How Much Does A Horse Cost In Mexico? 5 Important Things You Must Know

“How much does a horse cost in Mexico?” is a question many people ask themselves when looking to buy one. Horses can be purchased at different places, but their price varies depending on where you buy them.

Many people who live in North America or Europe might not know how much horses cost in Mexico because they don’t have any experience purchasing them locally.

They might need to do some research before making their decision, so they aren’t overcharged for their new addition when it arrives at their doorstep.

How much does a horse cost in Mexico?

The answer to this is difficult because various factors come into play. The price of horses in Mexico is not always the same. It will depend on where you buy it and what type of horse it is.

The Realistic horse cost in Mexico range from $3,000 to $45,000

People who live in the United States might have to pay up to two times as much for their horses because of taxes and shipping fees.

This is why so many people prefer purchasing them locally instead of importing them all across seas or states.

How much does a horse cost in Mexico – Related Questions

How Much Does A Horse Cost In Mexico

Are horses common in Mexico?

There are an estimated 15 million horses in Mexico, about one-quarter of horses worldwide, with a large majority living in rural areas. 

Mexico’s National Commission for the Protection and Improvement of Rural Life has outlined ten strategies to improve the lives of these horses.

The strategies involve educating families on how to support their animals better with improved pastureland, more vet schools so fewer people have to care for their animals.

Educational programs geared towards children with regards to animal welfare, among many others. They also provide family planning services for human members. 

They now provide insurance against natural disasters and improved house construction that protects both humans and animals during storms.

The commission created an official economic zone in 2012 with the specific goal of improving livestock. 

Is it illegal to own a horse in Mexico?

It is not illegal to own a horse in Mexico. However, it would be best to have powerful connections in the government and the law enforcement agencies for this to happen.

This is because it’s almost impossible to buy or rent a property that will be authorized for horses.

In addition, please know that if you have an animal hobby farm in Mexico, it will require A LOT of paperwork from various authorities to get approval to start with your farm.

According to experthorsesite, It is legal to own a horse, but there are some restrictions.

What do I need to take a horse to Mexico?

To take a horse to Mexico, you will need a passport. You will also need the animal’s certificate of origin and at least one copy of the vaccination card with all vaccines up-to-date for both your horse and yourself before entering any country in Central America.

It would be preferable to enter Mexico from North America because if you enter from Africa or Europe, your horse may not be allowed in unless it meets specific criteria that include the assessment of temperature risks.

In addition, once inside the country with your horse, there are periods when they must have been treated against roundworms with pyrantel tartrate medication within 30 days of entering Mexico.

There are no import restrictions on horses coming into this country. Still, if you bring your horse in for showing or any other reason, it will require official veterinary certificates.

How much does it cost to bring a horse from Mexico?

It depends on the state. A horse in Mexico can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000. Depending on where you are looking in Mexico, it can be more or less expensive.

If you want a good quality horse with papers, the price could go up significantly due to shipping costs, border fees, and import taxes.

What can you use horses for in Mexico?

Horses in Mexico originally had many purposes, but their use is now limited to sport and play.

The most popular horses in Mexico are Arabians and Thoroughbreds, and they usually carry riders of Mexican nobility on hunts for boar.

However, nowadays, they’re most commonly sold to breeders who keep them around for sports activities such as dressage and show jumping competitions.

Ordinarily, the horse-racing event “Mexican Classics” takes place after these events; that’s an example of when you can see some horseplay in Mexico.

When is the best time of year to buy a horse in Mexico?

In general, the best time to buy a horse in Mexico is springtime.

Is horse eaten in Mexico?

The horse is eaten by the general population of Mexico, with many regional variations in preparation.

The Aztecs maintained a horse specialist caste that hunted wild horses for meat, but after Cortez’s defeat of the Aztec Empire, these people became impoverished and quickly disappeared.

Many cultures have considered the horse a delicacy, though horse generally falls into taboo foods within Western culture.

In English history, horseradish was used as a condiment with beef and ham to give them a pungent taste because these dishes were so bland on their own without any flavoring ingredients or sauces added.

Horseradish also had this effect on roast pork. Roast beef is usually served with gravy enhanced by cooking the last of the beef bones in it.

Many people in Mexico do not commonly eat horse meat.

There are some regions where this happens, for example: 

  • Sonora and Chihuahua states eat horse meat often.
  • On the other hand, Jalisco state or Guadalajara city never eats or trades with horses.
  • Horse meat is used to make tacos, sopes, and quesadillas.
  • It can be boiled or served with rice too. People usually eat horse meat in the winter because it’s considered a warm food that boosts strength.

Horse milk is also famous for drinking by some communities, especially Mexican natives who believe that the drink has many medicinal and healing properties.

How much does it cost to import a horse to the USA?

It’s difficult to say how much it would cost to import a horse because many factors affect the total cost.

No clear answer can be given, but an estimate could start at around $4000 in both shipping and quarantine costs, not including bribes and handling in port and customs.

Additional cost : 

  • Transport cost.
  • Vaccinating against EHV-1 [horse flu].
  • Air travel from the USA.
  • Checking for brucellosis [infectious animal disease].

So, you’re talking upwards of six figures easily.

Conclusion: How much does a horse cost in Mexico?

I hope this article has helped determine the price of a horse. If it sounds like something you would be interested in, you could start saving up for one.

You will have to do some research on your own if you want exact numbers, but I know from experience that they are worth every penny.

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