The 15 Most Beautiful Horse in the World 2021

Horses are truly astonishing and captivating animals. Even though you don’t know how to ride a horse, there is so much to learn about them.

There are many breeds throughout the world, and each is different from others for its distinctive character and charm.

However, every breed is beautiful. We have picked up here some of the best and most beautiful horses in the world that have drawn people’s attention more and more for years.

What is the most beautiful type of horse?

The most attractive horse breeds include the Friesian, Andalusian, Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Marwari, Lipizzaner, etc.In recent decades, mostmagnificent horse breeds, such as the Arabian Friesian, have been deliberately developed to look distinctive for local horse exhibitions.

Horses do possess an eye-catching figure with a stunning look. They were even loved, respected and idolised as divine beings in some indigenous tribes! Horses have been admired forthousands of years in cultural artwork and literature.

Just take a look at our below list of most beautiful horses to know about their historical past, facts, and findings:

The 15 most beautiful horses in the world

When we talk about horses, several noble characteristics and virtues like dignity, strength, elegance, bravery, flexibility, and majesty come to our minds.

There are over 600 different horse breeds worldwide, with varying sizes, conformational changes, and colours. Even though all horses are magnificent in their way, some are more visually attractive than others.

We know horses are extremely attractive animals, and as such, we have created a list of our top twelve most beautiful horse breeds for you.

Just have a look and let us know which one is your favorite?

1. Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke is a native of Turkey, and according to experts, it is the most beautiful horse in the world. The Akhal-Teke horse is the most beautiful in the world due to its shiny coat. 

Most Beautiful Horse in the World

You will be amazed if you see its shiny coat. The shiny coat has earned Akhal-Teke horses the nickname “golden horses.” Apart from the shiny coat, it also has very attractive eyes.

Besides beauty, the Akhal-Teke horse breed is known for speed, intelligence, and endurance. Akhal-Teke horses are considered one of the oldest horse breeds.

2. Friesian

Originating in Friesland, Netherland, Friesian is a graceful and nimble horse breed. This one of the most beautiful horse breeds is known for its striking black coat.

It is said that during the middle ages in Europe, Friesian horses were considered war heroes as they carried many knights in armor during the war.

Friesian horses have spectacular movements and elegant appearances, and that is why they were often used for pulling carriages of European royalty.

Even though Friesian horses were popular in the middle ages, there came a time when they almost went extinct. Luckily, after the second world war, they started coming back in big numbers.

3. Arabian

The existence of the Arabian horse can be traced back at least 3000 BC, which makes it one of the most ancient horse breeds around the globe. The high tail carriage and distinctive head shape make Arabian one of the most beautiful and impressive horse breeds around the world.

The Arabian horse can excel in almost any discipline due to its speed, endurance, strong bones, and refinement. They have amazing stamina, and that is why they have high value in endurance sport. Throughout history, the Arabian breed has spread around the globe through trade and war.

4. Gypsy 

Originating from Ireland and Great Britain, Gypsy horses are popular around the world for their leg feathering and black and white coat color. The long hairs starting below the knees easily make Gypsy one of the most beautiful horses in the world.

Gypsy horses are integral members of Romani families. Even today, they are used in the carriages of Romani travelers. Gypsy horses are small and have an engaging and friendly temperament. Overall, Gypsy is a wonderful family horse.

5. Andalusian

Being known officially since the 15th century, the Andalusian is a pure Spanish horse and one of the most beautiful horse breeds. 

Throughout history, this beautiful horse breed was recognized as a warhorse and was used as an instrument of diplomacy by the Spanish government. European kings used to ride Andalusian.

Besides being warhorses, the Andalusian breed is also known for intelligence, docility, and sensitivity. Many Andalusian enthusiasts say that they are impressed with horses’ beauty and their intelligence and eagerness to work.

The Andalusian breed was originally used for bullfighting, classical dressage, driving, and as stock horses.

6. Haflinger

Established in Austria and northern Italy in the 19th century, the Haflinger breed also goes by Avelignese. Haflinger horses came by the mixing between Arabian horses and Tyrolean ponies. The golden coat of a Haflinger makes it beautiful. 

If you see a horse with chestnut color and flaxen manes and tails, know it is a Haflinger.

Haflingers have a calm and kind nature. They are muscular animals with rhythmic gaits and are frequently used for equine-assisted therapy. The gentle temperament and easy movements of Haflingers make them ideal family horses.

7. Appaloosa

Appaloosa is an American breed, and it is recognized for its beautiful, distinctive spotted coat. 

Though Appaloosa horses look beautiful with their white and dark patches, they are not too friendly with beginner riders.

If you mistreat Appaloosa, getting him to do what you want won’t be easy as Appaloosa horses are sometimes stubborn and pushy. 

In 1975, Appaloosa was termed the official state horse of Idaho, and even today, it is very popular in the USA.

8. Marwari

Present in the Marwar region of India, Marwari is a rare breed and can easily be identified by their ears, which are turning inwards. 

The Marwari breed came into existence as a result of mixing between Arabian horses and native Indian ponies.

For centuries, Marwari horses were employed as cavalry horses in the Marwar region. 

Nowadays, they are used for riding and farm work. Marwari horses are renowned for their loyalty and bravery on the battlefield.

9. Mustang

Being considered “wild horses,” Mustang horses are descendants of previously domesticated horses brought by Spanish people to the Americans. Even though the Mustang horse has a wild and free-roaming nature, one can ride it after taming it.

From 1850-to1900, many cowboys were catching, taming, and selling Mustangs to the western U.S. One of the best things about Mustangs horses is that they are incredibly intelligent, and this can be proven by the fact that they catch on quickly in a training environment.

10. Knabstrupper

At number 10, we have Knabstrupper as one of the most beautiful horses in the world. Established in the 19th century, Knabstrupper is a Danish breed and is often confused with Appaloosa horses as Knabstrupper horses also have beautiful spotted coloration. 

Knabstrupper horses are good all-rounders and are found in a horse size as well as pony size. Knabstrupper is also widely used as a circus horse. They are user-friendly, and riding them is pure joy.

11. Oldenburger

This horse breed had originated through a renowned German nobleman, Count Graf Anton Gunther von Oldenburg. Its forefathers were used in farm horses and transportation for its powerful body.

Presently, selective breedingis used to develop a well-known sports horse and is recognized for its outstanding speed and exceptional jumping abilities.

The skill of these horses in dressage and jumping is the most important factor, which makes it so costly. Pick an Oldenburg, and you’ll almost certainly get a horse that’s trained for achievement in competitive sports.

12. Selle Francais

Selle Francais was one of the most renowned studs in show jumping history. He was the father of World Cup winner I Love You and gold medalist Galoubet A in the 1982 World Championships.

It was developed in France as a consequence of the fusion of various pre-existing French breeds. It has now become one of the most sought-after horse breeds in the world.

It is usually chestnut or bay in colour and one of the fastest horse breeds in the world. It has achieved prominence in the disciplines of show dressage, jumping, and eventing.

The Selle Francais can also be found competing in equestrian vaulting and trail riding. With the brilliant record in athletes and sports, there is no wonder why this horse breed is so expensive.

13. Holsteiner

The Holsteiner originally comes from its birthplace in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. It first appeared as a breed in the 13th century; as a result, it became the oldest warmblood breed in the world.

The breed is strong, beautiful, and has high durability. It is also well-known as a successful modern Olympic sports horse. Because they haul international equestrian athletes, it has been officially recognized as an athletic horse.

14. Dutch Warmblood

It is another expensive and most competitive horse breed around the world. These horses are healthy, strong and stylish enough to attract several horse lovers.

This horse breed is now one of the most renowned in equestrian competitions. And it makes these horses breedone of the costly breeds in the world.

However they are strong and agile, but they need to be trained for four to five years to become a driven horse. Whereas, compared with Thoroughbreds, they become gone in earlier ages.

Dutch Warmbloods come in a variety of hues, including bay, black, chestnut, and grey. Many have white markings as well.

15. Pinto

For several horse admirers, pinto horses conjure up images of Native Americans riding on horseback with a bow in hand. They are attractive and elegant in looking, and the hairy manes and tails are the most appealing parts of their body.

Native Americans caught and brought up these horses in a huge quantity. These horse breeds were sent to the New World from Europe. But when they were unleashed, a feral population formed. They are especially popular for this pinto mark.

What is the most beautiful horse in the world?

As we already told you, the Golden Akhal-Teke, a native of Turkey, is considered the most beautiful horse globally by experts.

What breed is the nicest horse?

Many attractive and nicest horse breeds include the Arabian, Friesian, Clydesdale, Andalusian, Akhal-Teke, Marwari, Appaloosa, Gypsy, Norwegian Fjord, Lipizzaner and many more in the world. Every horse is beautiful in its way, but some of them are popular for their look and unique appearance.

In recent decades, most gorgeous horse breeds, such as the Arabian, have been carefully developed to seem distinctive at local horse exhibitions.

What is the ugliest horse in the world?

This is a kind of rude question. But still, different people find different horses to be ugliest. You might be surprised, but some people think that the Arabian horse is the ugliest. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to an individual’s preference about which horse is the ugliest.

What is the rarest horse on earth?

According to experts, Galiceno is the rarest horse on earth as there are less than 100 Galiceno horses left on earth. 

Many of the Galiceno horses are not even in the condition of breeding, making the future of this breed even more uncertain. Galicenos have a long history in the USA.

What is the rarest horse color?

If we think aesthetically, whenever we see a horse, its color is the first thing that grabs the attention of our eyes.

Since the research about rarest horse color is incredibly scarce, it’s not easy to tell the rarest horse color. Many experts believe that pure white is the rarest horse color. 

This is true, considering many white horses we see are not pure white. Many of them are grey, but we think of them as white.

What is the most aggressive horse breed?

Due to the wild nature of VelkaPardubicka, many believe that it is the most aggressive horse breed in the world.


Hopefully, the above article will help you to know horses in a better way. There are several most beautiful horses in the world; we have listed here a few only.

Even though beauty is arbitrary, every horse is beautiful. But we should protect our natural beauties also to maintain the right balance between human beings and animals.