Horse Genders : What Is A Female Horse Called?

Did you know that more than 58 Million equines are present all over the globe? Yes! With such a high population, you will be amazed to know 54% of this population is female.

So, How do you refer to a female horse?

Female horse’s name changes as their age. For Example, fillies refer to females horses less than four years; when horses reach four years, they are named mare. When a female horse becomes an adult, it is either called a dam or broodmare.

This blog post will conclude the methodology of naming female horses with all the popular names that we hear.

Let’s start the article and impregnate you with new knowledge of horse genders.

How Many Genders Do Horses Have?

People ask this question if horses have more than two genders, but the truth is, like every other animal, horses have only two genders; male and female.

So, why are horses named differently? Is there any methodology to name the males and female horses? Or is it called on age?

Horses have only two genders but different names due to growing phases and mating abilities. Male and female horses may be mares, fillies, colt, gelding, or stallion. All these differ based on age.

Thus, gender classification is broadly classified into two groups further divided into different groups of horses.

What Is A Female Horse Called?

Differentiating the female horses based on gender is a tricky thing. Lots of names are widely used for female horses, depending on their age.

 The female horse called mare and so on listed bellow :

Newly bornFoal
Less Than Three YearFilly
4 Years And AboveMare
Mature And Adult HorseBroodmare
Breeding SpeciesDam

Why Are Female Horses Called Filly?

Female horses are referred to as fillies. A newly born horse is called a foal. A horse has the general capacity to give birth to one foal.

But, what is a filly then?

A filly is a female horse less than one year of age. It could be the age of rapid growth for the female baby horses, so that’s why they are referred to as fillies. Filly means young and lively girl.

Because babies of 1 year are very energetic and lively, female horses are named fillies.

What Is The Difference Between A Mare And A Filly?

An experienced horse master knows the key difference between all the phases of a female or male horse.

How to clearly distinguish a mare and a filly?

A female horse is known as a mare when it reaches four years. At this age, it is not able to breed. A filly is a female horse that is less than one year old.

Thus, you can easily see if the horse is a mare or a filly by knowing its age.

What Is The Difference Between A Filly And A Foal?

People are often confused about a filly and a foal. But it’s an easy thing to know the basic difference.

So, what’s a filly and a foal?

The filly is a general term used to describe young female horses of 1 year, with a lot of positive energy. At the same time, the foal is a newly born female horse.

Thus, you can easily remember these and have no embarrassment talking to other female horse masters.

What Is The Difference Between A Stallion And A Gelding?

You may have heard of the male horses many times as this is a stallion, which is a gelding. But, only a true horse lover will know which one is either.

Let’s see what a stallion and a gelding is.

A Stallion

Equine males are strong, independent animals—a symbol of arrogance and bravery plus a package of stubbornness. When you hear the name of a stallion, it is associated with aggressiveness. 

A stallion is a big and strong horse whose behavior is quite aggressive and in its nature.

If a person wants to have a stallion, it is not a great choice as a beginner. But some stallions are great and calm, making them a perfect horse in comparison to any horse.

A Gelding

A gelding is a great horse and is thought to be an excellent choice for beginner horse owners.

If you’re not familiar with handling horses properly, you might consider gelding.

Why is gelding great for beginners?

The gelding is the same stallion but has been castrated to reduce excess testosterone, ultimately reducing aggressive and passive nature.

The bottom line is that a stallion is a male horse with aggressive behavior due to excessive testosterone, and the gelding is the castrated version of stallions.

Are Geldings Better than Stallions?

Their calm, less aggressive nature characterizes male geldings. Inexperienced horse owners love geldings because they’re castrated, but race organizers prefer stallions because they’re aggressive, bold, daring, and dynamic.

So, if you’re a person who bets on horse races, you would prefer a horse with high stamina and more power; I suggest you buy a stallion.

What Is Slang For Female Horses?

A female horse is not only called a female horse, but it has a variety of names.

The slang names for female and males horses depend on age and nature/behavior.

For Example, female horses are known as foal, filly, mare, broodmare, dam, babies, young, adults, and breeding female horses.

Other slang names for horses are as follows:

  • hobby
  • Yarraman
  • gee-gee
  • Cuddy
  • Studhorse

You can also name your horse according to its nature and hobbies, and it is lovely.

What Are Baby Horses Called?

Horses have different names when they are at a very young age (when horses are born)

But do horses have separate names for gender?

Baby horses who are males are commonly referred to as colts, and female horses are referred to as foals.

The name will be changing when the age is increasing.

Like, foals will become fillies, and after fillies, they become adults and known as mares, which gradually become broodmare, and ultimately when they are suitable for breeding, they become dams.

What Is A 2-Year-Old Female Horse Called?

A 2-year-old female horse has its name; it should not be confused with a foal.

When a female horse reaches the age of 2 years, it’s full of positive energy and cheerful nature; that’s why we call it a filly until it becomes a three-year-old female horse.

7 Interesting Facts About Female Horses

While female horses have prime importance in nature, they are also believed to be the best mothers and take care of their babies very well. 

Here are some cool interesting facts about the female horses that might blow your mind.

1. Female Arabian Horses Have Fewer Bones

Although all the horses have 205 bones in their body, some breeds of Arabian horses have lesser lumbar vertebrae and ribs.

Instead of 8 vertebrae, they have 7, and 1 less rib (17 rather than 18)

2. Female Horses Have Fewer Teeth Than Males

A male horse has 40 teeth. Unlike humans, it has a bigger jaw which helps it to chew on grass easily.

But, female horses do not have 40 teeth, and they only have 36 teeth. It is nature’s marvel to grant different characters to male and female horses.

3. Hooves Of Foals Are Covered With Soft Tissues At The Time Of Birth

A great blessing for female horses is defined by the tissues in which the baby is covered. It prevents the mother’s uterus and the internal organs, plus the baby, from unwanted accidents.

4. Weight of Female Horses Is Insane

A female horse weighs around 900 to 1000 lb. (400 kg). It is less than a male’s weight which is estimated to be 100 lb.

5. Lifespan of Female Horses

A female horse is assumed to be of 30 years of age on average.

6. Smallest Female Horse Is Falabella

The Argentinian breed of horses is known as Falabella. It is the smallest breed which we assume to be about 80cm in height.

7. 37% Racer Horses Are Female

About 37% of horses that take part in races are said to be females worldwide. Winners or losers, but they do have a good ratio on the dominating male world.

Mares, Geldings, or Stallions?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is Another Name For A Female Horse?

Its age mainly knows a female horse. You can say foal to a female horse who is just born, and it would be a filly in one year. 

Other names for a female horse are:

  • Mare
  • Broodmare
  • Dam


Horse gender is diversified into two main classes, a male and a female horse. But, the male and female horses are generally classified based on their age.

As your female horse grows, becomes an adult, and becomes a breeder, you can also name them depending on their nature and characteristics.

Feminine horses are weak, calm, and sensitive, unlike male horses, known for their aggressiveness, bravery, and dominance.

This concludes our article on horse genders. Feel free to share this helpful information with your friends.

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