Do Horses Need Vaccinations Every Year? The 6 Way Vaccine For Horses

We can boost the horse’s immune system by vaccination and providing essential nutrients like Omega-3-Fats, zinc, and selenium found in food. 

Question is Do horses need vaccinations every year? 

The horse needs vaccinations every year at least receive EWT/WN and Rabies vaccinations once a year. We also recommend accepting West Nile Virus (EWN), Rabies, Flu and strangles in spring, and PHF + Flu/Rhino vaccine shots in fall. 

Vaccination Program For Horses

Vaccination is an essential part of a horse’s life, as humans got vaccination shots in their childhood for immunity.

Vaccination is available for rabies, botulism, influenza, and the program is offered based on a horse’s age and exposure to the suspected environment.

Standard Antibody Level

The standard antibody level for a healthy equine is up to 800mg/dL of IgG for the foals born to the mares, which have been vaccinated completely.

Vaccination Program with Age Comparison

An essential type of vaccination is the broodmare.

In this vaccination, the mare is vaccinated actively via injecting the antibodies directly into the bloodstream, while the foal receives passive immunity from its mother through the colostral antibodies.

The current vaccination program designed by the official American equine body as:

(i) Doses for Herpes, Tetanus, and EWN Virus

3 Months and Above: When the horses reach three months, they are given the 1st vaccination shots for which they get immunized partially.

Six months: The second dose for herpes and other viruses starts at the age of six months.

12 Months of Age: the third dose is given, and the complete cycle is repeated each year like this.

(ii) Doses for Rabies, Influenza

Rabies: 3 to 4 months and a booster dose are given at 12 months to ensure significant metabolism and immune function.

Influenza: 6 months of age is required to get your horse vaccinated for flu.

(iii) Unvaccinated Mare giving birth to Foals

Sometimes, there are cases for which the mare is not vaccinated, and it still delivers a baby horse (a Foal) that is unvaccinated.

How do you schedule vaccination for these?

West Nile Virus: 1st Vaccine is at the age of 3 to 5 months, which may harm the horse in any sense, so keep your horse vaccinated yearly at any cost.

So vaccinating your equine against different diseases is a prime thing, and it needs to be implanted according to the given schedule every year.

What Is A Core Vaccine For Horses?

A core vaccine makes the horse essential immunized to all the possible diseases, so they must be given at any course without any excuse.

What is the highly recommended core vaccine for horses?

The cheapest, the fastest, and the easiest way to safeguard your horse is using the core vaccines, which include: EEE/WEE, Rabies, Tetanus, and West-Nile Virus Vaccine. So we must use these core vaccines.

According to the Equine poll, vaccine ranks first to be the safest method ensuring a horse’s overall health; therefore, never say no to vaccines even if you don’t like them.

Do Horses Need Vaccinations Every Year?

According to a leading veterinarian, animals need vaccines much like the way humans need.

You might be wondering if there’s a need to get the vaccine shots every year. So the truth is not further from this.

Do Horses Need Vaccinations Every Year

A horse needs vaccination shots every year to boost the immune system’s ability to fight different viruses. They need Rabies and EWT/WN vaccine once every year.

(i) Vaccinate Your Horse In The Spring

Spring season is best for some vaccines, which are given as follows:

  • EWT/WN
  • Strangles
  • PHF/Rabies
  • Flu/Rhino

(ii) Vaccinate Your Horses in the Fall

Some vaccines are essentially made for Fall; they have a better mode of action in the winters, so make a schedule for:

  • PHF
  • Flu/Rhino

How Often Do Horses Need Vaccines?

Vaccines are life-saving drugs injected into a horse’s bloodstream to make a frontline of white-blood cells keeping the horse safe from all types of viral infections.

But how many times should your horse be vaccinated?

Several vaccines in the market boost up a horse’s immune system, but it weakens after a certain period, after which a horse again needs the vaccine. Usually, after six months to 1 year, horses need the vaccine.

Please consult your vet to know the particular vaccines that a horse regularly needs before giving any self-vaccination to your horse, as it might be unnecessary, and your horse might need something else.

What Vaccines Do Horses Need Yearly?

If you give them at proper intervals, vaccines enhance your horses’ life expectancy and overall physical and mental health.

There are some vaccines which you should give to your horse once or twice a week.

What vaccines do horses need annually?

Certain vaccines against the Rabies, VEWT/Flu/Rhino, and Eastern Encephalitis are needed after each year, and you need to get your horse vaccinated at any cost.

Some other diseases against which the vaccine is essential are:

  • Rhinopneumonitis
  • Tetanus
  • Venezuelan Encephalitis
  • Western Encephalitis
  • Influenza

How Much Does It Cost To Vaccinate A Horse?

Vaccines may sound non-traditional and a waste of money to some people, but current data suggest that vaccinated breeds the liver longer and healthier.

How much do vets charge for vaccines?

A vet charges its fees and annual charges worth $130 yearly vaccine shots, with $86 for once a six-month vaccine shot. So, a total of $300 should be reserved for the equine vaccination.

The price fluctuates and varies according to the vaccinations the horse needs and the consultation fees of your vet.

What Is In The 6 Way Vaccine For Horses?

Two terms are frequently used when we discuss horse vaccination. Five-way and six-way vaccination are two packages that include vaccines against many viral infections.

What’s the six-way vaccine?

A 6-way vaccine has a set of 6 viral vaccines, including WEE Tetanus, EEE Influenza, Equine Herpesvirus, and West Nile. The five-way vaccine has one less vaccine, i.e., the West Nile.

The six-way vaccine is better than the five-way vaccine with extra protection against the West Nile. So try to get the package of 6 way, it would not cost more than $300 for one year.

What Is A Booster Shot For Horses?

People often ask about the booster shots, and they are very intriguing.

A booster shot is a very strong extra vaccine shot for already vaccinated horses. Usually, an EIV or EHV-1/4 are mixed with stimulating higher immunity for six months.

It should be noted the booster shots are options for equine masters who want an extra layer of immune cells to guard their horse. 

Otherwise, it is not mandatory to get the booster shot.

The booster shots are of the same price, and you have to pay double the amount you are paying for the vaccination shots.

What Shots Does A 2-Year-Old Horse Need?

Foals (male or female baby horses less than three months) need proper vaccination shots, enhancing their immune system to respond better to prevent diseases.

 But the two years old horses also need vaccination shots. So What shots are given at two years old?

The vaccinations shots given at the age of 2 years are:

  • Tetanus Toxoid(it may be Eastern or Western)
  • Equine-Herpes Virus (1 plus 4)
  • Equine-Influenza Virus (Rabies)
  • Encephalomyelitis (It is West-Nile Virus)

So, proper recognition and vaccinating your horses will prevent many diseases which may disturb the immune function work properly.

You might find it a bit annoying, but once you get acclimated to the cost, you will understand that a horse’s health is more important than a few pennies.

How Many Times A Year Do You Deworm A Horse?

Worming is also necessary for the horses, as they have to live in an environment full of parasites and viruses hovering around them.

How often is your horse dewormed?

A horse is a big animal that requires deworming after six months once. The vet uses a product, “Ivermectin product,” which is the best medicine to kill parasite’s larvae.

I would recommend that you use the Ivermectin on every horse living on your farm. It has the benefit that the farm will be free from all the big strongyles.

A popular question is often heard, Can you deworm a horse too often?

Deworming your horse too much will be a very bad thing. It will make the parasites resistant against the Ivermectin. Therefore twice deworming is allowed in a year for better results.

Final Verdict On Do Horses Need Vaccinations Every Year

A horse essentially requires vaccine shots throughout its life to live longer and healthier. The tenure for vaccination is decided by taking age, breed, and other factors into account.

You can vaccinate your horse against many viral infections at a low price of $300. But the vaccination is only allowed two times a year, with an additional booster shot on demand.

So, vaccinate your horses for their better health and share this topic to continue the chain of this knowledge sharing!

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