10 Natural Fly Spray For Horses Reviews in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Horses are the prime victims of Fly infection as 40-50% of horses die who don’t get a fly spray.

Fly spray horses come in various types; you either need a fly killer or a fly repellent, depending on the area you’re living in where flies are present. Synthetic fly sprays contain active ingredients that effectively kill flies near your horse, whereas homemade fly sprays are also common.

The blog post will mainly focus on “natural fly spray for horses reviews” their use, and effect.

Editor Pick Natural fly spray for horses

A natural fly spray protects your horse from many infectious flies with viruses on them as a mutualistic relation.

The above are the ten best natural fly sprays for horses we’ve tested and believe that will be worth the money.

10 Natural fly spray for horses reviews

1 PetSilver Wound Spray with Chelated Silver – Our Pick

PetSilver Wound & Skin Spray with Chelated Silver - NOT Colloidal, Allergy Relief for Dogs Itching, Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs, Cat and Dog Wound Care, Natural Skin Soother for Dogs, USA, 4 fl. oz.

Petsilver wound spray is one of the best sprays for the fly sprays and the ticks and the post-wounds that affect a horse in any way.

Because of the presence of chelated silvers, it effectively absorbs the dry skin and irritated areas with a reddish appearance and wound due to fly bites.

The chelated silver wound spray comes in a spray bottle to make it easy to spray on the horse’s skin, and also the bottle is tampered with tightly to protect any external air mixture.

  • Chelated silver and water mixture
  • Decreases the wounds and swelling
  • Have to use for a longer period to see results

2 Wondercide – Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Spray

Wondercide - Flea, Tick & Mosquito Spray for Dogs, Cats, and Home - Flea and Tick Killer, Control, Prevention, Treatment - with Natural Essential Oils - Pet and Family Safe - Cedarwood 128 oz

Wondercide formula is our 2nd best choice for your horses living in the areas where flies and ticks affect the horses with maximum damage.

The chemical ingredients present in Wondercide Spray kill the ticks and inhibit the life cycle of other ticks, larvae, and eggs that may grow in the future.

Some of the sprays present in the market may swell or react with the infection site and get the wounds aggressive, but this Spray will be safe to use and is the trust of several people.

The Spray is useable in the entire house, including carpets and floor acting as a surface protector against many germs.

  • Cedar scent for a powerful fragrance
  • Effectively controls the flies and ticks growth
  • Not suitable for horses with allergies

3 Wondercide – Flea and Tick Spray with Natural Essential Oils

Wondercide - Flea and Tick Spray Concentrate for Yard and Garden with Natural Essential Oils – Kill, Control, Prevent, Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes and Insects - Safe Around Pets, Plants, Kids - 16 oz

The newest Wondercide Spray makes the 3rd place on our list, and it’s not just a spray with cedarwood fragrance but has essential oils to make the surface of horse skin very smooth and moisturized.

The right way to use it is by mixing it with water and then putting that mixture into a spray bottle.

We can easily spray horses and stables with this essential oil spray, and the lawns are also very likely to produce ticks, so spray the Wondercide Spray there, too.

Sesame oil and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate make up to 50% of this Spray, and these are generally the essential things required to prevent any ticks and infections.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Kills and repels ticks
  • Used on lawns
  • Safe for all animals, including equines
  • May irritate if gets in contact with eyes.

4 UltraCruz Equine Natural Fly and Tick Spray for Horses

No products found.

The next product on our list for the best fly spray horses in 2021 is the ultracruz equine Spray which comes in a 1-gallon bottle.

The best part about the Spray is that it’s all-natural and doesn’t have any chemical ingredients that may irritate the horse’s skin.

The two main ingredients present in this Spray are the peppermint that reduces the inflammation if the tick bites are there, and the second one is the clove, which repels the flies and ticks away from your horses.

  • Good smell
  • Have natural ingredients
  • Fights with ticks effectively
  • It kills the ticks and bugs
  • The oily product should be used after mixing with water.

5 All-Natural Fly Spray for Horses & Dogs Spray Bottle

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Still, tails are a renowned name in the fly spray for horses that are very pet friendly and easy to use with horses.

The inert ingredients in this fly spray for horses will make your horse’s skin calm and soothing without making the horse sick.

One of the best features of this Spray is it works for more than 6 hours, and you can apply it at night for extra protection against the diseases.

All the ingredients are natural and are also considered to be safe for humans.

  • DEET-free
  • Built-in Spray for bugs and ticks
  • Apply and rinse
  • Easy administration
  • Cheap and effective
  • Don’t rub it on your horse; only spray it.

6 Calm Coat Natural Fly Spray for Dogs Cats and Horses

Calm Coat Natural Fly Spray for Dogs Cats and Horses 32 oz

If you want to have a spray that will go on easy with your horse’s sensitive coat, then we have an excellent spray for you.

Calm coat natural fly spray is a great formula that contains all botanical ingredients such as citronella to soothe the skin and repel the bad bugs and ticks.

The Spray is easy to apply and works best when applied from 12-14 inches in length. As consumers have reported, one drawback is that it’s not very long-lasting, so you have to use it every 3- 4 hours.


      7 Natural Lavender Fly Spray for Horses Repellent

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      Many horse breeds have a condition that causes allergy when anything synthetic is applied to a horse’s skin.

      Natural lavender fly spray from dream farms has ruled out all these possible concerns from the horse owners, and they have mainly used these two natural chemicals to make your horse’s coat good:

      • Lavender
      • Eucalyptus Citriodora Rosemary

      The essential spray oil is made only for external use and should not contact the eyes or be ingested.

      • Water-based Spray
      • Has essential oils
      • Lavender fresh smell
      • Easy apply
      • Follow cautions for external use only

      8 UltraCruz Equine Natural Fly and Tick Spray for Horses

      No products found.

      The 8th product on our list for the best natural fly spray for horses in 2022 is the Ultracruz equine tick spray that gives the horses a sigh of relief from the deadly infections that spread viral diseases.

      We’ve tested this Spray with five horses, and the results were amazing that none of them have any allergies or rashes after applying this.

      It works better than homemade recipes, as it has all the pure and natural ingredients that directly repel and kill the ticks and flies.

      • Better than homemade recipes
      • Ideal before pasture turnout
      • Ideally, remove the flies
      • Repels the bad bugs
      • Applicable on laws as well
      • Very short apply time.

      9 Bronco E Equine Fly Spray Plus Citronella Scent

      Bronco E Equine Fly Spray Plus Citronella Scent, 32 fl oz; Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter, Long Hair Breeds, 8.4 lbs (2)

      Bronco E equine fly spray is one of the essential sprays that kills and keeps the flies away from your horse.

      We would love to recommend this Spray for all types of horses, as it contains the special citronella scent that keeps the horses amused with the non-greasy Spray.

      The applying time for this horse spray is up to 6 hours, and, ideally, you apply it before going out in the forest.

      • Best horse fly spray
      • Good for coats
      • Rub and wipe
      • Spray directly on horses
      • It can be sprayed around the horse vicinity
      • Don’t use on horses under three months
      • Don’t use near the kitchen surfaces

      10 Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent

      Pyranha 001ZEROG 068263 Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent, 1 Gallon; Safe To Use On Horse and Pets; Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative To Traditional Fly Sprays and Wipe; Made with Natural Ingredients, Green

      If you don’t want to apply the fly horse sprays with water mixing, we would love to suggest our favorite piranha insect repellent for horses and dogs that keeps away all the potentially dangerous ticks and bugs.

      It works best without any water and has a pleasant, sweet smell that keeps the horse surrounding fresh.

      • Works with bugs as well
      • It doesn’t require water mixing
      • Long-lasting
      • Use it on your farm
      • The scent is very strong, might irritate the horse.

      What is the best natural fly spray for horses?

      The best horse fly we would like to suggest is the:

      No products found.

      We love to recommend these amazing fly spray horses because it doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals that irritate horses and is better than homemade recipes. 

      The essential oils in the Spray made an aesthetic fragrance that amuses horses.

      How does Fly Spray work For Your Horses?

      There are several kinds of horse spray for each type of flies. Many affect more than one type. 

      Some kill the flies, some repel them, and others interrupt their breeding cycle and prevent reproducing.

      The best fly spray will combine one or more of those actions.

      Working Mechanism of Fly Spray in Horses

      Kill The FliesRepel The FliesGrowth and Reproduction
      Insecticides in the sprays mainly act to kill the flies and bugsThese sprays don’t kill the flies but irritate them to fly awaySome sprays don’t mean to kill the flies or bugs larva actually, but they only inhibit further growth, so they interrupt their life cycle
      It needs the Bugs and Flies to be on horsesFlies from a distance run awayFlies have to be present on the horses.
      More EffectiveLess effectiveModerately Effective

      Kill the Flies

      An insecticide is a spray that kills flies. According to the active ingredients, some of them can also repel flies, gnats, and insects. Despite this, they primarily kill bugs.

      Therefore, the fly must land on the horse before the insecticide takes effect.

      Repel the Flies

      Fly repellents are sprays that keep flies away. A repellent emits an odor that flies dislike or finds repulsive instead of killing them. When they smell it, they return.

      Flies are not 100% resistant to repellents, so there will always be a certain percentage of fly species that ignore them and attack your horses anyway.

      Inhibit the Growth

      Some sprays don’t mean to kill the flies or bugs larva actually, but they only inhibit further growth, so they interrupt their life cycle.

      How to Use a Fly Spray for Horses?

      Using a spray for horses is not that difficult, and most of the time, the guidelines are quite clear for use.

      There are three main ways that horse fly sprays are used:

      Sprayed from a distance Maintain an ideal distance of 10 -15 inches and spray
      Wiped on the coatUse a cloth and wipe the oil spray on your horse
      Rubbed on the horse completelyRubbing the Spray when too many flies are around

      Natural Fly Spray For Horses Buying Guides

      Despite having a list of natural fly spray for horses, you need to be precise while using the Spray. That’s why we’ve made a complete buying guide for you.

      Natural Fly Spray For Horses Reviews

      There are the following factors that will decide that what type of fly horse spray you want:

      1. Your Horse’s Needs
      2. Types of Spray
      3. Active Ingredients
      4. Other Fly Repellent Strategies
      5. Water Versus Oil
      6. Check the Percentages

      1. Your Horse’s Needs

      When selecting a fly spray for your horse, you may need to be extra careful if your horse has health issues, open wounds, or simply sensitive skin.

      Always consult a veterinarian if you have any concerns or notice an adverse reaction. You should test a new spray on a small patch of skin first to determine how it will affect your horse.

      2. Types of Spray

      Although they might include a baffling array of different names and titles, we can break horse spray into two basic types: fly killers and fly repellents.

      Types of Sprays

      Fly Killers(i) According to the name, this Spray is intended to kill all flies that come in contact with it.
      (ii) Typically, this type of Spray is chemical-based, as the toxins in chemicals kill the insects.
      (iii) Certain types of Spray may also kill flies by spraying them on the surface.
      (iv) These are applied to walls and floors to kill flies.
      (v) It is possible to make fly killers completely effective, at least for a short time after the Spray is applied.
      Fly Repellents(i) A repellent spray has the effect of putting off flies, not killing them.
      (ii) Flies will be put off landing and settling due to the scent of the Spray.
      (iii) A spray of this type is never 100% effective, as some flies will ignore it and still land on your horse to feed.
      Combination Sprays(i) we can combine repellents and killers in some sprays.
      (ii) This will kill flies already on the horse.
      (iii) The Spray will also last longer, which will discourage other flies from landing in the future.
      (iv) To effectively kill flies, these are usually infused with chemicals and toxins.

       3. Active Ingredients

      There are different active ingredients in fly sprays, and some may not be suitable for certain horses (such as lactating mares or foals).

      Be sure to read the directions and check the ingredients before spraying to avoid harming your horse.

      4. Other Fly Repellent Strategies

      Following strategies are also very good while fighting against the flies in your horse’s surroundings:

      • Make sure you don’t rely on fly spray alone!
      • Ensure that you examine the property as a whole and make improvements.
      • We can clean your horse’s living quarters more regularly, or we can relocate the manure pile.
      • By doing this, you can reduce the number of flies swarming and may not need to use any spray.

      5. Water versus Oil

      Some fly sprays are water-based, while others are oil-based. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

      Water-Based Fly SprayOil-Based Fly Spray
      Sprays with oil bases seem to work faster since they suffocate or drown insects.  On the other hand, water-based sprays do not attract dirt or dust, keeping your horse cleaner.  
      In addition to sticking to the coat, it can also attract dust, so to keep your horse’s coat shiny, regular grooming is recommended.Many of these products contain ingredients that can stay on the horse’s coat even if it rains.  

      We have included both an oil-based and a water-based fly spray recipe in my homemade fly spray for horses, depending on your personal preference.

      6. Check the Percentages

      Fly spray should contain the right amount of ingredients. Different brands have different amounts of active ingredients.

      Higher amounts are probably more effective (but cost more). As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

      Homemade DIY Natural Fly Spray for Horses

      If you’re not planning to buy a fly spray for horses, we recommend that you make one for yourself! We have included these DIY natural fly sprays for horses that you might like.

      1. Water-Based recipe For Fly Spray

      For a Water-Based Spray, follow the recipe:

      • 1 cup water.
      • Two cups apple cider vinegar.
      • One cup Avon Skin So Soft bath oil.
      • One tablespoon citronella oil.
      • One tablespoon eucalyptus oil.

      2. Garlic and Vinegar

      Horse owners often repel insects from the inside out. It is believed that garlic can help control flies.

      A University of Guelph study found that excessive feeding of garlic is harmful to horses, and there is still debate over whether garlic is safe for horses.

      It is generally believed to be safe to feed a small amount of this to most people, as it can help repel face and body flies.

      Fly sprays and fly feeds often contain cider vinegar, which is also a common ingredient. By adding vinegar to the horse’s feed, biting insects are less attracted to them.

      We can add cider vinegar to your horse’s feed or drinking water, and we can combine it with garlic crushed or powdered if desired.

      3. Mineral Oil Recipe

      For face flies, make this oil-based Spray. As with a water-based spray, mix the ingredients in a spray bottle, and wet a cloth with the mixture to apply it to your horse’s face.

      Be careful not to use this Spray before a show because it attracts dust.

      Ingredients for Making Mineral Oil Recipes :

      • 2 cups of light mineral oil
      • 1/2 cup lemon juice
      • Two teaspoon citronella oil
      • Two teaspoons eucalyptus oil
      • Two teaspoons lemon dish detergent
      • 1/2 cup glycerine (optional)

      To make a non-oily fly spray, mix seven parts water and 1 part citronella. For the most effective fly control, mix four parts of water with one part of citronella.

      What essential oils keep horseflies away?

      Following are the essential oils that keep the flies away, and these are also part of all the products discussed above.

      • Citronella
      • Eucalyptus
      • Lemon Grass
      • Peppermint
      • Cedarwood
      • Lavender
      • Tea Tree

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Final Verdict: Natural fly spray for horses reviews

      Natural fly spray for horses is the product used to protect your horse against many disease-causing infectious flies, and bugs, ticks, etc.

      Water-based and oil-based sprays are both great, but we would recommend going for a water-based spray.

      The 4th and 7th picks on the list are great for every season, and we would say go back and recheck them on amazon.

      That was all about the natural fly spray for horses reviews. Feel free to comment your thoughts below.