Top 10 Best Dressage Saddle For Wide Horses in 2022

A dressage saddle is mandatory to match Western-style riding and be among the elite equestrians who invest hundreds of dollars in horse dressage.

Having a wide dressage saddle not only helps the rider perform amazing tricks, but it makes the ride more comfortable with minimal jumps and makes a great connection between rider and horse possible. The horse stays relaxed and comfortable with a good dressage saddle, and the rider remains centrally positioned.

The blog post will focus on the top 10 best dressage for wide horses in 2022.

Let’s start the article now.

You might have some difficulty while looking for a good wide saddle, but we have made well-tested and top-ranked wide saddles for you.

Editor Pick best dressage saddles for wide horses

Top 10 Best Dressage Saddle For Wide Horses Reviews

Let’s start reviewing each of the saddles and find out which one’s best for you.

1 LeMieux ProSport Dressage Square Suede Saddle Pad

Suede Dressage Square Ice Blue Large

Horses love to have light clothes that will not give itchiness to their skin and make them comfortable. That’s why the quality of the saddle cloth is very important in selecting the right saddle.

For example, this LeMieux ProSport dressage saddle has unique clothing and will give the lightest wear to your horse, just like the finest silk from the industry.

Also, this saddle’s silk and cashmere appearance makes it very breathable and will keep the sweat out. But the saddle is very strong and durable and lasts for years if properly used.

  • Easy to wash
  • Dries faster
  • Very soft and shiny
  • Best for horses with sensitive skin
  • Breathable
  • Color variation not available

2 English Quilted Dressage Square Contoured Lightweight Trail Saddle Pad

CHALLENGER Horse English Quilted Dressage Square Contoured Lightweight Trail Saddle Pad 72TS30RB

If you prefer to have a wrinkle-free dressage saddle for your horse that will not get shrunk in one or two washes, we would love to consider this challenger horse trail saddle pad with blends of nylon in it.

With nylon blending, this saddle has a very lightweight, thin, but rugged appearance that is durable, stretchable, and lasts longer than the normal horse saddles.

This saddle has been made with great accuracy to fir the wide horse’s back that comfort and breathability are guaranteed.

However, the color complexion of the saddle is a problem for many people, as they might want different colored saddles for their horses.

  • Very durable
  • Nylon lining
  • Good for machine wash
  • Rugged and striped
  • Contoured design
  • Not too much color variation.

3 Breyer Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle

Breyer Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle - Black

Not every saddle is about the horses, but a wide and deep saddle is essential for people with good width and length.

The 3rd saddle from wide horses on our list is for the riders who have just started riding and want to be more stable and centralized on the horse with the most balanced condition.

Breyer Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle is a great saddle with an elegant design and has a deep seat for the rider, and it comforts the horse with its super-soft cloth.

It is also the number one saddle for the traditional Bayer horses and comes with a quilted saddle pad.

  • Great for the Beyer horse
  • It has an elegant design
  • Great durability
  • Restricted for Scale ratio (1:9)

4 Horse English Quilted Contoured Dressage Trail Saddle Pad

Professional Equine Horse English Quilted Contoured Dressage Trail Saddle Pad Blue-Grey 7295GY

For beginner riders, it is very important to have a dressage saddle that will minimize the jolts and jerks during the trail dressage riding.

The English quilted contoured saddle is an excellent option for the riders that are quite nervous with their first ride, as it’s a padded saddle that minimizes the vibrations and makes the rider and the horse comfortable.

The horse enjoys very smooth cotton and polyester that keeps it free of sweat and fits on it very perfectly. With a beautiful and elegant design, it’s still one of the most sold items.

  • Best for beginners
  • Great vibrations absorber
  • Fine cloth material for horse comfort
  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Don’t wash in the machine

5 ECP Correction Dressage Saddle Pad

ECP Equine Comfort Products Correction Dressage Saddle Pad with Memory Foam Pockets

Now, we all know that horses might grow and shrink due to different physical activities. Sometimes they get healthy, and the saddle might get tight, but this saddle we’re suggesting gets shaped according to the horse size.

With 4 Velcro pockets, your riding experience will be spiced up, and you can carry all the necessary stuff with you.

A memory foam pad is added within the dressage saddle that keeps the vibrations at a minimum, so riders with any level can peacefully ride on a horse.

  • Memory foams
  • It fits horses even when they grow
  • Great for beginners
  • Has multiple colors
  • Memory foam is unappealing

6 Newmind Dressage Saddle Pad for Horse Riding

No products found.

Now, we’ve many equestrians that love to buy random and unique dressage saddles for their horses to perform in shows, riding, jumping, and performance.

This Newmind dressage saddle is for riders who want to give their horses an elegant and powerful look.

The cotton-made saddle is great for absorbing all the vibrations effectively, and the unique webbing straps attached to the saddle make it very attractive.

Mainly two colors, blue and red, are the best colors we’ve seen till now are available for this saddle.

  • Ideal for jumping
  • Good for horseshoes
  • Great fitting
  • Breathable cotton material
  • Attractive design
  • Shock absorbent
  • Not good to wash, only hand wash

7 Deluxe Dressage NO Slip Saddle Pad

Success Equestrian Deluxe Dressage NO Slip Saddle Pad, Black, Large

Now, a great saddle for the horses with a premium quality material keeps the horse free of rashes or itchiness from riding, which is the successful equestrian deluxe dressage.

This saddle is great because it won’t let the rider slip from the horses and provide significant friction that keeps them mounted on the horse with an outstanding balance.

You can wash this horse saddle very easily, and the shock-absorbing quality of material maintains the horse’s motion freely.

  • Good and easy to wash
  • Shock absorbing
  • Cotton cloth
  • High Price

8 English Quilted Fleece Padded Dressage Saddle Pad with Pockets

CHALLENGER Horse English Quilted All-Purpose Saddle Pad Hot Pink w/Pockets 72123

For the female equestrians that love to ride on wide horses, here’s a saddle for you to fit properly to the horses and keep the ride comfortable.

Challenger horse padded dressage saddle is an amazing horse saddle with side pockets and a buckle that keeps all horse accessories in place without falling.

The nylon has always made a great impression with all types of saddles, and this unique saddle keeps the horse’s skin breathable and free of sweat. A great experience is guaranteed as it makes a great masterpiece at shows, jumping, and riding.

  • Best for ladies
  • Great for jumping and shows
  • It has two pockets on both sides
  • Choose the size wisely

9 Deluxe Dressage NO Slip Saddle Pad

Success Equestrian Deluxe Dressage NO Slip Saddle Pad, White, Large

Success equestrian deluxe dressage saddle might be a bit pricey for you, but it has all the essential things required to make an elegant and good saddle.

It’s made of three main components, mainly Nylon, PVC, and Polyester. These materials are very durable and let the horse saddle last for years if taken care of properly.

For many horses, there’s a sweat problem in summer, and that’s why we recommend using this saddle that will keep the sweat away from your horse by absorbing it.

Also, the great memory foam pads will minimize the vibration and keep the rider centrally located without getting imbalanced.

In short, this dressage saddle fulfills all the qualities of a deluxe saddle for premium horses, and the attractive black design is the hot-selling reason you should buy it.

Click here to get this amazing saddle with free returns if you don’t like it or have to change the ordered item.

  • Imported and elegant saddle
  • Has great endurance
  • Surge grip
  • Breathable
  • Freedom of horse movement
  • A bit pricey

10 Leather Dressage Horse Saddle With Seat – Our Pick

No products found.

Why don’t we recommend a treeless dressage saddle to you that will make an exception from all of the above-present saddles.

This saddle by SK corporation with the leather finish is one of the best dressage saddles for wide horses in 2022 you will ever have.

The leather straps on the saddle help you tightly close the saddle seat with your horse so it won’t get loose and make your horse very uncomfortable while riding.

Also, leather-padded saddles have great durability and maximum resistance, keeping them in the same conditions even after months of usage.

One of the prominent features of this saddle is the knee-roll that keeps the rider’s motion and position completely balanced on the horse.

We tested the saddle and must say that the leather texture was of good quality, and the manufacturers have put in great time and money to deliver one of the finest leather saddles to equine lovers.

That’s why we recommend buying this, as it is durable in all seasons.

  • Great for all seasons
  • Leather material is very good
  • Durable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Always test the size

Buying Guide : Best Dressage Saddle for Wide Horses

Selecting a dressage saddle that fits right on your horse’s back is an essential part of the process.

A saddle that settles properly on horseback allows you to lean comfortably without compromising stability, which means you have better control of the horse.

Best Dressage Saddle For Wide Horses

Dressage saddles should fit adequately to maintain the horse’s tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

We’ve chosen some important factors that you should look into before buying a good saddle for your horses. 

These are as follows:

  1. Selecting The Correct Size Of Dressage Saddle
  2. A perfectly integrated knee roll
  3. The Saddle Middle Be Lowest
  4. The span and twist of the saddle
  5. Saddle Material
  6. Leather VS Synthetic Materials

1. Choosing the Correct Size of Dressage Saddle

The first and the foremost factor that matters the most while buying a dressage saddle is the size. Knowing the size of your horse and saddle correctly will make it very easy to buy the saddle, and the question of the wrong size rules out.

Follow these instructions while deciding the size:

Tree widthThe treewidth is the width of the saddle’s front and the width of the seat panels. It should be spaced sufficiently wide on both sides of the wither, but not so much that it hangs down.
Tree angleThe tree angle is the inclination that is closest to the scapula or the shoulder blade. If you place your hand on the paneling, the tree angle should feel smooth.
Channel widthThe tunnel underneath the saddle’s fork should be wide enough to not interfere with the horse’s backbone. Unfortunately, there is no standardized metric for the ideal or perfect gullet size. In general, however, the gullet and withers should be spaced apart by 2-4 fingers.
Wither clearanceThe wither of the saddle should be spaced at about 2-3 fingers.
Length of panelSeats should be positioned so that the farthest end of the panel aligns with the horse’s last rib.
Contact panelEnsure that the saddle’s panels maintain uniform contact throughout the horse’s back. For the saddle to be effective, the flaps on each side must exert equal pressure all over the back.
Aligning the girth pointsThe girth points of your dressage saddle will be vertical with the ground when it has been fitted appropriately. Incorrectly placed saddles may slide backward or forward.
Saddle stabilityMake sure that the lighter side of the saddle has adequate wadding or filling to prevent slippage and imbalance. Excessive padding can interfere with your relationship with your horse and make it angry and uncomfortable.

2. An integrated knee-roll

Knee roll is one of the best features that must be offered in a saddle. A perfectly integrated knee roll must ensure that sufficient space is there to place your legs and easily move them without irritating the horse.

Check the following saddle on an excellent knee roll experience: SK Corporation Leather Dressage Horse Saddle

3. The saddle middle be the lowest

The middle of the saddle is also one of the greatest factors affecting a rider’s smooth and lean ride. Suppose if the saddle middle is not deep, you’ll eventually be jumping with vibrations from the horse.

So, we recommend using the following saddle: Breyer Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle – Black

4. The span and twist of the saddle

The saddle’s twist can be determined by the extent of your hips, as well as where the saddle’s twist will lie.

5. Saddle Material: Leather VS Synthetic Materials

Saddle materials come in a variety like cotton, nylon, PVC, and polyester.

All of these materials are good, but you must choose the more durable one and give the maximum comforts to your horse. 

We’ve compared all of these materials to tell which of these the best is.

MaterialCotton  Nylon  PVC  Polyester  Leather
SoftnessVery softSoftSomewhat softAlmost ruggedVery rugged
Machine WashYesYesYesNoNo
Horse Happy Factor70%80%70%70%85%
Rider PreferenceMoreAverageGoodConsiderableGood

What Is A Wide Tree Saddle?

It’s important to note the difference between a wide tree saddle, a medium tree, and a narrow tree saddle so that you won’t end up buying the wrong saddle for your horse.

Narrow Tree Saddles Medium Tree Saddles Wide Or Extra Wide Saddles
If there’s less than 3/4 of space on either side of your fist, the saddle is a narrow tree.  If there’s 1/2″ to 3/4″ of space on either side of your fist, the saddle is approximately a medium tree.  If there’s 0″ to 1/2″, then the tree is narrow; and if there’s more than 1″ of space on either side of your fist, the tree is wide or extra wide.  

How should the saddle fit the rider?

You need to make sure that the saddle fits you well and know how it should fit your horse. 

A good balance is essential for riding in a neutral, deep position. Dressage saddles should have these characteristics.

  1. The style of dressage saddle you choose depends mainly on your preference.
  2. Perhaps you would prefer a very deep seat with large knee blocks, or a shallower seat with smaller knee blocks would be more suitable.
  3. A narrow saddle might be more suitable for a narrower body shape, whereas a wider one may suit a wider one.
  4. For your leg to hang down naturally from your hip, the stirrup bars on the saddle should be located so they can comfortably accommodate that.
  5. An extra-long girth strap is necessary on a dressage saddle so that the buckles do not interfere with the rider’s leg contact with the horse’s barrel beneath the saddle flap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Verdict: Best Dressage Saddle for Wide Horses

The best dressage saddle for wide horses isn’t easy to find. A lot of effort is needed thus to make the perfect fit and sized saddle.

Above is the list of the best dressage saddle for wide horses in 2022, and we would love to recommend the 4th, 6th, and 1st saddle if you want to get the winning products.