Top 7 Best Saddle For High Withered Horses In 2022

When buying horse saddles, a lot of considerations are necessary. The saddle choice differs from your horse type since we have regular, low, and high withered horses.

For high withered horses, they have unique features. They have a large bump around the neck, which gives a sharp decline along the back. Also, they come with narrower backs which means they need specially designed saddles.

Normal wither horses are simple to fit saddles and pads. However, when your horse has low or high wither, this is a special consideration when getting a saddle or saddle pad.

To buy the best saddle for high withered horses, check our latest selection below.

Our Pick 3 Best Saddle For High Withered Horses

Top 7 Best Saddle For High Withered Horses In 2022

1 ECP Correction Contoured Saddle Pad with Memory Foam Pockets

ECP Equine Comfort Products All Purpose Contoured Correction Saddle Pad with Adjustable Memory Foam

Everyday horse riding can be torturous when using the wrong saddle. But, ECP correction multipurpose saddle is one of the amazing choices for horse owners. 

Specifically, the design ensures there is compatibility with different horses, including high withered.

The making of this saddle features premium materials which enable durability and soft feeling. Premium cotton quilting on the top and bottom parts allows for an excellent experience.

The breathable nature allows the horse to enjoy comfort as well as riders. Additionally, the memory foam padding is amazing since comfort is a guarantee. With 4 pockets enhanced with paddings, you can ensure the horse won’t experience strains in different points.

Unlike the other saddles, this is lightweight, meaning no excessive weight. Moreover, fitting is simple due to 4 Velcro straps that allow for customized fitting.

With multiple colors to choose from, you can always get one that perfectly matches your horse.

  • Lightweight fabrics and padding
  • Simple to fit and remove
  • Contoured ergonomic design
  • High-quality padding
  • Not waterproof

2 Kavallerie All-Purpose Saddle Pad with Breathable Mesh

Kavallerie All-Purpose Saddle Pad with Quilted Anti-Slip Padding and Breathable Mesh Fabric for Maximum Airflow and Comfort, Works for English (Fur Saddle Pad)

Riding should be enjoyable for rider and horse. That is why Kavallerie all-purpose saddle is ideal for adding to your accessories. Besides offering value for money, the saddle pad is extra-comfortable.

The amount of padding in this pad is amazing. Featuring bamboo fabrics, they are suitable for keeping horse skin feeling great. Also, having these fabrics helps in preventing foul odors.

Besides the strong design, the diamond quilting provides an excellent look. Not only does the pad looks sleek, but it offers excellent airflow. 

The cooling air is superb since horse usage even when the weather is hot.

The glove-like fitting allows this pad to provide great benefits to horses. 

Combined with breathable mesh, horse skin doesn’t suffer from chafing and irritations. To add elegance, a gold quilt is amazing and provides a super attractive look.

  • Breathable bamboo filling
  • Snug ergonomic fit
  • High comfort when riding
  • Non-slip material
  • Lack thick padding

3 Wintec 2000 HART High Wither Horse AP Saddle

Wintec 2000 HART High Wither AP Saddle 18 Brown

Appreciate your high withered horse by offering the best saddle and enjoying seamless rides. The ideal saddle that provides balanced stability, comfort, and elegance is Wintec 2000 HART. Being among the leading horse saddles, it has all you want.

The design of this saddle allows for use for different purposes. Whether it’s for riding or training, it’s perfectly suited. With an ergonomic design, it perfectly fits when fitted to high-withered horses.

With great technology, the saddle cares for rider and horse. Featuring CAIR technology, precision cushioning is amazing for the safety and health of a horse.

 Besides cushioning, the flexible nature is amazing for contouring with different horse features. The Elastiflex tree-free movement design is remarkable to keep the saddle well fitted.

Once you opt for this saddle, there is excellent balancing, whether it’s comfort, breathability, ease of use, or quality of construction.

  • Air cushion technology
  • Highly flexible design
  • Easy to change
  • Costly price tag

4 Cashel G2 Soft Saddle

Cashel Soft Endurance Saddle, Black, Medium

Everyday training with your horse is excellent. However, without a proper saddle, it can be a nightmare. Cashel G2 saddle is amazing and one of the super reliable and comfortable. 

Unlike other saddles, this one weighs 6 pounds which is great for reducing bulkiness.

The treeless design allows for expansion around the gullet area. Not only does this allows for a snug fit, but it also lets compatibility with different sized horses. 

Also, the weight capacity is amazing since it ranges from 110 pounds to 215 pounds depending on the sizing.

Remarkably, the saddle has water-repelling material. The waterproof microfiber suede, while the bottom part has fleece for keeping the horse feeling comfortable. 

Additionally, the western ringing molded pommel together with the seat cantle balances weight and comfort.

Fitting this saddle is super easy through D-rings. Also, the straps are adjustable to deliver a snug fit.

  • Water-repelling material
  • Adjustable fitting straps
  • Breathable and flexible
  • It doesn’t come with a cinch

5 Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle

Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle - Australian Nut - 15.75 - Wide

As you plan to give your horse an upgrade, Henri de Revel Memor-X is the best saddle to go for. It’s a revolutionary saddle designed by experts to care for horses and riders.

Boasting hard injected molded polymer tree, there is excellent support while keeping the horse comfortable. Additionally, the high-density foam padding provides comfort feeling when riding.

It doesn’t matter how big your horse is; the saddle is available in small, comprehensive, and extra-wide configurations. Thus, you can easily enjoy fitting without compromising the horse’s safety or comfort.

Apart from the molded designs, the imported leather is highly durable. Unlike cotton, it repels water which prevents absorption of water that can increase the bulkiness.

The padding is heavy-duty material which is amazing for comfort when riding. With signature stitching, there is sleekness besides durability.

  • Heavy-duty padding material
  • Compatible with different sized horses
  • Sleek signature stitching
  • Not highly breathable

6 DEEP SEAT Western Barrel Racing Horse TACK Leather Saddle

DEEP SEAT Western Saddle Barrel Racing Horse TACK Pleasure Leather Package 15 16 17 (15)

Imagine riding a horse without a saddle. It’s an awful moment for horse and rider. Deep Seat leather saddle is super sleek and uniquely crafted. 

The genuine leather is durable and reliable for training, leisure, and racing without compromising rider’s safety.

Besides the leather construction, the seat has a suede finish which makes it feel soft. Bearing in mind the saddle is crafted with hand-tooled and premium fitting, it gives your horse a unique appearance. The oiled leather latigo, as well as billet straps, helps to keep it in position.

Apart from the high-performance leather, the hand-tooled steel fitting brings a great look. The matching headstall breast collar improves the functionality.

The use of wood and fiberglass reduces overall weight. Actually, it weighs 25 pounds which are balanced to minimize bulkiness.

  • Sleek vintage looking
  • Hand-tooled steel accessories
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Less bottom padding

7 HILASON Western Horse Treeless Trail Barrel Leather Saddle

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Hilason western leather saddle brings all the peace of mind and joy of riding a horse. Investing in this saddle gives your horse excellent experience and confidence.

The construction features genuine cow leather in mahogany color, which brings a superb feeling. Additionally, the large seat is comfortable for use when training or racing. 

Due to massive padding, there is no pressure when riding, which delivers great comfort to the horse.

Apart from the comfort, metallic D-rings are super reliable when strapping. Also, the treeless nature ensures more durability and is less bulky.

When you think about comfort, the saddle is excellently balanced. It offers perfect weight distribution, which helps to keep the horse comfortable in every ride.

Weighing 21pounds, it has a skirt length of 23 inches, and the gullet fits 6 inches – 8 inches.

  • Genuine American cowhide
  • Sleek hand tooled floral design
  • Weight balancing design
  • No knee roll

What is the best saddle for a high withered horse

Although we have listed the best high-withered horse saddles, still you might be like, which one is the right one?

If you love leather saddles, DEEP SEAT Western Barrel Racing Horse TACK Leather Saddle is recommended option. It has sleek and durable craftsmanship and great results.

On the other hand, for a super lightweight and breathable saddle, Kavallerie All-Purpose Saddle Pad is great. It has all breathable mesh and bamboo filling for the best experience.

In our list, the premium saddle we can recommend is Wintec 2000 HART. Despite the high price, the saddle offers amazing comfort and balanced qualities.

Saddle Pad Fitting Guide for a High-Withered Horse

Fitting a saddle to the high withered horse can be quite challenging. Especially when you are a beginner, there is a lot of considerations to look at. 

Best Saddle For High Withered Horses

Due to the high wither, fitting any saddle isn’t recommended. It can cause unnecessary movements hence creating discomforts.

Although very high withered can pose a challenge when fitting a saddle, it offers higher performance. The ability to make long strides ensures your horse outperforms others.

For horses with high withers, always ensure the saddle and saddle pad offers high clearance. This will ensure the saddle provides a massive pommel. With a large pommel, it offers extra space to fit wither and shoulder without excessive friction.

Before getting a saddle, check your horse, whether it has broad or narrow. Horses with narrow shoulders but wide backs need a raised saddle with a bit of front part and broad back.

For saddle pads for high withered horses, they should be comfortable. The ample space to accommodate broad shoulders and wither.

However, excessive padding can cause saddle movement resulting in sores.

Balance the saddle: Balancing the saddle is essential, and the seat should be parallel with the ground when on the horse’s back.

Wither clearance: For normal withers, measure 2-3 fingers when fitting the saddle. However, for high-wither horses, the support is always less.

Gullet channel width: Fitting horse saddle should consider all aspects. Like normal wither horses, it ensures enough space to protect your horse’s spine and overall performance.

Complete panel contact: Different saddles have varying designs and shapes. However, it ensures that the panel is evenly touching the horse. Also, for high withered horses, it provides there is more space to ensure horse-free movement.

Billet Alignment: Besides the complete panel contact, the next thing is billet alignment. Avoid tilted or angled billets, and always ensure they are perpendicular to the ground. 

Saddle Length: The length of a saddle is essential. However, the weight should be in the center of the seat. The weight should be off the shoulder and loin. This gives your horse the ability to offer the best performance.

Saddle treewidth: After checking other features, don’t forget saddle treewidth. It should offer ample space for smooth horse movement. Primarily, the saddle should facilitate balanced movement, whether walking or racing.

Final Verdict on Best Saddle For High Withered Horses

Offering the best saddle for high withered horses is important to go for the premium ones. With affordable sheets available, there is no more furnishing your horse with the wrong saddle. 

Having one of these reviewed saddles guarantees the comfort and safety of your horse.