Horse Years to Human Years (Free Chart and Age Comparison)

Do you know that you can calculate horse years to human years using a very simple formula? Horses live for 30 years or more (40 years in the case of ponies), and calculating a horse’s age equal to human years is a fun thing.

Horse Years to Human Years

One horse year equals six and a half years on average, and this age equivalence continues until a horse is three years. After 3rd year, one horse year equals two and a half years.

This blog post will discuss the age of a horse in human years, the formula to calculate horse age, and top questions related to horse years to human years. 

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Horse Years to Human Years Chart

(NOTES: All the data used here is just for educational purposes and not a standard. We must take a final decision and approval after consultation from the superior sets and animal scientists). 

Horse year to human years is a simple equivalence equation, and we can see the following graph for our reference and easily calculate our horse’s age in human years very quickly.

Horse Years to Human Years Chart

Horse AgeStage of LifeHuman AgeStage of Life
1 Years Foal, Weanling, Yearling6.5 YearsInfancy, Babyhood, Toddlerhood, Preschooler
2 Years Two-Year-Old13 Years Adolescence / Puberty,
3 Years Three Year Old18 Years Teenager
4 Years Four Year Old20.5 Years Young Adult
5 Years Physical Maturity24.5 Years Adulthood
7 Years  28 Years  
10 Years  35.5 Years  
13 Years Middle Aged43.5 Years Middle Aged
17 Years  53 Years  
20 Years Senior60 Years Senior
24 Years  70.5 Years  
27 Years  78 Years 25%-/+ five years is an average lifespan.
30 Years Extreme Old Age85.5 Years  
33 Years  93 Years  
36 Years  100.5 Years  

Explanation of Horse Years to Human Years Chart

  • As evident from the chart, when a horse is one year old, and we call it a foal, it is almost six and a half years in human age.
  • The second year starts, and the horse steps into adolescence; this time is marked by 13 years in human years.
  • The third year of a horse’s age marks that it has become 18 years old in human age.
  • When the fourth year starts, the horse starts getting adult and is now 20 years old.
  • Adulthood starts from the fifth year, and adulthood is at its peak at six, equivalent to 28 years.
  • At the age of 10, the horse becomes 35 years old.
  • The 20th year of the horse will be equal to 60 years of human age, and it starts getting a mature and senior horse.
  • After 25 or 27 years, the horse starts getting old and is about 70 to 75 years old, probably on average lifespan.
  • 30th year of horse equals 85.5 years in human age. It is the age when horses are the oldest, and a few horses reach this age.
  • If a horse, like ponies, live up to 35 or 37 years, it will be like 100 years of human age.

Factors influencing a Horse’s Life

A horse’s life is affected by several things, and if we manage to give quality products to our horses, the lifespan will increase.

Some of the factors which affect the life span of horses are:

Horse Health is Mostly Affected by Nutrition and Exercise

Good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle will be the essential factors making up a horse’s health and overall physical and mental health.

Suppose a horse is not working out enough and not getting enough nutritional content. 

In that case, the health starts deteriorating, and one must take his horse to regular walks or provide him with the essential nutrients required to maintain his lifestyle.

All the horses have an average lifespan of 30 years, but only if they enjoy good mental and physical health.

Ponies Live the Longest

While all the horses live up to 25 or 30 years, ponies are the breeds that live up to 40 years or more! 

But still, the major factor contributing to a horse’s lifespan would be health.

Ponies having 40 years of age are the oldest horses found in nature, and their age is compared with humans and is found to be more than 100+ years.

It is no wonder that ponies get mature very soon, but they also live longer than average horses.

Horse vs. Human Baby Years and Activities

Under the chart of horse years in human years, one year of the horse is equal to six years of a human baby.

There are some interesting things to note here:


A human will start walking after one year, but a horse would start walking only after some hours it is born. It means that horse year is much bigger than a human year for comparison.

Eating Food (Solid)

In humans, solid food is not given to a baby until it reaches six months or more, but horses would start eating grasses after two or three days.

Growth Patterns

Horses grow very fast, and the chart shows us that one year of the horse is equal to six and a half years of a human baby.

Fun fact: Physical growth of horses is larger, but the mental growth of a mature horse is only equal to a 3 to 4 years old baby!


A horse can live independently and eat grasses when it is matured at two years of age, while humans need at least 20 years or more to live independently.

How Old Are 7 Years in Horse?

 A horse age is calculated for six years equivalence until the third year of a horse’s age, but two and a half years are added in its age after that.

A Seven years old horse is like a 28 years old human-like. It is very mature and has been trained well by its owners.

Is A 14 Year Old Horse Old?

A 14 years old horse is not old but is termed as a Middle-aged horse. We can see that a 14 years old horse is equivalent to 45 years of human age.

So a 45 years old human is a senior member of a community and is about to start his old age. But still, 14 years old horses sell for a great price if they are well trained and have great health and lifestyle.

How Old Is a 17-Year-Old Horse in Human Years

A seventeen-year-old horse is a great horse for riding if you have maintained a healthy lifestyle and physical activities.

If we convert 17 years of horse age to human years, it would be 53 years of human age. A horse of such age is said to start its senior horse club.

How Old Is a 21-Year-Old Horse in Human Years

The pet rule for deciding the old or young age for a horse is that all over 20 years of age start getting old.

A 21 years old horse in human years is like a 62 years old human, and not much is expected from him. But we can ride 21 years old horses if you take good care of them.

How Old Is a 24-Year-Old Horse in Human Years

A 24 years old horse is a very old horse and only has a few years left to live his remaining life. Only the best health measure and regular physical activities can prolong his life.

A 24 years old horse is above 65 years of human age, which we all know that it is very old to do anything.

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