Can Rabbits Eat Horse Hay? Amazing Facts You Need To Know

So, can rabbits eat horse hay? In general, you can feed your rabbit with horse hay as they offer an adequate number of vitamins and proteins. 

It helps your rabbit to gain high-quality nutrients without risking health. You can effectively replace the food of your bunny with horse hay.

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Hay Isn’t Only For Horses!

According to research, the mares hay diet may not absorb micronutrients, and animals need to feed a healthy balanced diet from dietary supplements.

Many hobbies and adventure horses do not require grain; instead, they thrive on high-quality hay or grass. 

Can Rabbits Eat Horse Hay

If hay isn’t enough, you can serve grain, but they get most of a horse’s nutrients through supplements. A horse must consume one to two percent of its overall body weight in grass hay every day.

Can Rabbits Eat Horse Hay?

If you feel like offering your rabbit the horse hay, you can do so without any risk. A rabbit is excellent at digesting horse hay. 

We always recommend you to combine a balanced diet with a good amount of fruits and vegetables along with horse hay for your rabbit.

Farmers consider baling and hay to be stored exceptionally thoroughly; when the grass should be sold as “horse grade,” it must be healthy for rabbits. 

Horse hay is also far less expensive than those cute tiny packages of rabbit hay.

The majority of a rabbit’s diet must consist of unlimited, high-quality grass hay, such as Timothy, orchard, or brome. 

Although young, developing rabbits can consume all species of grass hay, older rabbits should avoid alfalfa hay because it is cumbersome in fiber and protein.

It’s also significantly higher in calcium (1.5 percent vs. 0.5 percent in grass hay); therefore, it is generally avoided by any rabbit with a record of calcium-related issues, such as bladder plaque.

Can I Feed My Bunny Horse Hay?

A rabbit is a delicate pet, So you need to be very careful in offering them horse hay. Please make sure the horse hay you provide to them must be fresh and free from mold and other contaminants. 

It can make them ill or even lead to serious health issues. So, take proper care while feeding them with horse hay.

Of course, you can feed but keep in mind that mold growth is a big concern if a hay bundle is rained on. 

Producers take baling and hay storage extremely carefully; if hay is also to be sold as “horse grade,” it must be appropriate for rabbits. 

Horse hay is also far less expensive than some of those cute tiny packages of bunny hay.

Ideally, Timothy or Meadow hay must be fed to your rabbits. Rabbits can, however, consume regular horse hay. 

Younger rabbits will benefit from the additional nutrients and fiber. The essential factor seems to be that your rabbits have adequate fiber and nutrients.

Can Rabbits Eat Any Hay?

Rabbits can eat hay, along with a small number of fresh veggies and grains regularly. The most prominent essential element of a bunny’s average intake can be this horse grass. 

The majority of a bunny’s nutrition must consist of endless, vital grass hay, including Timothy, orchard, or brome.

Rabbits prefer to graze and eat vegetables, so access to a lawn is essential, preferably in a safe run. Alternatively, offer new grass many times per day. 

However, don’t provide yard cuttings. These can develop in the intestine and produce significant, even deadly, problems.

Can Rabbits Eat Horse Hay Cubes?

Rabbits are very good at eating hay. So, it would help if you offered horse hay to your rabbit. A rabbit is comfortable in the digestion of all types of hay. 

They even love to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Rabbits love to eat, so you will find them to eat continuously till they are complete. So never worry if your rabbits consume more hay at once. 

Yes, you can definitely horse hay cubes to rabbits, even though there are significant peculiarities. They will undoubtedly consume hay. 

Several “pasture replacement” cubes are poor in nutrition and composed mainly of crushed hay. The proteins in these cubes are sometimes relatively low, which may be beneficial to some bunnies.

Farmers handle baling and hay storing exceptionally skillfully; if hay is now advertised as “horse grade,” it must be healthy for rabbits. 

Horse hay is also far less expensive than those cute tiny packages of rabbit fodder.

Can Horses Have Rabbit Treats?

As we all know, horses are not very comfortable consuming fruits and vegetables. So. we always suggest you offer your horse the best hay. 

If you regularly give your horse other rabbit food, it reduces their appetite. 

You need to take care of your horse to offer them the best nutritional food. 

It keeps them calm and stable and provides the best health benefits with higher stamina to deliver performance.

Offering your horse rabbit teats is not recommended as rabbits mainly prefer carrots, veggies, and fruits. The diet of rabbits is not enough for horses to absorb essential nutrients. 

Apples and carrots are popular choices. Raisins, cherries, mangoes, blackberries, watermelon or other fruits, celery, pumpkin, and frozen peas are suitable for feeding your horse. 

Most horses can chew these goodies before ingesting them; however, horses who gulp big chunks of fruit or vegetables risk choking.

Can Rabbits Eat Horse Feed?

Rabbits are herbivorous nonruminants with gastrointestinal processes comparable to horses. 

Rabbits may be offered low-grain, high-fiber diets since they are small intestine fermenters that perform coprophagy. 

Most professional rabbit owners provide a concentrated mixture full of diets consisting of hay.

Bunnies may eat pellet litter, such as wood stove pellets or horse fodder. However, some of them include pine and cedar, which may induce liver failure and pulmonary difficulties. Though they are appropriate to be used due to the procedure, they have been through.


Although your bunny has an easy supply of fresh grassland, it still requires diversity in its nutrition. 

Your bunny ought to have unrestricted access to dry hay at all times. This will offer the firm fiber that your rabbit requires for digestive and dental health.

So, the answer to “Can rabbit eat horse hay?” is practical and straightforward as your rabbit is capable of digesting horse hay. You can serve fresh hay that won’t harm their health and your wallet. 

However, make sure to mix the diet with a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

Rabbits can indicate whenever they’re full. They might, nevertheless, end up causing it if they consume too much or ingest something unhealthy. 

Whatever the bunny eats stays with it till it goes throughout its stomach.