how much do puppies sleep at 6 Weeks? Know Puppy Sleep Schedules

Did you know that your puppy is still very much a baby at six weeks and needs lots of deep sleep? A puppy sleeps approximately 18 hours a day at six weeks of age. The other 6 hours pertain to eating, playing, and taking care of business. That’s not much time for anything else other than sleeping and eating. This is why you must follow a routine with your puppy.

If a puppy is sick, we treat them with medicine. The same goes for puppies that sleep too much because lack of sleep could kill them. So, how much do puppies sleep at 6 weeks? 

We wrote this article to help you figure it out. Stay relaxed on your couch and enjoy the whole content. 

Reasons Why Is Sleep Important For Puppies?

Sleep is an integral part of every animal. A puppy needs 18 hours of sleep daily if it is very young. But why do they need so much sleep? 

In this section, you will know why sleep is important for a newborn puppy.

  • Sleep is essential for physical changes and growth.
  • Make sure they have a quieter place free of distractions like other pets.
  • If your puppy is aging quickly, sleeping too much, or eating too much, it may mean they aren’t resting well.
  • It makes it easier for them to pay attention during training sessions.
  • Adequate sleep for puppies also provides energy for playing, exercise, and good digestion.
  • Puppies need REM sleep or deep sleep to develop learning and memory skills properly.

 Besides, there are lots of benefits of sleep for a puppy. Especially hormonal changes. We should also maintain the schedule of sleep for a puppy. 

How Much Do Puppies Sleep at 6 Weeks? 

how much do puppies sleep at 6 Weeks

For the better health of a puppy, you should follow some tips. From our point of view and experience, we have made five tips that you should follow.

Let’s have a look.

#1 Create A Warm Surface For Better Sleep

It’s important to create a warm surface for your newborn puppy. Puppy will learn to sleep at night on his own. Pad can be a big help. 

Try to look for soft material. No pillow since it can get hot and suffocate the puppy. Please place it in a dry, draft-free area. The waterproof cover is a must. It is okay to place it near the heating pad, but don’t directly heat the bed. 

There are also water beds available if you want to invest in something more expensive.

#2 Fix The Bedtime Routine

When you are preparing to go to bed, you should take a bath, brush your teeth, and do homework. Then, it would be best if you played with them for a few minutes. Take them to their crate. Let them know that they are going to sleep in the crate.

Dogs are adapted to sleep in the evening. So, if you let them sleep before that time, it harms their health. The dog will not get enough sleep and will not have any energy for his life. So, try to fix the schedule. 

#3 Avoid Loud Sound

Do not play any music loudly while the puppy is sleeping. Avoid loud sounds in the daytime. Good sleep will improve puppies’ health and growth. 

A loud sound will reduce their immune system. Approaching them with care as they are scared while sleeping can harm their growth.   

12 pm to 2 am is the best time for a puppy to sleep. So, try to shut down all music systems at this time. It will help your puppy fall into a deep sleep.

#4 Take Preparation For Any Interruptions

Be awake to minimize the confusion for your puppy. Make the most of your puppy’s sweeping windows. Attempt to plan for anything that might disturb those times. Come up with a routine for keeping your home quiet and letting your puppy know when it’s OK to sleep. Keep the lights off and keep noise to a minimum. 

Give them a potty break before they go to sleep. You can create a small barrier for understanding that it is a potty place. 

#5 Spend 30 mins Playing Before Going To Sleep

Make sure they have time to complete the exercise. Please give them a little freedom to choose which games they want. You can train them through games as well. Never push them to play more than he wants to. Please give them a short rest for a few minutes between the games.

Before sleep, you should rest yourself first so that you can participate in the game with your puppy happily and peacefully. You should take care of your own health as well. While playing with your puppy, make sure that you are comfortable too.

Healthy Puppy Sleep Habits

Sleeping habits are important for a puppy. They don’t talk like us, so we must understand their body language. We have to create their habits for a better life. Here are some tips for better sleep habits. 

(i) Your puppy should sleep for at least 16 hours a day( for a newborn)  

(ii) Your puppy needs to sleep in his own bed, not on a human bed. 

(iii) Make sure your puppy is always warm and cozy. 

(iv) Put the dog in his sleeping space and crate train him to get used to it. 

(v) Schedule your pup’s activities around nap times. 

(vi) Have a settling routine where you do the same thing every night before bed 

(vii) Put him in his sleeping space when he gets tired and sleeps there until he feels tired enough to sleep through the whole night. 

(viii) Avoid making a big deal out of bedtime. Keep it calming, quiet, and boring.

Your pup should be well-rested in order to grow healthy and happy. These should be trained by yourself. 

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Can a puppy leave its mother at six weeks old?

In the wild, puppies would be expected to fend for themselves at six weeks. A puppy’s mother will naturally wean them after six weeks.

Besides, their appetites will decrease at that time. Most modern dogs are separated from their mothers before they reach this age anyway.

A puppy needs to get used to eating solid foods to consume its diet. Pups will eat food if given a chance without being nursed by their mothers.

Where should a six-week-old puppy sleep at night?

Young puppies need to sleep. A small crate will keep a puppy safe and occupied at night. Besides, a crate is also a good tool for training your puppy. So, setting up rules for your puppy now can help you avoid major problems later.

A crate is also an excellent way to keep your puppy safe when you are not around. Your puppy needs a soft bed, access to a potty outside, food and water, and your attention.

Should my six week old puppy sleep with me?

Some dogs don’t sleep very well away from their homes. It’s not a good idea to let your puppy sleep with you. Puppies are at risk of being smothered. It’s not healthy for puppies to sleep with people.

You might hurt or even kill your puppy while you’re sleeping. You might get bit or scratched by accident. You’ll probably want to sleep when the puppy wants to play, which is outside of normal human hours. So, it would be best to keep them while you are sleeping.

How do you comfort a six week old puppy?

Ask your veterinarian for advice. You can use it the same way you comfort an infant. Make sure they have clean and well-fitting collars. Make sure she is eating enough bigger meals instead of several small ones.

Not all six week old puppies get shots. Comforting an ill puppy can be quite the challenge, but there are ways to help her feel better.


Some pet owners ask us how much do puppies sleep at 6 weeks? Yes! It is a logical question for the owners. If you are a beginner in this situation, this is really important. In this context, we tried to answer all the possible information. 

So, if you have any questions about the puppy’s health or puppy’s sleep schedule, then you can ask us without any hassle. I hope now you can better take care of your puppy than before. Thank you!