Is Glue Still Made From Horses? Facts & Myths You Should Know

Are you wondering what your daily usage glue is made of? Is it safe to use, or is it manufactured without harming any of the innocent horses? If yes, then we are here to help you out and answer your query about is glue made from horses or any other animal?

In general, glue is not made from horses anymore. Thanks to modern polymers, the horses are not being harmed anymore.

Animal-based components are still used to make glue today, though synthetic alternatives are also available. Today, glue can be obtained from a variety of sources. After reading this article, we are sure that you will be aware is glue made from horses.

Is Glue Still Made From Horses?

Horses have a lot of glue-producing collagen since they are substantial muscled animals. For thousands of years, animals have been used to make glue, including not only horses but also pigs and cattle.

Is Glue Still Made From Horses

There are only a few glue manufacturers that continue to make glue from horses to date.

The reason is the occasional use of it. Most people these days prefer synthetic polymer glue over horse glue. 

So, if you still think that is glue made from horses, then the answer is yes and no too!

Moreover, horse glue is still utilized in various applications, including piano repair, bookbinding, antique restoration, and medical treatments.

What Kind Of Glue Is Made From Horses?

In the previous era, horses were indeed used to make glue. But this process wasn’t easy at all and required much hard work and concentration yours.

The glue obtains from horses’ collagen is water-soluble glue. The glue produced binds slowly and is applied hot with a brush. A hard block of animal glue is retained. This animal glue is then used to make an excellent adhesive glue. 

For simple separation, you can steam it or add alcohol to the bonding agent. If you want to use it after some time, you just have to split them into chips and store them. Later on, if you’re going to use it, you just have to meet them in a bowl of boiling water. 

Once the chips have melted, you can continue to cook until the appropriate consistency has been achieved. You can apply the glue in layers using a brush or a spatula. However, keep in mind that it is not waterproof.

Why Are Horses Used For Glue? (Facts & Myths)

As we discussed above, it’s a long-held belief that horses are used to produce glue, especially when they age. However, while this may have been true in the past, it is no longer the case; for some cases. 

According to findings, horses are suitable for manufacturing glue since they have a lot of collagen. Collagen, which is present in joints, hooves, and bones, was the only source of glue in the past.

Additionally, as being giant muscled animals, horses have a lot of glue-producing collagen. 

However, alive and healthy animals are not utilized; instead, only dead and sick animals produce glue. So you don’t have to worry about your horse being caught and converted into the glue. 

This isn’t how it usually works. To burst your bubble, let us tell you that lively and healthy horses are not killed to obtain glue. Rather unhealthy, and those horses which die-off are in turn converted into the glue.

How Are Horses Made Into Glue?

Standing next to this enormous animal, you must be wondering, is glue made from horses for real?! The bones, muscles, tendons, and hoofs are the main body parts to produce glue from a horse.

It takes a technique of breaking down chemicals and extracting moisture to create adhesives from an animal. This process is not easy at all and requires long, tiring hours of work. However, the results obtained will be worth the hard work.

Occasionally, you can go through the following steps to have glue from a horse.


This is the first step. And it goes on like; animal parts are collected from slaughterhouses, animal farms, meatpacking facilities, and tanneries by commercial glue producers. Specific parts are collected up. Those parts like hooves which are full of collagen, are given particular attention while collecting.


The second part involves the cleaning process. The body parts are washed, dirt is removed, and everything is soaked to soften the pieces. This process is necessary to eliminate any impurities present. As if there are any external particles, it may render the usefulness of the glue.


The hives and other pieces are then immersed in a series of water baths containing increasing amounts of lime. When lime is added to a material, it expands and breaks down the glue into a more straightforward form.

However, try to keep the consistency of water in balance to avoid a runny texture.


This step involves a thorough rinse-up. Using water and weak acids, you will remove all of the lime from the material. This will give you a refined product that can then be ready for use and will work just way too delicate.


This is a contemporary step. Here you can incorporate a color additive into the mixture. You can add up any color you like, or you can even have its colorless texture.

However, the color addition is preferred to impart a much more pleasant look.


Water is removed from the glue for it to harden. This process may sound like a piece of cake; however, it is not. This process requires a lot of hard work and careful work to prepare the perfect consistency for the glue to work on. A slight faultiness in the texture can render your glue unfit for use.

Are Horses Killed To Make Glue?

Now you may be thinking about whether any horses are killed or slaughtered to obtain glue for them as it is impossible to have glue from them when they are alive. So how do all this actually happens then?

The simplest answer to the question is no! None of the horses are killed to obtain glue from them. As you may be aware that selling horses to be commercially slaughtered for any reason is illegal in the United States

Therefore, you don’t have to fret. No, your babies are not killed unnecessarily at all!

Which Animals Are Used To Produce Glue?

While we are talking about glue being extracted from horses, let us tell you that not only horses are used for this purpose. Yes, we are not joking! Many other animals are used as a derivative for making glue.

Most commonly, horses, fishes, cattle, and rabbits are utilized in the manufacturing of glue. When you consume chicken or any animal, you can even feel it on your fingers. 

Your fingers will occasionally stick together, and this sticky substance is partly collagen, used in animal glue. Horse and cattle hooves are commonly utilized for finer glue; however, fish and rabbits also create a significant glue. 

Fish glue has been used for glass, ceramics, wood, paper, leather, and metals for more than ten years. 

Is Elmer’s Glue Made From Horses?

Elmer has been in the glue factory for way too long. Synthetic glues have advanced in the second half of the twentieth century, becoming more affordable, uniform in quality, and having a longer shelf life. 

Elmer’s glue has been long in the limelight as they do not utilize animals or animal byproducts. The glue is constructed from synthetic materials and does not slaughter horses, cows, or other animals. Although glue can be made with a variety of substances, the majority of recipes use polymers.

Is Gorilla Glue Made From Animals?

Gorilla glue has a humorous name and a gorilla on the label. Is this to imply that the glue is derived from a gorilla, a horse, or another species of animal? Indeed, anyone would think that the glue is made up of gorillas. 

Let us pop your myth and tell you that Horses, gorillas, or any other animal are not used to make Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Adhesive is a polyurethane-based polyurethane glue largely employed in the woodworking industry. The glue is free of animals and is safe to use for any kind of work.

How Is Glue Made From Horses?

Animal Glue is one of the best glues used both in domestic and commercial areas. Horses have been long used for making the Glue.

But how exactly does a horse is used to make this Glue? A horse contributes collagen extracted from the bones, hooves, skin, tendons, and other body organs. Collagen is hydrolyzed to form glue-colloids which are then refined to Glue.

Many people might think that horses are killed to make Glue, but it is never true, as horses have been banned from being used for any commercial human consumption.

The only way to make Glue out of horses is using their collagen and hydrolyzing it to make glue-colloids.

What Brand of Glue Is Made From Horses?

In the modern world, there is no possibility of horses being used for making Glue. In the past, it was a common practice to use the collagen from the hooves, bones, and skin of horses to make Glue.

But now, no brand supplies horse glue, but Bookbinders are still the ones using animal collage to make Glue, but still, there is no verification that they use animal glue. Elmer’s Glue also uses synthetic collagen made in the biotech labs.

And Wickman said that today, no official company uses animals or horses for glue making.

What Is Kind Of Glue Made From Horses?

About two centuries ago, horses were used to make glues because of two main reasons. The first one is because they were muscular, and the second, they got maximum collagen.

But now, no glue is made of horses’ collagen. In the past, one Glue was made from horses, and it was hide glue.

But all of the companies, including Elmer’s, Grizzly, and Gorilla glue, have been made from unique ingredients which are not exposed. 

Still, companies said they don’t require animals to extract collagen, now made in biotechnology labs.

Is Glue Made From Horses : FAQ


To sum it up, the modern era has evolved way too much, and things have changed since then. These days, horse glue is rarely used, and synthetic glue is often used for adhesion. One of the many reasons is critical animal rights. 

Hopefully, with this article, you have found the answer to the question; is glue made from horses or not? So, cheer up!

Have a nice day ahead!