How to Call Horse in Skyrim? 10 Exciting Fact To Know

How to get a horse in Skyrim is the most commonly asked question as to the craze for game increases day by day. There’s nothing that tells you that how to summon Arvak in Skyrim.

So how to call your horse in Skyrim? We can’t directly find a way to call or summon horses in Skyrim, but Skyrim horse mod is one of the options gamers use as a cheat code, or fast traveling to a location outdoor summons the horse immediately.

How to Call Horse in Skyrim

In this blog post, we’ll discuss summoning horses in Skyrim and their feasibilities. Let’s start the article without wasting any time.

What Is Skyrim Horses?

The adventurous game Skyrim has horses in it, which many players use to swiftly travel from one place to another.

Skyrim horses are non-hostile and help the gamers travel quickly from city to city. The stable horses are available at 1000, but there are other ways to steal the horses, and some mods are available to get horses immediately.

How to Call Your Horse in Skyrim?

The Skyrim game has truly amazed people with its fantastic and revolutionary sequels, and horses have prime importance in moving across cities fast.

If you don’t have a horse, you better get it from the stables for about 1000, but there’s no possible way to get a horse in Skyrim to go to an outdoor location. The horse will be waiting for you there.

Some cheats and hacks might also help you get horses in Skyrim, but purchasing is the best option.

What Kind Of Horses Can You Get In Skyrim?

There are certain types of horses present in the Skyrim game. You can get at least 8 or 9 types of horses in the game.

Every horse in Skyrim is present at different locations outside the cities. You will find stables, and there you will be able to purchase a horse against some gold coins.


Type of HorseHold NameLocation You will Get The HorsePrice
BlackWhiterunWhiterun Stables$1000
BayEastmarchWindhelm Stables$1000
Dapple GreyThe RiftRiften Stables$1000
PiebaldThe ReachMarkarth Stables$1000
PalominoHaafingarKatla’s Farm$1000
FrostThe RiftQuest: Promises to Keep
ShadowmereFalkreathQuestline: Dark Brotherhood
KarindaWhiterunConsole Commands
ArvakSoul CairnQuestline: Dawnguard

 Which Horses Can’t be Bought in Skyrim?

Almost all horses present in the table are available to the players, but some horses have been limited and cannot be purchased. 

These horses include:

  • ArvakFrost
  • Shadowmere

How Do You Change Ownership Of A Horse In Skyrim?

Finding a horse in Skyrim is a great milestone, as it could help to play the game fast. When you find a free horse, the first thing you would like to do is own it.

If you want to change ownership of a horse in Skyrim, follow these steps:

  • Open the console 
  • Click on the horse you want to own
  • Type “set ownership” (no quotes)
  • GOOD JOB! You now own a horse.

How to Make a Stolen Horse Yours in Skyrim?

Stolen horses could be a great blessing if you know how to control them acquire their ownership.

How to make a stolen horse yours in Skyrim? You could follow these steps again: 

  • Open the console 
  • Click on the horse you want to own
  • Type “set ownership” (no quotes
  • Get off you’re the stolen horse
  • Hit the wild horse
  • Get on the horse now

The horse will start following you, and congrats. You have now officially become the owner of this wild horse.

Are There Better Horses In Skyrim?

Some horses are more competent in the Skyrim game, but users may like horses according to their choices.

We would recommend that Shadowmere is a better horse than other horses, and it can you can acquire through quests of Dark Brotherhood and is a powerful battle horse.

What Horse Is Best In Skyrim?

Skyrim has one of the best unbeatable horses, but certain horses have another level in fighting and traveling swiftly.

Shadowmere and Arvak are the best horses in Skyrim and have been available to players only via quests, and we can’t buy these.

Is Arvak Better Than Shadowmere?

Arvak and Shadowmere are undoubtedly among the best horses in the Skyrim game. But people still ask which one is better for them.

It is very difficult to say which horse is better. Arvak or Shadowmere. But both horses have their perks. Arvak is an excellent horse for immediate traveling as you can summon him anywhere, while Shadowmere is best for fighting as it has incredible powers.

Can Your Horse Die In Skyrim?

It is very common that while fighting with dragons, your character dies, but some people are confused if their horses would die as well or not?

A horse would not die in the Skyrim game unless the Dragonborn dismounts it. But the Dragonborn will also be dead after killing the horse.

So the horse can’t be killed by other characters, but only by the Dragonborn.

How Do I Keep My Horse From Dying In Skyrim?

Fighting a battle in the fantasy world is very interesting, and you will be amazed to play Skyrim if you love horses, dungeons, and dragons.

One could be afraid of losing horses in the Skyrim game, so tell us how to save your horse from dying in Skyrim.

The use of Calm and Fear spells is very beneficial in combating and protecting the horses from dragons. In this way, the horses would not take part in any fight and will possibly be saved.

How Do I Revive My Horse In Skyrim?

In many cases, if you’re unlucky and your horse has been killed, don’t worry about anything, as you can revive your horse again. 

Follow these steps to revive a horse in Skyrim:

  • Open console
  • Write resurrect 
  • Click on the horse
  • Boom! Your horse will come to life again.

Thus, using this technique, you can revive your horse and start playing again in your game with swift traveling across the cities without any delays and continue your battles.

Can You Tame Wild Horses In Skyrim?

Taming a horse in Skyrim is possible, and you can get a wild horse randomly and then tame it.

But how do you tame a wild horse in Skyrim?

Taming a horse would require patient and time, as when you try to get on a horse, it starts bucking and will try to throw you. Stay calm and remain on the horse even if your horse is resisting. After some time, your horse will stop bucking and be tamed.

Thus, it only requires some patience and time to tame a horse and persistent trying to be mounted on the wild horse.

Can You Ride A Dragon In Skyrim?

Some recent advancements in Skyrim have made it possible to ride a dragon.

Dragonborn is a new option on Skyrim which enables the players to ride a dragon easily after a Dragonborn Main Questline, which gives three power words. After this, find any free dragon and ride a wild dragon in the sky.

Thus, riding a dragon is very easy, but all you need is the three words of power, and you will be in the skies riding the dragon and enjoying your game.

What Are The 3 Unique Horses In Skyrim?

The three unique horses in Skyrim are:

  • Shadowmere: The most muscular horse for the batter, health, and life with good stamina.
  • Frost: Grater Stamina and health than other horses.
  • ArvakDG: The Dawnguard add-on horse with a spectral undead ability.

How to Call Horse in Skyrim (FAQs)

What Is The Best Horse To Have In Skyrim?

There are a lot of horses in Skyrim, and two of the horses are very loved by gamers. These two are also thought to be the strongest horses, which are Shadowmere and Arvak.

Shadowmere and Arvak, both horses, are better. Shadowmere is more powerful, whereas the later horse will be quicker and take you from one city to another in no time.

Are There Horses In Skyrim?

All the horses found in Skyrim are draft horses.

These horses are present in five colors, and you will use them to fight in a battle, move across countries real quick, and ride.

You can purchase the horses from stables outside the cities, and the price starts from 1000 gold coins. The horse belongs to the Dragonborn after its purchase.

Can You Catch Wild Horses In Skyrim?

There’s no feature to catch horses in Skyrim. Although we can find horses anywhere, we can see wild horses using the spells.

There are three possible ways to catch a wild horse
– Grab a map of sightings
– Detect Life spell 
– Just set out into the wilderness

Final Verdict: How to Call Horse in Skyrim

Calling the horse in Skyrim is a long thing that should be done only using mods or cheats. Otherwise, horses are only bought using gold coins through the stables.

That was all about calling a horse in Skyrim. Feel free to comment on any spell you know with us!