Top 10 Best Dog Trainers in Buffalo, NY

Dogs are a man’s best friend for a reason. They’re loyal, loving, and always happy to see you. But like any other pet, dogs need to be trained in order to behave well and stay out of trouble.

If you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Buffalo, NY, look no further than this list. These professionals know how to get your dog on the right track!

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Top 10 Best Dog Trainers in Buffalo

best dog trainers in Buffalo

1. The Art of Dog

The Art of Dog is the most famous dog training center in the Buffalo. Caitlin and Dave are are very passionate trainer who offered their quality services. They were very flexible with scheduling and rescheduling, very professional and so well worth to the services.

So, The Art of Dog is highly recommended who has a rambunctious pup that needs help with training.

Clients Feedback

We’ve had 2 family dogs trained by Dave. Our dogs have 2 very different personalities. He did a great job with both.

– Wendy O’Hearn

Contact Details

  • Address : 265 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-361-8237
  • Website : The Art of Dog

2. K9 Connection

If you want quality dog training service, we recommend finding a trainer specializing in the specific type of service task training you need. K9 Connection specializes in dog obedience and behavior rehabilitation near Buffalo, NY.

In terms of Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, and Value, K9 Connection will be the best one for your dog and cat training. Karen and the staff are very knowledgeable and know exactly what your puppy needs. We hope you will be impressed with your dog’s progress by taking training from them.

Clients Feedback

“Best training facility in the area hands down.”

– lorie p

Contact Details

  • Address : 484 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14201, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-548-3642
  • Website : K9 Connection

3. Colonial Dog Training Buffalo

If you are a dog owner in the Buffalo area and struggling with your dog’s behavioral issues, then Colonial Dog Training Buffalo, NY, will be your perfect choice.

The Colonial Dog Training Buffalo not only resolves your canine behavior problems but also sustains and improves the relationship between dogs and owners.

Your dogs will learn to be successful and behaviorally balanced from The Colonial Dog Training Buffalo training. At the same time, the dog owners will learn how to communicate effectively with their dogs.

Clients Feedback

“Danielle at colonial dog training is incredible. She has knowledge and experience in many types of behavior issues. The results truly show if you put in the work she recommends.”

– Cameron Mansoori

Contact Details

4. Canine Complex & Friends

Jeannine Jay started his business Canine Sports Complex, in 2006. It’s already 15 years past, and now it is a well-reputed safe dog training center in Buffalo, NY. Nowadays, it is a collective of five core instructors called Canine Complex & Friends. 

All five instructors are known as experienced trainers in Buffalo areas called Jeannine Jay (Canine Sports Complex, Inc.), Noelle Saladin (SUPERNOVA DOGS), Crystal Gerovac (Thank Dog! Services), Leah Nettle (The Pet Professor), and Alyssa Cirocco (Jurassic Bark Buffalo NY / Unleashed in the Studio)

The Canine Complex & Friends focus on behavior-specific training to help fearful dogs overcome their struggles and find their confidence. They are experienced in all levels such as obedience, agility, parkour for puppies, scared and reactive dogs. 

So if you are an owner of aggressive, reactive, or fearful dogs, then feel safe and secure; take training from Canine Complex & Friends to make your dogs a happier, safer way of life.

Clients Feedback

“Great agility training classes. Positive and fun for dogs and their people. Jeannie recognizes your dog’s needs and is always willing to help. CSC staff is friendly and helpful too.”

– Lisa brown

Contact Details

5. Henry’s Helping Paw Dog Training

If you are looking for puppy training or basic and extended Obedience or behavior mod./aggression management for your dog, then Henry’s Helping Paw Dog Training, LLC can be your right choice.

Melissa, who is Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College, is the owner of Henry’s Helping Paw Dog Training, LLC.

She is a very gifted and talented dog trainer and couldn’t have asked for a better, kinder person to train your puppy. Yes, she understands and loves dogs, which is evident as you watch her work with your dog. She knows well how to provide only reward-based training.

Melissa will teach your dog, but you will be amazed at how much you will learn about dog behavior and training from Henry’s Helping Paw Dog Training, LLC.

Clients Feedback

“Melissa is personable and awesome with dogs. My dog responded very well to her and we learned a lot in just one lesson. Highly recommend!”

– Emily Didylowski

Contact Details

6. Pet Degree

If you’re looking for top-notch dog obedience training, or you want meticulous dog grooming services to keep your pet looking great, then Pet Degree will be the best option near Buffalo, NY.

The Pet Degree is a highly professional team including expert trainers, veterinary specialists, and grooming experts.

The Pet Degree provides rigorous dog-training programs to develop and maintain a strong partnership between humans and pets.

So, if you want to improve your pet’s physical and mental health, reduce stress, and increase happiness, contact them anytime.

Clients Feedback

“Dr. Josh and his team are awesome. Super friendly and beyond knowledgeable. I took my cat in because of a respiratory infection and she is now on the mend and feeling like herself again. I was worried about expensive extra procedures and nothing was pushed on me. I highly recommend this vet office!”

– Jennifer Kalina

Contact Details

  • Address : 2055 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14206, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-508-7387
  • Website : Pet Degree

7. Dog Days of Buffalo

Are you looking for dog daycare and administering medications services? “Dog Days ” is the best place where you can get all the premium services like pet grooming, pet sitting, behavior modification, and so many services.

It is the nearest training center to buffalo city. Some expert trainers will teach your pet new tricks and manners. The staff is very friendly and they always welcome their customers with open hands.

Janelle Dorsey has been training dogs for more than a decade. She is the obedience Instructor at Dog Days Of Buffalo. She works as Vet Assistant and Pet Care Technician. Another proud member of Dog days is Alicia Barry and she is also a certified AKC group. She has been working since 2001. Katelyn Daly is also a proud member and she graduated from Animal Behavior College.

So, if you are thinking about dog training then you should try “Dog days” at least one time. So why are you waiting? Register your pet today.

Clients Feedback

“Wonderful staff who truly care about and love the company of your pet! The daycare staff say they love the dogs as if they were their own. Get ready to pick up a happy and very exhausted pup!”

– Katie Tatro

Contact Details

  • Address : 632 Amherst St, Buffalo, NY 14207, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-886-3647
  • Website : Dog Days of Buffalo

8. Animal Outfitters, Inc.

If you are looking for the best dog training and grooming services, then Animal Outfitters is the best place. They offer a full range of professional grooming services for dogs and self-service dog wash stations. Animal Outfitters’ passion for dogs and commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their services.

Omar Zahzouhi is the owner of Animal Outfitters and a founding board member of Buffalo’s Barkyard. He has approximately twenty years of experience in animal wellness services. He enjoys being able to help people solve their problems and care for their beloved pets. He prides himself on his confidentiality and discretion, as well as his comprehensive knowledge of animal health.

So, if you need dog training and dog grooming services, then “Animal Outfitters” is the right platform. The experts and the staff at “Animal Outfitters” are very accommodating and give the best services to pet owners. Contact them today!

Clients Feedback

“Hands down the best doggy care in the city! Omar and Mark are truly amazing people that deeply care for the dogs they look after. It’s an amazing feeling to drop off our dog knowing that he is going to have THE BEST time with Omar, Mark, and his doggy pals. They treat him (and us!) like royalty!”

– Colin Gordon

Contact Details

  • Address : 500 Seneca St Suite #150, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-436-4553
  • Website : Animal Outfitters

9. Queen City Canine

If you are looking for the best dog boarding with training service then “Queen City Canine” is the best platform in North Carolina. The staff of the facility is very kind and friendly. They offer top-of-the-line doggy daycare and grooming services. Moreover, they specialize in gentle, force-free training methods that work for every dog.

Alan Wooten is the founder of “Queen City Canine”. His goal is to improve the bond between owners and their dogs through obedience training. To help people understand their pets and provide them with the tools they need to have a happy, healthy relationship.

So, if you are living in North Carolina then you should prefer the services of “Queen City Canine”. Don’t spend time deciding if this is the right place for you, their customers say it all.

Clients Feedback

My dogs get excited when we pull up, and know they are going to their new favorite place. They absolutely love it here. The facility is clean and spacious with lots of toys and interactive things for them. The owners are an absolute delight, and you can definitely tell that they love my dogs as they are their own. I will be recommending Queen City Canine to all my friends.

– danielle becker

Contact Details

  • Address : 303 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-800-7235
  • Website : Queen City Canine

10. DogSentials LLC

Do you want to teach your dog basic manners? DogSentials LLC offers a masterclass on dog basic manners. It’s not easy to teach your dog basic manners. After all, they don’t come with a user manual and they will make your work easy. DogSentials LLC is committed to providing you with premium quality dog training services. House Dog Obedience services are ideal for dogs who have never done any basic training. 

The owner of this company is really helpful and he will know how to train a dog. Their trainers have years of experience and their attention to detail will maximize your dog’s potential. So, you can get maximum service at a cost-effective price. 

So, if you are looking for an easy way to train your dog, then DogSentials LLC has the right platform for you. Train your dog today!

Contact Details

  • Address : 500 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States
  • Phone : +1 716-560-5749
  • Website : DogSentials LLC

Best Dog Trainers Near Buffalo, NY

Dog Trainers in Buffalo Conclusion

If you are looking for a top-rated dog trainer in Buffalo, NY, you have come to the right place.

Our list of the 10 best dog trainers in your area has been carefully curated and is based on years of experience and customer feedback. Whether you are looking for obedience training or help with behavioral issues, one of our recommended trainers can assist you.

Contact one of these professionals today to get started on transforming your relationship with your furry friend!