Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland? Does She Come Back?

Mallory Wells is the funniest character of Heartland that makes the audience laugh with her silly jokes and collects love from worldwide. But the actress left the show in 2014.

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland? Jessica Amlee made a big hit on Heartland with her humorous character Mallory for six seasons and left in the 7th season as she wanted to do more than being a comedian actress.

In this blog post, I will describe whether Mallory returned to Heartland or not and why she quit the show.

Jessica Amlee Is An Award-Winning Actress

Let’s start by introducing Jessica Amlee to our readers. Jessica was born in British Columbia in Canada on 17th June 1994.

Since her childhood, she has had a keen interest in acting. To make her dreams come true, the Canadian actress started her first acting job when she was just 5!

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland

In 2004, when Jessica started in the popular show The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess, she received the Leo Award for her best supporting role as a female.

She had done many great projects and also starred in the horror shows like:

  • Beneath
  • Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story 
  • Greenhouse Academy
Jessica AmleeStatistics
Age26 years in 2021
Born‎17th June 1994
PartnerDavid Jones Roberts
Height‎5 foot  Inches
Star SignCancer
Best Known ForMallory in the long-running TV series Heartland

(Fun Fact: Heartland received the most viewership when it completed bits 10th episode and became big fame globally)

Mallory In Heartland Show

Mallory joined the Heartland show in 2007 when the show took off with a successful debut.

We see her character as the humorous lady who always makes everyone happy by cracking some jokes and helping Amy and her family. (Mallory and Amy are neighbors)

She continued to be on the show till season 6 and bade farewell to the crew to gather more success and fame, as she wanted to do something new and out of the box rather than being in the same show.

Is Jessica Amlee Married?

Jessica is seen as a more string and elegant woman who achieves more than she aimed in a year in every passing year. But is there a milestone to tie knots with somebody in Jessica’s life?

Unfortunately, Jessica is not married nor single but has been dating a handsome actor in Australia, David Jones Roberts.

The two love birds frequently post romantic pictures on their Instagram.

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland

Transitions are part of life, and everybody needs changes in their characters to explore their acting skills and abilities.

Mallory wanted to try something new and to spark, so that’s why she left the show in 2014 to pursue her acting and do more. She starred in horror and thriller movies and one Netflix series.

So, she left the show for good in search of new horizons.

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland In Season 2

Mallory, played by the Canadian actress Jessica, is one of any industry actress’s most elegantly done jobs.

But Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland In Season 2? Mallory didn’t leave the show in season 2, and she has been continuously staring at the show for six seasons.

Thus, it is just a myth that Mallory left the show in 2nd season.

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland In Season 5

Jessica Amlee is a strong, independent woman who emerged as a successful actress because of her hard work and not couch casting.

Mallory was in the Heartland till the seventh season, and in the 7th season, she went abroad to settle with her boyfriend, Jake. Mallory did not leave in season 5.

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland In Season 7?

Mallory emerged as the youngest girl who made her debut at a very young age. At the age of 13 years, she was cast in the Heartland.

But Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland In Season 7? Mallory quit the show in 2014, season 6. In season 7, she is seen moving with her boyfriend, Jake, in Paris. She left to work in new shows and movies.

It is quite fair for her to move on in her life and explore and groom her personality.

Does Mallory Come Back To Heartland?

When Mallory quit the show in season 6, it was a big shock for all the fans, as Mallory was the spirit of the show and the live wire, which kept a spark in the show.

The Canadian actress Jessica who played the role of Mallory on Heartland left the show behind in 2014. Still, she appeared in season 10 for only two episodes due to many obsessions and fan demands.

Mallory only had a guest appearance in season 10 to make sure her fans love and remember her. She married her boyfriend Jake and then again disappeared from the show.

Does Mallory Marry Jake In Heartland?

Mallory’s marriage in Heartland was big news for all the fans as she appeared after three years on the show.

In the 14th episode, Written in the Stars of season 10, the actress met her boyfriend again after breaking up with her, and the two caught the warm feelings and tied a knot in the show.

The episode gained huge attention from all over the globe and was a big hit which again made the fans attached to the show.

Does Mallory Live At Heartland?

Mallory was one of the prominent characters in Heartland who ruled the show for seven seasons.

Mallory lived with her parents in the neighborhood of Amy’s ranch. Mallory didn’t have any affinity with her parents, so she was more closely associated with Amy’s family and always tried to live next to them.

But after five-season, because of some financial issues and lack of assets to buy a house in Heartland, she eventually moved out of Heartland.

Does Amy Die In Heartland Season 14

The last season of Heartland was seen with the two love birds of the show, Amy and Ty.

Does Amy Die In Heartland Season 14? No, Amy is not dead, and both she and her husband were shot; it was seen that Amy survived, and her husband died because of a blood clot.

So Amy did not die in season 14. Instead, her husband died due to an accidental shot.

Fun Facts about Mallory (Jessica Amlee)

Here are some of the rumored facts about Mallory I would like to share with you!

Mallory started her career at 5

Did you know that, like Amy, Mallory was also obsessed with acting that she started to act at a very young age of 5?

Yes! Mallory starred in the show, My Mother’s Dreams at 5. And after that, when she was 12, Mallory had appeared in 55 ads.

Jessica Amlee Is On Cameo

Did you know that you can get a live video message from any celebrity on Cameo? It is a website where you can donate, and the celebrities would make a birthday wish or video for you!

A lot of Heartland actors are present in the cameo, and Jessica is one of them. You can ask her to make a video for you, and you will be donating in exchange.

Mallory is an Equine Lover Since Her Childhood

Did you know that almost all the actors on the Heartland are linked to horses in their real life?

Mallory has had a love for horses since her childhood. Her mother was the one who made her sit on the horse at the age of six months.

Thus, Mallory has been a great equestrian all her life. She had been playing with horses since her childhood, and that’s why she elegantly did her roles and was one of the favorite people Amy who had five horses!

Mallory was brought up on the show

As you know, that she was only 13 years old when she first appeared on the show.

Mallory spent all her childhood starring in the show till she was 20. So, practically, she was brought up by the cast and crew of Heartland and gathered the most love from Amy!

Jessica Won Leo Award At A Young Age

She is the award winner for her role in The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess. There’s no doubt about her acting skills, and she received the best supporting role female award for her brilliant performance.

Final Verdict

Mallory was the most outstanding actress who made Heartland worth watching. But characters come and go, but TV series keep ongoing.

Jessica’s character, Mallory, was the funniest on the Heartland, and she quit the show to explore more opportunities in her life.

That was all about why Mallory left Heartland, which we clearly understood why our favorite actress left.

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