How Do You Say Horse In Different Languages? 100 Cool Horses Name

How Do You Say Horse In Different Languages?

Do you also think it would be pronounced horse in different languages? Well, if you love to diversify calling your horse name, you would be interested in knowing what to call him with different accents.

How do you say horse in different languages? Horses are known as Cavalos in Portuguese and Cheval in French. 

How Do You Say Horse In Different Languages

In Spanish, horses are known as Caballo. Different languages have different accents of saying horses, but you all would love to call it a horse at the end of the day.

This blog post will discuss different names for horses in various languages and see 100 Spanish horse names for male and female horses.

How Do You Say Horse In Spanish?

Spanish is a great and vast language, and it will be great to pronounce the word horse. In Spanish, a horse is known as Caballo. 

However, Caballo is known as the male horse, while the female horse’s name is different.

How do you pronounce Caballo? The c in Spanish is read k, and ll or l is pronounced as y. so we would be saying KA-BA-YO for a horse in Spanish.

The Spanish name of the horse is Yegua for mares. You can pronounce the word by saying: YE-GE-WA.

How Do You Say Baby Horse In Spanish?

People who love to learn new languages must wonder to say baby horse or foal in Spanish. In Spanish, a foal is known as El-Potro.

It is pronounced as EL-PO-TRO. El-Potro is a term used for a very young horse that is only about a month old.

What Are Some Spanish Horse Names?

If you’re interested in learning some of the names used by Spanish people for their horses, we have a whole database of pet names for male and female horses.

We have gathered:

  • 100 Spanish Horse Names Male
  • 100 Spanish Horse Names Female
Spanish Horse Names MaleSpanish Horse Names Female
Adios (Racehorse)Adios (Racehorse)
Altiva (The Road to Eldorado)Airoso (Elegant)
AmadoAlegre (Happy)
AmigoAltiva (The Road to Eldorado)
Azul (The Alchemical Horseman)Amado
Babeica (Battle Horse)Amarillo
Balada (Ballad)Diploma
Barbaro (Racehorse)Armonia (Harmony)
BeauAster Lane
Bizcocho (Brown)Azra
BroncoAzul (The Alchemical Horseman)
ButtermilkBabeica (Battle Horse)
Cancion (Song)Barbaro (Racehorse)
Cantante (Singer)Boca
ChetakBonito (Pretty)
Chico (Queen of Swords)Chant
Cicero (Racehorse)Chico
CilantroChico (Queen of Swords)
Cisco (Dances with Wolves)Cicero (Racehorse)
Clever HansCisco (Dances with Wolves)
ColonelConquistador (the Littlest Outlaw)
CometDas Equis
Conquistador (the Littlest Outlaw)Diablo (Cisco Kid)
Darico (Strong)Domino (The Texan)
Das EquisEpona (Legend of Zelda)
Delicado (Tender)Esmerelda
Diablo (Cisco Kid)Fiesta
DomingoFlurry Heart
Domino (The Texan)Fresca
Epona (Legend of Zelda)FrouFrou
Geranio (Geranium)Huaso (Jumping Horse)
GorditaIco (Ico, El CaballitoValiente)
Helado (Ice Cream)Josefina
Huaso (Jumping Horse)Kleo
Ico (Ico, El CaballitoValiente)Lil E Tee
Iron CladMariposa
JuanMeadow River
KhanMeil (Honey)
MariposaMustang Muse
Mono (Monkey)Nebulosa (Cloudy)
NachoNocheEstrellada (Starry Night)
Narciso (Daffodil)Northern Dancer
Noble HeartOcho
OchoOctava (Octave)
PabloOrianna (Sunrise)
Palomo (Military Horse)Palomo (Military Horse)
Papo (Toy)Papo (Toy)
Paso DoblePaso Doble
Pasos (Steps)Pepe
Picante (Spicy)Pinata
PinataPinkie Pie
Pinto (Tom T Hall)Pinto (Tom T Hall)
PocoBueno (Little White)Princess Cadence
QuarterbackReal Quiet
Ranunculus (Buttercup)Rosita
Red HareSalsa
Sabado (Saturday)Seite
Saturno (Saturn)Sinfonia (Symphony)
SeiteSunset Shimmer
Smarty JonesTapas
Sol Espumoso (Sparkling Sun)Temperance
SpainTempest Shadow
Steel ToeTobasco
TobascoTotilas (Dressage)
Totilas (Dressage)Twilight Glimmer
TresValera (Sport Horse)
TriggerVelvet Rose
Valera (Sport Horse)Wisteria Meadows
Zaccio (Racehorse)Zaccio (Racehorse)
Zenyatta (Racehorse)Zenyatta (Racehorse)

Horse in Different Languages

Different languages have different names for horses, and it is fascinating to say horse names in different languages. German, French, Chinese people say the horse word differently.

Let’s see how to pronounce horse in other languages.

How Do You Say Horse In French?

French is a beautiful language, and horses are greatly admired in France. Horses were used for a long time in France and were used by the knights and kings for their convenient transportation.

Let us teach you the word used for a horse in French.

In French, the horse is known as Jument for feminine and Cheval for masculine.

Horse TypeFrench NamePronunciation
Male HorseChevalSHH-VEE-LL
Female HorseJudgmentYOO-MAAN-T
Baby Horse (Foal)PoulainPU-LAU-N.

You can pronounce it as Try practicing it again and again, and you will be perfected in saying the horse words accurately in French.

How Do You Say Horse In German?

Germans used horses in wars and were very fond of importing horses in the great World War II.

In Germany, people call different names for horses when they are young and old. For instance, we can see this table for our convenience.

Horse TypeGerman Name Pronunciation
Male HorsePferdFEE-ER-T
Female HorseStuteS-CHEW-TEETH
Baby Horse (Foal)FohlenFOOT-LEN

How Do You Say Horse In Chinese?

The Chinese language is complex, and you have to try harder to obey the words easily.

Chinese alphabets are more than 100 in number, and it is said to be one of the most difficult languages. For horse lovers, you can see the following things to say horses:


Horse Type Chinese Name Pronunciation
Male Horse MAA
Female Horse DaDA
Baby Horse (Foal)JEE

How Do You Say Horse In Japanese?

The Japanese language has been a diverse language for its ancient civilization and history. In Japanese, horses are known as  which we call umma in English and are used for males.

For the female horses (the mares), we call the horse ayy, and the foal is commonly referred to as Koumma.

For horses that are overage and are very senior, we call them Gerudingu.

Horse Type Japanese Name Pronunciation
Male Horse UmaUMMAH
Female Horse ŌAYE
Baby Horse (Foal)子馬 KoumaKOUNTA

How Do You Say Horse In Italian?

Italian names for horses are simple to remember and say. There’s the one-word difference for the horse word in Italian.

For example, the Italian name for male horse is Cavalla, and the female horse or mare is known as Cavallo.

Thus, you see only a difference between and O, which changes the horse sex in the Italian language.

The Italian word for the foal is different if you find it is a male or a female. If the foal is a male, we call it Puledra, and for the female foal, we call it Pedro.

Horse Type Italian Name Pronunciation
Male HorseCavallaCA-VA-LLA
Female HorseCavalloCA-VA-LLO
Baby Horse (Foal)Male: Puledra Female: PuledroSame as you read them in English

How Do You Say Horse In Russian?

Russian people sound very different, and sometimes, it isn’t easy to hear a mere word said by them.

But pronouncing the horse’s name in the Russian language is not very difficult, as we have made it easy for you with proper pronunciation, which you can try again and again to sound perfect.

See this chart to get to know the Russian names for horses and how to pronounce them.

Horse Type Russian Name Pronunciation
Male HorseЛошадь LoadH-LO-SHAD
Baby Horse (Foal)Жеребенок ZherebenokZEH-REE-BEU-NEK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Verdict: how do you say horse in different languages?

Horses have evolved as the best pets in recent centuries, and we as humans have domesticated them widely in the world. Globally, over 55 Million horses are present on earth, and people pronounce them differently according to their languages.

How do you say horse in different languages? Try out all the pronunciations given above to obey the horse names, and you will be making your way in the list of those people who have great knowledge about horse pronunciation in different languages.

That was all about our topic on horse pronunciation in different languages. I hope you guys like it and share it with your friends to spread knowledge.