15 Essential Gadgets Every Horse Owner Must Have

Do you have a horse? If so, then this 15 Essential Gadgets Every Horse Owner Must Have post is for you! 

Essential Gadgets Every Horse Owner

Horse owners are always looking for ways to improve their horse’s health and wellbeing. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in quality tools to keep your animal happy and healthy.

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15 Essential Gadgets Every Horse Owner Must Have

Horse owners are always looking for ways to improve their horse’s health and wellbeing. 

One of the best ways to do that is by investing in quality tools to keep your animal happy and healthy.

Check out these 15 gadgets every horse owner must have!

1. A Good Quality Feeder

Horses have very curious stomachs, and if they find food on the ground, there is a chance that they will eat it. 

Little Giant® Plastic Fence Feeder | Pig Feeder | Clip On Fence Feeder | Mountable Feed Bucket | 4.5 Quarts | Black
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The plastic feed trough is perfect for hanging as it features clipson the back that allow for easy mounting on wire fencing or rope.
  • ULTRA DURABLE - The plastic bucket is made of highly durable polyethylene resin that is impact resistant, protects against warpage, and helps prevent stress cracks.
  • EASY TO MOUNT - The plastic feed bucket can be permanently mounted on a wall or rail with fencing staples or lag screws (not included).

Even though this may not be harmful to their health, you don’t want them eating dirt or rocks.

2. Clippers Set

A great set of clippers and a file for your horse’s hooves. Be sure to get their feet done regularly to make it easier for them when they need shoes.

3. Binocular

The horse is a unique animal with both wild and tame instincts. It is worth watching the horse mating, training, or playing by riding on them.

Having beautiful eyesight, you can enjoy watching them better if you also have a good pair of binoculars. A good binocular for horse owners can see closely and see clearer more than viewing by naked eyes.

On the market, there are various types of binocular available in various price ranges.

Still, it is always advisable to buy a good one with better functionalities, which benefits every horse owner in every possible way.

So, always go for good quality rather than cheaper one available on the market because you may have to spend more money later to solve the problems created by cheaper binoculars.

4. Stall Cleaner

Horse Owners are always looking for great grooming products that remove dirt and grime from the coat. Stall Cleaner is an innovative product that cleans stalls in minutes, making it easier to maintain a clean environment when caring for your horse.

5. Saddle Pad

An excellent saddle pad for your ride, but make sure that it has a sweat guard so that you can remain comfortable on their back while at the same time ensuring they are protected from getting wet and cold.

Weaver Leather 30x30 Felt s Saddle Pad, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Tan
  • Moisture-wicking wool blend felt pad
  • Top grain wear leathers and pad spine for increased durability
  • Contoured for a great fit

6. Brush

Horsehair brushes are a must-have for any horse owner.

When it comes to grooming your horses, you must have the right tools. Especially if you cannot do it on your own, as much as possible, try using a brush designed for horses because they tend to be more effective than human hairbrushes.

7. Grooming Shears

An excellent pair of grooming shears so you can trim their hair if it is uneven or too long for comfort. Just make sure they have a safety guard on them. 

Otherwise, this could be very dangerous for both you and your horse.

8. Halter

An excellent halter. Make sure it is well made and won’t cause any discomfort on the nose area, as this could stress your animal friend out.

9. Fly Mask

A good quality fly mask for your horse. Be sure to get one that will protect their face and eyes from getting irritated or infected by all the bugs around you. 

It could be very dangerous for them if they do, so make sure this is always on hand.

10. Neck Cover

A neck cover reduces the risk of infection or injury of your horse.

Horses injured or sick are at a higher risk of developing infections that can go straight to their central nervous system and cause meningitis.

The neck cover is designed to protect the horse’s exposed areas while being transported, especially when put in transport boxes.

It prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the horse’s system, reducing the risk of infection.

11. Hoof Pick

An excellent pair of hoof picks so you can get all that dirt out from under their feet after a long day outside. They will be very happy when they are nice and clean again.

12. Shampoo/Conditioner

An excellent shampoo and conditioner combo for them when they need a bit of TLC after a long day outside in the sun or rain, whatever it may be. They will love you for it and be super happy.

13. Towel

A good quality towel for your horse. Make sure it is of excellent quality and absorb all the water from them after a nice bath! 

KCHEX Country Charming Galloping Horse Soft Fleece Throw Size 63x73 Inches
  • Elegant look and Lovely enough to drape over your couch when not in use
  • Thin, soft, the perfect lightweight throw for snuggling and watching tv!
  • Give a little country flair into your living room or family room

It would be very frustrating if you have to use multiple towels because they soak up so quickly. 

You don’t want that with this one as it may not dry your animal friend in time before they get infections.

14. Stirrup Irons

A good set of stirrups so you can give your horse a break after all that hard work. Put them on if their legs are sore and take them for a nice trot around the field! They will be very grateful.

15. Brush Bag/Bucket

A good quality brush bag and bucket. Please make sure that they are of excellent quality and will last you a long time! 

It would be very frustrating to have them break down on you after just a few uses, but this one is made to last, so it should go the distance for many years.


If you’re a horse owner, these 15 gadgets will make your life easier. Check them out and see if any of them would be beneficial for you!