Is Horse Meat Halal? Know the Truth

There are many religions in the world. Each religion allows and forbids some things. Let’s talk about the religion Islam. There are many animals that Islam has permitted to eat and many animals that Islam has prohibited eating due to some reasons.

Is Horse Meat Halal

Since we are talking about animals, is horse meat halal? Is horse meat haram? Many Muslims are not aware of whether horse meat is halal or haram, which is why we will address this issue in this article. Along with horse meat, we will discuss horse milk. 

Is the horse meat halal or haram in Islam?

While Christians don’t pay too much attention to whether the meat they are eating is permissible according to their religion or not, Muslims do spend a lot of attention on what Islam says. 

Being a Muslim, you should clear your doubts regarding horse meat; after all, you don’t want to spread wrong thoughts.

Eating horse meat is not haram. Holy Prophet (P.BU.H) himself permitted Muslims to eat horses but forbade them from eating domestic donkeys. 

According to the Quran, Muslims are forbidden to eat animals that died themselves, animals that hunt other animals, feed on meat, or have skin like snakes, pigs, etc.

Still, Muslims avoid eating horse meat. Why is that? There are some reasons for it, and we will address them in the next question.

Why can’t Muslims eat a horse?

This question is wrong because it sounds like eating a horse is haram when it is not. 

It should be, why Muslims don’t eat a horse? Why don’t Muslims eat horse meat? The answer is simple. Muslims don’t eat the horse because the Quran has said that horses and donkeys are meant to carry you and serve you in Jihad. 

It’s not mentioned that horses and donkeys are also meant for eating purposes. But still, this doesn’t make the horse haram.

Furthermore, during the great era of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), horse meat was eaten only during emergencies. Muslims at that time didn’t use to eat horse meat the way they used to eat goat and camel meats. 

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) himself has never eaten horse meat. Based on the things we mentioned, Muslims avoid horse meat.

Is horse meat tasty?

Wondering, “what does horse meat taste like?

According to International Business Times, the horse’s meat is a little gamey, somewhat sweet, and a cross between venison and beef. The meat of older horses is dark red, whereas the meat of younger horses is a bit pinkish.

Because of the versatile nature of horse meat, it is popular in many cultures. In northern Italy, the horse’s meat is used for making a rich, hearty stew that goes by the name “Pastissada de caval.” 

In Japan, the meat of the horse is sliced thin and eaten raw. In Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, horse meat plays a role in many dishes.

Is horse meat healthy?

If no harmful drugs or chemicals are injected into the meat of the horse, it is healthy. That said, the meat of the horse has high levels of protein, but the amount of iron and vitamin B in it is twice the amount present in beef. 

Horse meat has less cholesterol level and significantly higher omega-3 fatty acid concentration. Potassium is very beneficial for bones’ growth, and the horse meat has about 10 mg per kilograms of potassium present in it.

Inflammation can cause rheumatic in joints, and horse meat contains such a steroid that can reduce rheumatic pain.

Why is horse meat bad for you?

Over the lifetime of horses, many drugs may be injected into them. If you eat the meat of one of those horses, it will badly affect you. 

Horses receive antibiotics, diuretics, and dewormer medication, making their meat dangerous for humans to eat.

Be it ex-racehorses or other horses. There is a huge possibility that they received unsafe drugs at some part of their lives to increase performance for sports competitions and various working purposes.

Additionally, it is also uncertain which farm or country the horse’s meat came from? How did the owners treat their horses? Whether the meat of the horse has harmful chemicals in it or not? All these uncertainties make the horse meat dangerous; ultimately, bad for you.

If some reliable agency hasn’t approved the horse meat, it can be bad for you, but it is okay and has some health benefits if it is properly approved.

Is horse milk halal?

Yes, horse milk is halal. Horse milk is high in nutrition as it has an abundant amount of proteins, fats, and vitamins. 

Although, just like horse meat, many Muslims don’t prefer it.

What does horse milk taste like?

Compared to cow’s milk, horse milk is thinner, and it feels like someone added a bit of water to the cow’s milk. 

As far as taste goes, many people who have tried horse milk say it tastes sweet like almond milk.

Horse meat : FAQ

Final verdict

If we talk about the popularity of animals, horses are very popular around the globe. A horse is a beautiful animal and can serve humankind pretty well. 

Around the world, horses are used for companionship, transportation, and sports. Besides this, they can also be used for food purposes.

As far as Muslims go, the question “is horse meat halal does come into their minds. There are two viewpoints regarding horse meat. 

One group says it is halal, and the other considers it Makruh. Either way, the majority of Muslims tend to avoid eating horse meat.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid horse meat is the fact that it comes with uncertainties. There are bright chances that the horse meat you are about to eat belongs to the horse that received harmful drugs.

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