if you are looking for a good dog trainer like Kristen, it is better to contact through the website.

#5 K9 Off Leash

Are you looking for a dog training center near Miami? K9 Off Leash is another training center for dog training and boarding. If your budget is low, then we will highly recommend this agency. They know how to deal with aggressive dogs.

They have different types of training for different dogs. Their dog trainers can make your dog friendly from their aggressive mood. Moreover, they will train your dog as an intelligent dog and easily understand each command. So, they can train your dog for a brief period.

So, if your dog has a behavior problem, you should take service for modification. Contact them today!

#6 Applause Your Paws, Inc.

We know that a well-trained dog provides companionship, enjoyment, and years of loyal service. So, it is important to train them from a quality training center. “Applause Your Paws” is a great place to train your dog or Puppy! They can help you get the behavior you want in a way compatible with your lifestyle.

This training center offers multiple classes and educational opportunities for dogs of all ages. They believe that every person who has a dog should be able to maintain a balanced and happy relationship with their pet. So, Applause Your Paws teaches you how to maintain a balanced and happy relationship in a way they can understand.

So, if you want your dog to be trained by friendly professionals in a fun environment, Applause Your Paws is waiting for you! Enroll today!

#7 Mari The Pet Consultant

Mari is one of the experienced pet consultants near Miami, U.S.A. She will teach behaviors to your dogs in an exceptional way. The goal is not just to teach your dog new tricks and commands. But more importantly, to build your relationship through fun activities.

Their training is designed to promote behavior modification of pets with unwanted behaviors and aggression concerns. So, if your dog has unwanted behaviors, you should take at least one service from them. They have obtained certification as a dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

So, if you need quality and budget-friendly services, you should contact them immediately. Start with a free consultation today!

#8 Bauser’s Pet Training

Bauser’s Pet Training is one of your town’s best obedience training centers. They are known for their quality and well-trained staff. You can easily get your pet trained from us within a few days. Their experienced staff will work with you to create a personalized training program best suited for your pet.

They have a well-trained and experienced staff that will help you teach your different pet tricks like sit, stand, and many others. They offer several different obedience training classes that are designed to meet the needs of each of their customers.

You can easily visit their website and book an appointment with them or contact them directly! Appointment today!


If you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Miami, U.S.A., then RUSH K-9 DORAL is the right platform. They have boarding, daycare, behavior modification services.

With the help of their remarkable services, you can easily train your pet dog or cat to behave effectively at home and outside. They offer both individual and group sessions that are ideal to meet your specific needs. 

Their unique approach is a proven method for solid obedience for whatever need you to have for your dog.

Depending upon the specific needs, they can adopt different techniques to train your pet. They are just a phone call away from you when it comes to hiring them. Please book your slot in advance.

#10 D.O.G. HOTELS – Wynwood

Dogs are our best friends, and they should be given proper attention and proper training so that they can behave well with us. D.O.G. HOTELS is that platform to help you train your favorite dogs. After training, your dog will know how to behave with the owners.

It is one of the most famous dog training centers in your town. Their services are better than other agencies in reputation as well as in price. They provide world-class facilities to the dogs and their owners.

They have a well-qualified staff who give intense training to the dogs so that they can become more socialized and well behaved with their owners, family, and other people. Register today!

Best Dog Trainers Near Miami, USA

Final word

Searching for a dog training center near Miami can be difficult. This list will surely help you get off on the right foot searching for the top 10 dog trainers in Miami. Hopefully, you can find one that fits your schedule and is what you are expecting from the trainers. 

Before concluding the content, let’s follow some points : 

  • Before choosing a dog training center, make sure it meets your specific needs.
  • Try to take consultancy directly and visit the place.
  • Make sure your dog feels safe.
  • Try to observe the staff behavior. 

If the agency meets all of your requirements, contact them directly. So, guys, now we are at the end of the content. If you need a consultancy about dog training or any information, don’t forget to know us. Thank You!

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