The 8 Best Horse Riding Gloves For Summer And Winter In 2022

Protecting the hands while riding a horse is crucial, and it becomes even necessary when people are just beginners.

The best horse riding gloves for summer and winter will make you go easy while holding the reigns, and it is very beneficial to have a firm grip while fast riding. It also minimizes the chances of accidental fall when reigns are very tight in winter.

This blog post will discuss the best horse riding gloves for summer and winter. Let’s start the article without wasting any time.

Benefits Of Wearing Horse Riding Gloves

Many people ask me: “Should I wear horse riding gloves?” nicely, wearing horse riding gloves will make the ride and the hands very safe.

Wearing horse riding gloves makes it easier to control the horse by having an excellent grip and protecting hands from pulling reigns.

Best Horse Riding Gloves For Summer And Winter

In case you are thinking, what do horse riding gloves do? There are several benefits of wearing riding gloves which are:

  • Prevent reigns chafing
  • Protection from cold and hot weather
  • Helps easy and firm grips over reigns
  • Easily control the horse
  • Best for beginners from getting chafed hands
  • Gloves keep hands warm and blood flowing to have more energy.

Gloves are also handy when an equestrian is washing his horse or grooming it in any way. I also carry gloves with me when I have to ride a horse in hot or cold seasons.

Let’s talk about the best horse riding gloves a person can use in summer and winter. I will discuss the best ones that anyone would love!

Top 4 Best Horse Riding Gloves For Summer

Top 4 Horse Riding Gloves For Summer Reviews

1 Heritage Pro-Flow Gloves For Summer – Best Overall

Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Gloves, Size 6, Black

The heritage pro-flow gloves make the top place in the summer gloves in the list. The pair of gloves comes with a stretchable panel, making it easier for anyone with big or small hands to wear it.

The nylon threading along the fingers is very soothing for a comfortable fit. You won’t find such a reign-cut design which makes holding reigns easier.

The gloves are stitched two times, so long-term usage is promised. The index finger is used frequently in pulling the reigns, and that’s why the gloves are coated with extra leather on the index finger.

The gloves are very lightweight, making it easier for anyone to put on gloves in hot weather without getting your hands sweaty and making the fabric breathable.

  • Stretchable
  • Nylon-made
  • Leather index finger
  • Light-weight
  • Double-stitched
  • Reign-cut design
  • Wash before using; the dye might affect the hands
  • Please don’t use it for prolonged rides

Why We Recommend

The Heritage Pro-Flow Gloves For Summer is the best horse gloves you will find for the horse ride in the summer, and get an easy grip over the reins.

2 Roeckl Riding Gloves – Washable Stuff

Roeckl Riding Gloves Madrid, Black-Gold, 6.5

The second gloves on the list with Drytec G5 embedded in the layers are the Roeckl riding gloves with highly stretchable fabric, making them tactile and graspable.

With a special wrist fastener given in the gloves, the riding experience gets improved when they are tightly wounded against the wrist. The backside mesh (CX4000) is always there to keep the hands cooler than any gloves do.

The fabric is made to keep the phone usage on-stop without putting off and on the gloves periodically.

The elegant design portrays silver and golden mesh, appealing and attractive while riding and competing in games.

Washing and cleaning the gloves is relatively simple, and a simple machine is enough to wash them at only 86 degrees F.

One can easily maintain their gloves for an extended period if they take care of them and properly use it.

  • Stretchable fabric
  • Washable easily
  • Patent Rein cut
  • Available in different colors
  • Better rein grasping and easy control
  • Prevent chafing
  • Finding the right size is difficult

Why We Recommend

Roeckl Riding Gloves are the trust of thousands of customers worldwide and with the highest ratings and stretchable material used to wash in the machine without any fear of getting the gloves torn. So, grab your pair of Roeckl gloves; I would highly recommend using these gloves.

3 Mashfa Women Riding Gloves – Leather

Mashfa Ladies Women Horse Riding Gloves

The third glove on our list of the best horse riding gloves for summer is the ladies’ gloves made for a fascinating experience and performance.

The most important thing for women is the design, so Mashfa leather gloves are the best content with elegancy and style. The super-light texture is appealing and comfortable for all women.

For a firm and stronger grip, the double stitching is extended to the thumb, the pinky, and the index finger. The gloves are only used for horse riding but are suitable for every sport.

These gloves are available in all sizes and easy to find the perfect palm size, which is very comfortable.

If the gloves are damaged in one year, the 1-year warranty will be there for your refund.

The fabric is very smooth and easily washable in the machine at 86F.

  • Easily worn with comfortable size finding
  • Washable and easily stretchable
  • Extended one year warranty
  • The leather coating on the thumb, index finger, and pinkie.
  • Please don’t use them in the rainy season for prolonged activity.

Why We Recommend

I would highly recommend Mashfa Women Riding Gloves. They are very comfortable and stretchable with high durability and warranty, making it easier to claim a refund or new pair. 

The leather texture keeps your hands from rubbing against the reins. So, the product is worth it.

4 ChinFun Women’s Horse Riding Gloves – Stretchable

ChinFun Women's Horse Riding Gloves Stretchable Equestrian Gloves Breathable for Outdoor Horseback Cycling Driving Black L

The last product on the list of the best horse riding gloves for summer is the ChinFun Women’s stretchable gloves.

Women can wear these gloves to keep up their fair hands rather than being tanned in the sun and getting sweaty hands. Available in 8 different colors, these gloves are the best nylon fabric-made content.

To make the grip on your hands stronger, there’s a buckle that anybody can use to hook up for a firm hold.

The durable fabric makes it breathable and easily stretchable in all positions, with a good fit for all sizes of palms. The hands remain calm, and if the water is poured, it will quickly dry and provide a cooling effect.

The gloves can be used for long-term riding and will not be torn but be gentle while putting them on and off as the micro-fiber is sensitive.

  • Friendly-skin
  • Durable Fabric
  • Firm Grip
  • Hook & Loop Buckle
  • Fashion Design
  • Occasion
  • Nothing major

Why We Recommend

The product by ChinFun is impressive and durable for more prolonged usage for women of all ages and palm sizes. The product style and design are perfect in all kinds of summer conditions for a very cooling effect. Must buy this product for a fantastic riding experience.

Why Need Horse Riding Gloves in Summer

The summer season is very harsh, and the highly vibrant and hot light waves raise the temperature to hold the reins. That’s why summer horse riding gloves are essential to prevent getting unwanted tanned skin.

Also, gloves prevent any rashes from pulling the reins and provide a cooling effect.

So to save your time, I have made a list of the best horse riding gloves for summer. The summer gloves need to be thin and breathable that will not make your hands sweat a lot.

Top Pick Best Horse Riding Gloves For Winter

Top 4 Horse Riding Gloves For Winter Reviews

In this section, I will discuss the best horse riding gloves for winter. Winter is not as harsh as the summer, but it affects the skin if you ride a horse regularly.

While summer requires protection from high-intensity sunlight, winter also has harsh weather, which freezes and affects tactility and movement.

5 Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves

Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves, Size 8, Black

While winters hit the hardest, I have chosen the best gloves pair for your comfort. Heritage Gloves are used in the extreme snowy weather when freezing temperature would numb the hands.

The imported gloves come with a zipper to ensure no cold waves enter your hand, providing excellent assistance in resisting the freezing temperature.

Talking about the exterior, the surface is waterproof and helps the phone usage quickly. It fulfills modern demands and enables the use of touch screen phones without wearing them off.

The durable palm grip is genuinely made for the coldest weather and is the lightest winter glove (approx. 70g).

Everyone can quickly wear it to ensureThinsulate the insulation is bonded with a fleece liner (very thick). Available in almost all sizes, and also very affordable.

A clip in the box hangs the gloves with your pants or horse when you aren’t using these gloves.

  • Imported Product
  • Zipper Closure Gloves
  • Waterproof 
  • And Breathable Liner
  • Warm And Comfortable
  • Touch Screen Usability
  • Easy Palm Grip And Fit
  • Lightest Weight.
  • Might not work in freezing weather (less than -5 Degree Celsius)

Why We Recommend

I would love to recommend this precious pair of gloves to anyone living in cold areas, like Michigan, where the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius. But these gloves might not work in shallow temperatures.

6 SSGAll Weather Gloves – Best Value

SSG The Original All Weather Gloves - Childs Universal 4/5 - Teal

SSG original never disappoints with their products. The new SGG all-weather gloves will make your day. The best value gloves come in 8 different colors, making everyone happy to choose the color of their own choice.

The gloves are made to lock the writs to firmly tighten the wrist while ensuring no extra air enters the hands.

The product is available for all people of any age and hand size. The elastic back will make a comfortable space to make the room cool during summers, and in winters, the lock-in wrist closure resists any cold air.

SSG all-weather gloves, breathable gloves, and easy-to-wash in the machine. The gloves are also very quickly dried in any environment.

Several designs and cool fabric used in these gloves speak the elegancy and make everyone proud while riding in the competition.

Long-lasting and durable gloves will make your winter season pass with just one pair if you properly use and wash them.

  • Best fabric used
  • Quick dry
  • Wristlock
  • Variable colors
  • Cool designs
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Stretchable and elastic
  • No major

Why We Recommend

I would recommend these highly valued gloves for a pleasant riding experience and resisting the cold in the dry and cold winters. Incredibly useable in the January and February seasons when snowfall is frequent.

7 Leather Riding Gloves Ladies by ALLNESS INC – Best Synthetic

ALLNESS INC Leather Equestrian Horse Riding Gloves for Ladies Girls Women (XLarge)

Are you looking for the perfect leather gloves for horse riding for women? I have chosen the best synthetic leather gloves for women that will rock your winters.

The main component of the gloves is polyester, and the outer covering is made of leather to maximize the resistance to cold. The leather quality makes the smooth appearance and comfortable to wear in winters.

While the leather is very light-weighted, it will make you feel you aren’t wearing a glove, making everything very cozy and warm.

ALLNESS INC has made the writs closure system which ensures the gloves are tightly fastened and make the grip over reins harder and easier control over the horse.

This product is durable and fits lies using a Velcro strap which makes the glove fit the palm.

Women would love the style as it also comes in various sizes, from extra small to extra-large, making you choose the natural fit for yourself.

There’s only one thing that needs to be improvised. ALLNESS INC gloves need touchscreen usability.

  • Best quality leather
  • Long-lasting
  • Cold-resistant
  • Light-weighted
  • Perfect fit and feel
  • High durability
  • Breathable
  • Velcro strap
  • It can’t be used with touchscreen phones.

Why We Recommend

I recommend everyone buy the ALL NESS INC women gloves because the tough leather resistance keeps hands very warm and safe from cold and makes the grip over reins very firm.

8 Technical Wet and Dry Gloves by SSG Pro

SSG PRO Show Technical - Black - 8

The last one on the list for the best horse riding gloves for winter is the Technical Wet and Dry Gloves by SSG Pro. It would be making your winter rides cozy.

The SSG Pro wet and dry gloves use the spandex material known for its extra durability and elasticity.

All the fingers on the gloves are double stitched with lycra making it more robust and flexible for any palm size. It means that this glove will fit on all kinds of hands no matter what’s the size after taking the proper length.

Hook and wrist lock strap in there on the gloves, making it very tightly fastened on the palm so that no chilly flake will make it to the hands. It thus makes a very thick layer to resist the cold.

This imported pair of gloves is known for its long-lastingness and has been made the SSG Pro that has been making the gloves for over 40 years.

But one thing might be concerned that the strap loses its grip after some time which is annoying for some people, but you don’t have to throw t away; get the wrist lock replaced, and it will work fine.

Also, these gloves are not made to be used with phones, especially the modern touchscreen ones.

  • Durable and thick
  • Spandex makes the gloves stretchable and elastic
  • Very smooth and cozy
  • A thick layer comforts the hands
  • Help to pull reins easily
  • Long-lasting and imported
  • Wristlock
  • The wrist lock gets loose
  • Not friendly with phones

Why We Recommend

I would love to recommend this high-quality product to everyone who wants a smooth and warm riding experience in winter. Significantly, it would help pull the reins without getting the skin tear off because of harsh and cold weather.

Why Need Horse Riding Gloves in Winter

Why do we need horse riding gloves in winter? In winter, an extra layer of skin helps the hands warm and cozy. The grip on the reins is effectively increased and becomes more accessible for anyone to ride a horse.

To help you guys look into different gloves, I have chosen the top 4 gloves for you to use in the winter.

I would always recommend heritage gloves to use in every harsh condition.

How To Choose The Right Riding Gloves

The real effort while buying horse riding gloves is choosing the right ones. Specific factors get involved when looking for summer and winter season gloves.

For example, I would love to have some thick fabric in summers to prevent sweating and a very thick coated material, preferably leather, to cover my hands entirely from the chilly flakes.

I would look for the following things while shopping for gloves:

  1. ‎Material Used
  2. ‎Comfort Level
  3. ‎Breathability
  4. ‎Water Proof
  5. ‎Cell Phone Use
  6. ‎Wrist Closure
  7. ‎Durability
  8. Material Used

The Material

The material used in the glove makes them elastic and easy to go on the hands. Many materials are in the market now, but I would still prefer leather over any other material.

Following materials are also used while you can use anyone:

  • Leather: precious material in winters and is cozy. Maybe expensive.
  • Synthetic leather: all the qualities of genuine leather, but advanced and less expensive item than the pure one.
  • Spandex or Lycra: the most elastic material and makes the most stretchable gloves
  • Polyester mesh: very breathable and make hands less sweaty
  • Cotton‎:‎very soft and only be used in summers and may wear off quickly.‎
  • Wool: the best material used for the kid’s horse riding gloves.

Comfort Level

One must-see if the gloves are not very tight because tighter gloves restrict the blood flow and affect health.


Breathability means a person is not getting very sweaty and not getting very cold in respective seasons. It means leather would make suitable gloves in winter, and spandex will be better in summer.

Water Proof

Waterproof gloves make it easier to use in the monsoon and on a rainy day.

Cell Phone Use

Some gloves also come with phone friendly configuration. Try buying those which make you easily use touchscreen phones.

Wrist Closure

Wrist closure makes the firm grip over the calm, which ensures grasping of horse reins easier. Thus, good wrist closure will give you supreme control over your horse.


Chose that material that will be there for a long time and withstand all the harsh weather conditions and pulling of horse reins even during prolonged horse riding.

How To Measure Your Hands For Horse Riding Gloves

Follow these steps and get the right size for your hands:

  • Take a measuring tape marked in inches
  • Keep the tape straight and wrap it around your hand, excluding the thumb.
  • Note the measurement in inches, which is the required size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do You Wear Horseback Riding In The Summer?

On a hot sunny day, it would be an excellent idea for horse riding, so make yourself equipped with the following things:

  • A Riding Helmet.
  • Moisture-Absorbing Shirt
  • Riding Tights
  • Thin Socks
  • Moisture-Absorbing Underwear
  • Ventilated Gloves
  • Short
  • Riding Boots

What Are The Best Gloves For Horse Riding?

1. Best Gloves For Horse Riding For Summer

Heritage pro would be The best gloves for horse riding for Summer because of its stretch ability, and nylon fiber which gives breathable sigh, and also amazing grip with the wrist lock feature.

Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Gloves, Size 6, Black
  • Stretchable Coolmax mesh top panel to allow free air flow.
  • Stretchable Coolmax nylon flex panels along fingers and hand provides a comfortable fit.
  • Patented rein cut design.

It even has leather stitching so that a firm grip assist in pulling the reins. Plus the gloves are washable, so use it again.

2. Best Gloves For Horse Riding For Winter

These Imported Product will make your day as they are special Zipper Closure Gloves with ‎extended wrist closure and are very Warm And Comfortable. The Waterproof  And Breathable ‎Liner will help use it under all the circumstances.

Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves, Size 8, Black
  • Waterproof breathable liner. Four barriers of protection and a warm comfortable fit keep the cold, wet and wind out.
  • Zipper hand warmer pocket.
  • Touch screen friendly.

You can use it with your touchscreen phones. And ‎is the Lightest gloves you will ever have.‎

Best Horse Riding Gloves Conclusion

Wearing and choosing the best horse riding gloves for summer is quite a difficult job, but the best-chosen gloves here will make your riding experience very pleasurable.

Choose the best gloves given in the spate portion in the summer and winter sections, and don’t forget to check the best stretchable gloves in the summer section.

That was all about the best horse riding gloves for winter and summer. I hope this will be amazing for you, and if you have any questions, comment below and let us know!