10 Smallest Horses and Horse Breeds in The World 2022

Are you thinking of adopting a short horse? Today, people are crazy about owning miniature horses as they are used as therapeutic pets, show animals, etc. 

Little kids can ride on these small horses easily. Short coated and muscular, short horses are fascinating creatures known for their excellent olfactory sense and the power of hearing. 

This article totally highlights the smallest horse in the world and other small horse breeds. 

Which is the smallest horse in the world in 2022?

Well, Thumbelina is the smallest horse in the world so far. This dwarf miniature horse is from Saint Louis, Missouri. Do you know that the smallest stallion in the world is Einstein, and 14 inches tall dog is from New Hampshire? Neither of them is the smallest horse in the world in 2021. 

Smallest Horses and Horse Breeds in The World

Currently, a short horse named little Peabody is the smallest horse in the world. Bred in a luxurious lifestyle, the horse breed is pretty cordial and playful in nature. 

10 smallest horse breeds in the world 2022

1. Miniature Horse

Since the 17th century, people have come to know about Miniature horses. These endearing horses served the European royal families for several decades. These days, Miniature Horses are treated as companion animals. They are slightly outdoorsy and enjoy running free in an open green space. 

Do you know that the Miniature Horse refers to a group of tiny horses? Widely popular, miniature horses feature similar natural instincts just like standard large horses. These multi-purpose short horses are found in various patterns and colors. 

This gentle-natured horse can run pretty fast with children on its back. Not only this, but the miniature horses can also pull weights several times of theirs. So, in the mining industry, earlier, people used to use these miniature horses. 

2. Falabella

This elegant horse is around 28 to 34 inches tall. Recorded as one of the smallest horses in the world in 2021, Falabella features the proportion of a standard-sized horse. Falabella is breed in various parts of the world, such as Argentina, Spain, and the entire USA. 

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The breed came into the picture in the post-world war era. The horse breed is named after Juan Falabella, who is supposed to be one of the earliest breeders of this particular horse. 

To some extent, Falabella is similar to the Arab horses. This short horse features a thick little neck along with a relatively large head and strong muscles. You will find this special horse breed in three colors only such as bay, black and brown. If these Falabellas are properly trained, they can pull carts as well. 

3. Shetland Pony

Robust and powerful, Shetland Pony is an extraordinary short horse breed that has been around for several centuries. This Shetland Pony features small ears, wide and bright eyes, a small head, a thick neck, and so on. 

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Apart from their excellent physique, these miniature horses are pretty intelligent, brave, and loyal. The gentle-natured Shetland Pony makes a spirited animal, and it can be accommodated with any other animal.

Do you know that the Shetland Pony features the potential to carry the weight of an enormous amount? 

These horses are well-known as rides to children. But, people use them for farm work as well. Renowned for their distinctive spotted look, the Shetland ponies can live around 30 years easily.

4. Noma Pony 

Hailed from Japan, Noma Pony is truly one of the rarest horse breeds available on earth. The horse breed has been categorized under the group of endangered species. 

This is one of the eight of Japan’s native horse breeds. These Noma Ponies can attain a height up to 40 inches easily. 

Due to its low breeding, the horse breed was about to be extinct. So, since 1978, a group of horse lovers has been working for the re-emergence of this breed. Due to its status as an endangered creature, all the Noma Ponies live peacefully in their Noma highland reserves. People can visit these small horses any time in those reserves. 

The Noma Pony features relatively thin legs along with tough hooves and a nicely coated cylindrical body. The horse features remarkable strength, although it has a very small physique. 

5. Guoxia

Guoxia is a native Chinese horse breed that is incredibly small in size. It is widely believed that the horse breed has been found in China for more than a thousand years. Found in the rocky environment of China, the Guoxia is an obedient yet cute horse breed. It helps farmers in collecting fruits and carrying heavy fruit baskets. 

The Guoxia horses can be around 40 inches high. It might not be the smallest horse in the world, but Guoxia is the smallest native horse breed in China. They feature a short neck along with a tiny head and small ears. The Guoxia horses are available in various coat colors such as gray, bay, roan, etc. 

6. Norwegian Fjord

As the name suggests, the horse breed took birth in the European country of Norway. The Norwegian Fjord features only dun coats. These muscular horses can be as high as 14 hands. Here, you should know that the Norwegian Fjord can run as fast as regular standard-sized horses. 

This distinctive horse comes in handy while you work on the farm. The Norwegian Fjords are used as therapy animals in various parts of the world. They feature a gentle yet calm temperament. The full-grown Norwegian Fjords are capable of carrying heavy loads. 

Last but not least, as a horse lover, you deserve to know that Norwegian Fjord is a native breed of Norway, and it is truly one of the smallest horses found in the world. 

7. Virginia Highlander

Quite popular in the United States of America, the Virginia Highlander emerged as a separate horse breed in 1960. This extraordinary horse breed is as tall as Norwegian Fjord. It can be 13 hands high on average. 

But, it is way friendlier than the previously discussed horse breed. The Virginia Highlander is a pretty calm and soft-natured horse. It gets along with kids pretty quickly. Though the horse breed has been prevalent for several years, its registration as a breed was done at the end of the 20th century. 

8. Lokai

This special horse breed originated in the Asian country of Tajikistan. Like a draft horse, the Lokai is used mainly for riding and carrying packs. Like previously mentioned short horses, the Lokai is around 14 hands tall. This beautiful horse features a slightly curly coat, a long delicate neck, short back, etc. 

We can say that the horse breed is pretty well-formed and muscular. The ancient Lokai horses are hardly found anywhere these days. Today, to breed Lokai, the breeders are crossing thoroughbred and Arabian horses. The result is a gentle short horse that looks slightly different from traditional Lokai horses. These Lokai horses are generally grey, black, or dun.  

9. Faroe Pony

The Faroe pony originated in Faroe Island; that is why it is named “Faroe Pony.” Such horses are pretty small in height. They look like Icelandic horses to some extent. But, the Faroe Pony feature more strength and stamina. 

It is believed that the first Irish Monks domesticated these Faroe Ponies. These rough and tough Faroe ponies can live a long life. These headstrong horses adapt to harsh weather pretty fast. These excellent horse breeds are full of patience. The Faroe Pony came back from the verge of extinction in 1960. /h4

10. Giara

The Giara horses are generally found in the Sardinia Island of Italy. Spirited and headstrong Giara horses are a little smaller than the horse breeds we have discussed earlier. They feature thick manes all over their body. The Giara of these days is breeds crossing Arabian horses with Gaias.

The Giara horses are wonderful as show animals. It takes part in several agility sports and come home with flying colors. Now, 700 Giara horses are living in this world. The horse breeders are trying their best to enhance the population of these Giara horses. 

How to maintain small horses?

It would be best if you took care of your small horses. Arrange for its food, wash it now and then, and let it run free regularly. You should arrange hay, grass, or other food for your short horse to keep it full. 

You must set up a stable for your horse to live in. Most importantly, your horse is outdoorsy and is born to run, so provide it an open space where it can run to its heart’s content. 

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