10 Best Fly Spray for Horses in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Insects like flies, gnats, and others are a nuisance to many animals. Dealing with these insects can be agonizing, especially without using insecticides. Horse sprays are some of the best ways to keep flies and other insects at bay. Therefore, your animal can enjoy peaceful moments always.

Apart from keeping horse insects free, some of the products come with additional benefits. Some have conditioners, sunscreen, and other essential components to keep horse skin radiant.

We have the top-ranked and professionally picked products if you are looking to get the best fly spray for horses. They are tested and proven to be effective and long-lasting.

Our Pick Best Fly Spray for Horses

10 Best Fly Spray for Horses in 2022 – Reviews

1 Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Horse Spray – fly spray for horses that really works

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Horse Fly Spray, Kills, Repels, Protects, 32 Ounces, Quart Spray

Keeping flies away from your horse should be a priority for great peace of mind. But, a lasting spray like Farnam Endure is needed to achieve great results.

The formulation of this product features safe and approved content. With active ingredients being cypermethrin, pyrethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Butoxy polypropylene Glycol, it keeps insects away from the animal. Besides, the contents are designed to be safe, ensuring it works with all horse breeds of any age.

Amazingly, there are no limitations when it comes to weather. Farnam Endure can work in different conditions like damp, wet, dry, and humid without getting washed off.

The Repelock conditioner helps the spray attach perfectly to the hair strand for a long. This gives the spray ability to stick for 14 days. Long-lasting protection helps to keep away flies, gnats, deer ticks, and other dangerous exo-parasites.

  • Kills and repel deer ticks
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Easy to use pump spray
  • Suitable for other livestock
  • A bit pricy

2 Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide Spray for Animals

Absorbine UltraShield EX 128oz Insecticide, Kills & Repels Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Lice, Use on Horses, Dogs, Premises

Are pests and other insects a menace to your animals? The lasting solution is to get a long-lasting insecticide that is safe and effective. Asborbine UltraShield is a multipurpose insecticide that works with farm animals like horses and dogs.

Tackling a broad category of insects, your animals can relax while enjoying perfect peace of mind. With the ability to resist and fill over 70 species of insects, there is no chance of insect bites and other effects.

The formulation technology and ingredients are long lasing offering protection for over 17 days. This is due to ultrasound technology that ensures no weather effects on the spray. The addition of sunscreen and conditioner helps to provide the best performance without affecting animal’s comfort.

  • Weatherproof formulation
  • Protection against many insects
  • Simple to apply
  • It doesn’t come with hand spray

3 ECOVET Horse Fly Spray Insecticide

Ecovet Horse Fly Spray Repellent/Insecticide (Made with Food Grade Fatty acids), 18 oz

Choosing the suitable insecticide for your animal is essential to balance health and protection. ECOVET horse insecticide is a unique product that offers fantastic benefits. The formulation features food-grade fatty acids, which are a substitute for toxic chemicals.

Despite containing non-toxic compounds, the spray is super effective against flies. It repels and protects horses from blood-sucking flies. Besides, the application of this product is super safe for animals and humans.

Applying Ecovet to horses helps in protection not only from flies but other insects like ticks and mosquitoes.

Uniquely, the formulation is effective in treating persistent hypersensitivity due to midge bites. Therefore, a continuous application enables improvement in skin health.

Unlike other sprays, this comes ready to use without the need to dilute. Also, the spray bottle makes it easy to apply everywhere.

  • Safe to animals
  • Clinically tested results
  • Free from resistance by insects
  • Soft hand spray
  • Intense smell

4 Pyranha Wipe N Spray for Horses

Pyranha 791738114526 Wipe N Spray 32OZ, Yellow

A good insecticide spray is vital in maintaining animal health. Pyranha Wipe N Spray insecticide offers exceptionally reliable effects. 

It’s a ready-to-use spray that enables use everywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, the product is always ready for application.

Not only does this spray repels insects, but, offers more health benefits. With scented formulation, it also contains lanolin which is a coat conditioner. The good thing is application is anytime and any weather. Whether it’s summer or winter, the spray is super reliable.

The unique formulation for horses means it works perfectly to keep flies, fleas, ticks, and other insects away. Besides, the presence of a conditioner ensures the spray gives the coat a smooth and shiny sheen. 

Therefore, it makes it easy to brush your horse without the need for an extra coat conditioner.

  • Integrated coat conditioner
  • Ready to use pyrethrin formula spray
  • Ergonomic spray bottle
  • Not long-lasting like rivals

5 Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray with Sunscreen and Conditioner

Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray | Fly Repellent with Aloe, Sunscreen, and Coat Conditioners | Promotes a Healthy Coat and Protection from the Sun | 1 Gallon Concentrate

Espree horse spray is one of the best insecticides, which contains outstanding performance. Besides being an insecticide, the product does more than that. With repellant, it also has sunscreen, conditioner, and Aloe extracts.

The presence of aloe Vera extracts and botanical oils helps to keep horse skin healthy. Also, they are effective in repelling flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects, hence keeping your animal relaxed.

Unlike other insecticides, which have strong smells, this has an appealing scent. 

Combining aloe, peppermint, citronella, and cedarwood oil mean it’s ideal for most horses without hypersensitivity.

Apart from the insects’ protection, sunscreen helps protect skin from harmful UV rays. Thus, when using your horse during summer, there is no risk of damage by intense sunlight.

  • Safe herbal formulation
  • Ideal for horses with sensitive skins
  • Irritation free applications
  • Great value for money
  • Requires frequent application

6 Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent

Pyranha 001ZEROG 068263 Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent, 1 Gallon; Safe To Use On Horse and Pets; Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative To Traditional Fly Sprays and Wipe; Made with Natural Ingredients, Green

Have you ever tried natural horse fly repellant? You are about to when you get Pyrahna Zero-Bite insecticide. The product is formulated by professionals and tested many times to ensure safety and efficiency.

The spray contains Geranio, clove oil, peppermint oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, water, and glycerin. They are natural and effective against a wide range of insects nuisance to horses and other farm animals.

With broad-spectrum action, it can repel and kill flies, ticks, deer flies, and mosquitos. Therefore, once applied, your horse enjoys extended protection.

Apart from great action, the smell is soft and doesn’t cause suffocation. Also, the natural formulation ensures no irritations to animal skins.

  • Large quantity 1-gallon container
  • Safe to users, animals, and the environment
  • Ideal for most farm animals
  • Foams a lot

7 Happy Horse Sweat and Weather Resistant Fly Spray

Happy Horse Fly Spray, 14-Day Sweat and Weather Resistant Long Lasting Fly Spray, 32oz

Keep your horse happy by getting this Happy Horse insect spray that works wonders. The carefully formulated product offers long-lasting protection to horses.

Containing 1% cypermethrin, it’s effective against most insects that cause disturbances to horses. Also, with long-lasting effects, it can last for 14 days of repelling ability.

Apart from the protection, the spray has ingredients that are resistant to sweat and weather resistant. Even when the horse is outdoors, the insecticide never gets washed by rain or sweat.

Once you apply this spray, it has efficiency against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other common insects.

The formulation features the latest technology, which ensures it’s non-greasy. Also, the sweet scent means you can enjoy riding a horse without unpleasant smells.

  • Pleasantly scented formulation
  • Non-greasy ingredients
  • Weather and sweat resistant
  • Last shorter than indicated

8 Animal Legends Flicks Essential Oil Horse Spray

Animal Legends Miracle Care Flicks Essential Oil Horse Spray, 32oz (5059)

Are flies and other insects becoming a nuisance to your horse? Get this Animal Legend horse spray and solve this at once. Specifically formulated for horses, it blends well with any breed and age without causing reactions.

The active ingredients are super safe to ensure there is no harm to horses and users. Containing lanolin and other essential oils, they are safe and keep skin superb. The conditioning ability leaves the horse coat shiny and looking great. Therefore, once applied, you don’t need to get extra conditioners or shampoos.

Unlike other insecticides with toxic chemicals, this is biodegradable. Thus, once applied, it breakdown rapidly to protect the environment. The concentrated formulation is easy to dilute and spray.

  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Incorporated coat conditioner
  • Great for improving skin condition
  • Not easy to use on the face

9 UltraCruz Equine Natural Fly Tick Spray for Horse

No products found.

UltraCruz Equine’s natural horse insecticide helps to eliminate parasites and keep the coat looking great. The naturally formulated product allows for a great experience without causing discomfort.

Featuring a variety of natural extract oils, they are long-lasting, safe, and eco-friendly. Besides, the insecticide has a mild smell which means no discomfort when applying.

Whether you want to use it in young or old horses, it’s ideal for use in all stages of life.

Application is easy, and it’s safe, which means no irritations when applied. The skin-friendly ingredients also help in maintaining health and keeping the coat smooth.

  • Works efficiently
  • Smells good when applying
  • Repels different types of insects
  • No spraying pump

10 NaturVet Natural Horse Spray with Herbal Fragrance

NaturVet Natural Horse Spray Repellant – For Horses Coat, Legs, Shoulders & Neck – Includes Citronella, Rosemary, Cedar Oils – Herbal Fragrance for Horses – 32 Oz.

NaturVet natural horse insecticide is one of a kind in formulation and performance. The easy-to-use spray has all-natural ingredients, which increases its usability even in horses with hypersensitivity.

Unlike other sprays that are only restricted to some body parts, this is ideal for the whole body. It’s suitable for shoulders, face, legs, and other parts.

Since the insecticide has a veterinarian formulation, you can be sure it brings all the safety and benefits. Also, the sweet-smelling herbal fragrance eliminates the tradition of unpleasant-smelling horse sprays.

The spray is available in ready-to-use or dilute-to-use formats. Regardless of form, the spray is super safe for users and horses.

  • Pleasant herbal fragrance
  • Safe veterinarian formulation
  • Effective natural extracts
  • Requires regular spraying

What is the best horse fly spray that actually works?

From our listing above, we can confidently recommend Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Horse Spray. The insecticide is effective against various parasites and also offers benefits to horse skin. We can say it’s among the best fly spray for horses you can get by all aspects.

Fly Spray for Horses Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a horse spray, there is no need to have a headache. These are the vital qualities to check before settling on your target product.

1. Active Ingredients 

Active ingredients are a significant and vital aspect that everyone looks at when buying any insecticide. Since the goal is to keep insects away from your animal, ensuring the ingredients are effective is crucial.

There are natural and synthetic ingredients that are common in most sprays. Ideally, natural ones are ideal since they have little or no effects on the animal.

However, there are synthetic ones that are safe and approved for use in horses.

Precisely, regardless of ingredients, ensure they are approved for use in horses. Also, check their efficiency on different insects.

2. Durability 

Once you apply the spray, it should be able to offer protection for a specific time. Different sprays have varying lasting duration. For some, they can protect for a day, while others can last for weeks.

The available horse sprays with the most extended protection are about 17 days. However, due to environmental factors, the duration shortens, requiring reapplication after a few days to improve protection.

3. Ease of Application 

Although they are sprays, ease of application matters a lot. Some of the products are for use in specific areas like the shoulders, legs, and back. However, others are for use in the whole body.

Some of the sprays are safe to use in the face, while others are not. This affects how easy you can apply without causing issues. Always look for an insecticide that is easy and safe to use with minimal special conditions.

4. Additional Benefits 

The primary reason for horse insecticides is to keep away insects. However, good products offer additional benefits.

Some of the professionally formulated sprays have essential oil, conditioners, and other ingredients for conditioning skins. Therefore, apart from keeping horse flies free, they also keep coat and skin healthy.

How to Apply Horse Fly Spray

Applying horse fly spray can be seen as an easy task. However, if you don’t do it the right way, it might not be as effective as you want. 

Here are highlighted steps to apply correctly.

  • Desensitize your horse if necessary
  • Read manufacturers instructions before application
  • Clean your horse before applying spray
  • Use the appropriate amount of spray all the times
  • Start spreading the spray from the legs
  • Avoid spraying on sensitive and delicate areas
  • Brush the insecticide into the coat after application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Verdict

Having the best fly spray for horses is excellent for the well-being of your animal. They are good since your horse enjoys superb protection from discomforts and diseases transmission. With these reviewed sprays, you can now give your horse outstanding protection without struggles.

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