Mongolian Horse – 10 Surprising Things You Need To Know

There are more than 5 million horses in Mongolia. Horse trekking is the best way to experience the incredible country of Mongolia. This is mainly because horses are given huge importance in Mongolia. 

Mongolian Horse

Horses have so much importance in Mongol that this country without horses is like a well without water.

This article will address some helpful information regarding the Mongolian horse. By the end of the article, you will get aware of some interesting facts related to Mongolian horses. 

How tall Is A Mongolian Horse?

Mongolian horses are of a stocky build, large heads, and relatively short but strong legs. 

The Mongol horses weigh about 500 to 600 lbs and are about 48 to 56 inches tall.

Can Mongolian Horses Be Ridden?

Mongolian horses are mostly used for milk purposes, but people ride on them as well. 

Although, you should keep the below guidelines in mind regarding riding a Mongolian horse:

  • Don’t surprise the Mongolian horse while you are approaching it.
  • When you are riding a Mongolian horse, avoid making sudden movements.
  • To get your Mongolian horse moving, all you need to do is say “chu” while gently tapping both legs against its sides at the same time.
  • Say whoosh and pull back both reins at the same time to stop the Mongolian horse.

How Much Are Mongolian Horses Worth?

It is tough to find a Mongolian who will agree on selling his horse, and this is because people of Mongolia don’t breed a horse for commercial purposes.

However, due to the athleticism and tolerance of Mongolian horses, their cost ranges from $300 to $500. 

One of the best things about these horses is that they can survive on what nature provides and don’t need expensive food, maintenance, or grooming.

Are Mongolian Horses Gaited?

Instead of four, many Mongolian horses have five gaits. The fifth gait is “running walk,” which is referred “tolt.” An occasional Mongolian horse lifts both its right hooves at one time and similarly lifts both its left hooves. This is known as ambling gait.

Are Mongolian Horses Strong?

Even though Mongolian horses are small, they are very strong and tough. The legs and back are small but have strong joints.

The way Mongolian horses served Mongolians during the military campaigns of Genghis Khan and were proven to be more superior breed in many things than many other horse breeds tells a lot about how strong Mongolian horses are.

On the battlefield, the only thing that made Mongolian horses inferior to other horse breeds was speed.

How Fast is a Mongolian Horse?

Compared to other horse breeds, Mongolian horses are slow, mainly because of their short legs. 

According to some studies, a Mongolian horse can travel 200-250 miles in 8 hours with a 25-32 mph speed.

Did Mongols Drink Horse Blood?

Yes, they did. To ancient Mongols, the horse was the most important animal.

To survive during the long drives, Mongolians used to cut the horse’s veins from the neck to drink the blood.

People think Romans were scary when it was Mongolians who came up with some creepy warfare tactics.

When Mongolians won multiple battles and murdered many of their enemies, their survival diet was horse blood and liquor.

Did Mongols Drink Horse Milk?

It’s not just the blood of horses that Mongolians drank, and they drank horse’s milk as well. 

Ancient Mongols, during the war, became stronger fighting machines by eating cheese and drinking horse milk.

Can You Ride Przewalski’s Horse?

Once nearly extinct, Przewalski’s horses are named after a Russian explorerPrzewalski. Mongolians call it Takhi. Takhi means spirit.

Przewalski’s horses have a very wild nature because their ancestors were not domesticated. Because of the wild nature of Takhi, you are not supposed to ride or tame it.

What Was Genghis Khan’s Horse Name?

It is said that Genghis Khan had two white horses, and both of them were Mongolian breeds. 

As for the names of Genghis Khan’s horses, there is no record available that tells about the names.

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Mongolian Horse vs. European Horse

The Mongolian horses required less training than European horses. Even Mongolian ponies are also experts to helps riders to shoots their bows and arrow. However, Mongolian lancers are much less prevalent than archers.


Mongolian horses are smaller than European horses. Mongolian horses are like ponies.


Compared to European horses, Mongolian horses don’t require a lot of training because they quickly catch up on things.


Mongolian horses are slower than European horses


According to some studies, Mongolian horses are stronger and have better stamina than European horses.


Compared to Mongolian horses, European horses are more temperature-sensitive.

Mongolian Horse vs. Arabian Horse

The difference between the Mongolian horses and Arabian horses are listed bellow :


Arabian horses are taller than Mongolian horses.


Mongolian horses are easy to train but so are Arabian horses. Arabian horses are smarter than Mongolian ponies and can learn things more quickly.


One of the things that made Arabian horses famous was speed. Arabian horses are faster than Mongolian horses.


Mongolian horses have good stamina, but Arabian horses have excellent stamina. Even many Europeans imported Arabian horses to build their breeds.

Arabian horses are strong, have a good temperament, and tremendous endurance level.

Mongolian Horse Racing

Mongolian Horse Conclusion

Horse domestication has radically transformed human culture. Boasting more than 5 million horses, Mongolia is where horses are given the most importance in the world. Without any shadow of a doubt, Mongolians are the greatest horsemen in the world.

The high level of importance Mongolians give to horses can be proven that Mongolian children start learning to ride a horse when they are 3 to 5 years old and when they are 6 to 12, they start participating in the horse race.

Mongolian horses are not kept in pastures. They can roam freely, just like many wild horses used to roam freely thousands of years ago.

We tried to explain some interesting facts related to Mongolian horses. We also told you what Mongolians used to do with Mongolian horse’s blood and milk. Hoping this article cleared some of your doubts.