Does Amber Marshall Have Children? 12 Fun Facts About Amber Marshall

Did you know that “Heartland” has over 224 episodes? The actress Amber Marshall who plays horse whisperer is also a great off-screen equine lover.

Does Amber Marshall have children? In a recent interview by Amber Marshall, she cleared that she wasn’t expecting a baby. Amber wanted to invest in her business and career. The actress said that it wasn’t the right time to have babies, but she would love to have a baby some other time.

In this blog post, I will discuss Amber Marshall’s life and her love for horses.

Short Bio Of Amber Marshall?

The Hudson actress Amber Marshall is an amazing cowgirl born in 1988 in London, Ontario, Canada.

She started her career in 2000 with a TV Show, Super Rupert, and appeared in 4 TV series in two years when she moved to California.

Does Amber Marshall Have Children

The Heartland actress had a craze for acting and horses since she was a kid. She went to Lester B. Pearson Arts School and started acting when she was 11. The actress joined Heartland in 2007 and finally pursued her dream TV series.

Amber Marshall has a reported net worth of $2.3 Million. The actress married Shawn turner, a cowboy and equestrian, in 2013.

Amber Marshall Bio-Statistics

Amber MarshallStatistics
Age33 Years (2021)
Born Place and Date2nd June 1988 in Canada
Height of Amber Marshall5 Foot, 4 Inches.
Net Worth$2.3 Million (Reported)
ResidenceAlberta, Canada
Sign Of StarGemini
SpouseShawn Turner since 2013
Weight120 Lb. (Almost)

Amber Marshall’s Character Amy in Heartland Series

Let me explain the character of Amber Marshall in the series Heartland.

Amber’s character is Amy, who has inherited the powers to help horses, known as a horse whisperer. She could heal the horses and also understand what they are asking for.

Amy lives with her grandfather and sister on a ranch. She has started a new life after getting a new identity as a horse whisperer. She started helping horses all over the world and became famous.

When the actress joined the show, Amber Marshall was only 20 years old but started acting very early when she was like 8. Plus, she was attracted to the horse from even a very young age of 4.

So her character in the series was very hit, as she knew a lot about acting and horses.

How Old Is Amber Marshall?

People may be confused by the age of Amber Marshall and think that she is older than the actual age, which is shown on the Google page. It might not be true.

How Old Is Amber Marshall?‎ The Hudson-born actress was born in 1988 in 2021; the actress has turned 33 years.

But age is just a number, and the actress is still growing as a successful businesswoman and a leading and highly paid actress of the industry.

How Many Horses Does Amber Marshall Have?

With a great affinity towards the horses, Amber Marshall has her horses as pets. Her husband is a cowboy and loves the pets too.

How many horses does Amber Marshall have? The heartland actress Amy has five horses in total. Three of these horses are Quarter Horses, and the other two are Miniature horses. Amber also has other animals on her ranch in Alberta.

What are the Names of Amber Marshall Horses?

Amber Marshal is an equestrian. She owns several animals like cows, rabbits, etc., but the prime animals she has loved and admired since her childhood are the horses.

Amber Marshall has five shores she and her husband Shawn Turner owns. These horses are:

  • CruzHawk
  • Nitro
  • Talon
  • Screech

Hawk, Nitro, and the Cruz are the Quarter Horses. Screech and Talon are Miniature Horses. Amy loves these horses very much and spends a lot of time nurturing and training them.

The following table will help you take a glance at the Amber Marshall Horses.

Horse NameSexAgeBreedHeightJoined Amy Family
CruzGelding7 YearsQuarter  Horse15.3 HandsJune 2019
HawkGelding14 YearsQuarter  Horse15 HandsMarch 2011
NitroGelding12 YearsQuarter  Horse14.4 HandsOctober 2015
TalonGelding12 YearsMiniature Horse8.5 HandsJune 2012
ScreechGelding11 YearsMiniature Horse9 HandsAugust 2015

Does Amber Marshall Have Children?

An often asked question about Amber Marshall is whether she has children or is planning to have the babies soon. Well, I think there’s something Amy from Heartland has to say to her fans.

During an interview with a famous magazine, Amber Marshall said that she did not have any babies. However, it is her earnest desire, but not her prime goal now. Right now, I’m focusing on my career, said the famous Horse lover actress.

So, fans would be very disappointed to hear that their favorite cowgirl is not having any babies right now and chooses to babysit the horses for a while.

Where Does Amber Marshall Live?

Amber Marshall was born in London, which is part of Ontario, Canada. But the Canadian actress moved to the United States to pursue her career for some time.

Amber Marshall now lives in Alberta with her husband Shawn Turner on a 100-acre ranch. The couple owns numerous animals, including cows, rabbits, chickens, and horses.

Thus, the Hudson Actress only flies to other Canadian states to shoot the Television series but lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband. The couple married in 2013, and since then, both have been enjoying a happily married life.

Amber Marshall Marriage Facts

Amber Marshall is a real inspiration to all the young girls who want to pursue their dreams. The Canadian actress who has won several awards pursued her two dreams simultaneously.

Amy from Heartland became an actress and a cowgirl at the same time by playing a lead role in the series Heartland.

She married a cowboy in Canada and lives in Alberta on a 100-acre ranch with her husband.

I have a quick question, which many fans ask about her married life and her husband. Let’s have a look at them.

Who Is Amber Marshall’s Husband?

Who is amber Marshall’s husband? It is a frequently asked question!

Amber Marshall’s husband is a horseman who she met at a horse show and fell in love. The husband’s name is Shawn Turner, and they married each other in July 2013 at a ranch in Alberta.

Since then, the couple has been living happily, but the fans don’t know her husband much because he isn’t very famous.

But the dream of Amy to become a cowboy’s wife came true after dating her for three years.

What’s Amber Marshall Doing Now?

After a successful TV series running for almost six years, Amber Marshall married in 2013 and lived in Alberta, Canada.

Since 2013, she has been living at her ranch with her husband and only doing two things in her life. The Horse healer girl is shooting for the series and enjoying a happy life wither husband on their 100-acre ranch.

On their farm, they had many animals, including chickens, horses, dogs, rabbits, and cows. Amy and her husband rode horses and played with them all day like their own kids.

Does Shawn Turner Play In Heartland?

People get confused with the name of Shawn Turner, who is an American actor with Amber’s Husband. Both of them are not the same person.

Amber Marshall’s husband, Shawn Turner, is not an actor, and he never appeared on any Television show and Heartland.

So What does Shawn Turner do for a living?

Shawn Turner, the husband of Amber Marshall, is a photographer and does the photo shoots for her beautiful cowgirl wife Amy from Heartland.

Some Questions about Amy From Heartland

A bunch of questions has been asked by the fans about Amy from Heartland. Let’s see what the questions are.

How Does Amy Die In Heartland?

If you watch Heartland, you would also be thinking that did Amy die on Heartland?

But the truth is, Amy hasn’t died in the Heartland’s season 13 but is shot by the gun accidentally with her partner Ty. At the starting of Season 14, Amy is recovering, and her partner Ty has died.

So, Amy is not dead and is recovering in the latest season.

Is Amy Singing In Heartland?

One might be curious to find out if their favorite stars are actual singers or not! Well, it could be surprising that most of the stars are great singers as well.

Is Amy Singing In Heartland? Amy from Heartland has sung all the songs by herself, and her co-actor Jack Bartlett (Real Life Shaun Johnston) also performed singing.

How old is Amy in Season 1 of Heartland?

The heartland season 1 portrays the little girl who had inherited the ability to understand the horse’s feelings.

In season 1, Amy was living with her family of 2, her sister, and her grandfather on a ranch and was 15 years old at that time. As she grew older, she discovered that she was a horse whisperer and a horse healer like her mom.

How many horses are used in Heartland?

The team of Heartland has used many horses.

Over 160 horses have been on the set of Heartland, and all of them are trained stunt horses. All of these horses are owned by John Scott.

Amber Marshall’s Top Equine Training Tips

Amber Marshall has played the role of a horse whisperer for 13 years since 2007. She had a great affinity for horses and trained many horses in real life as well.

Here are the top 3 tips from Amber Marshall:

Choose The Best Environment For Your Equine

Amber Marshall said in an interview:

I find many horse caretakers want their horses to fit into the lifestyle that suits them best. Then they wonder why their horses are irritable or unpredictable. Please get to know your horse and choose a routine that works best for him!

Find New Things that Your Horse love.

In the same interview, the actress said to work on the horses and find their interests.

How will you know if your horses love to jump if you never try it? Or maybe your horse would love splashing around the river. You never know until you experience these things together.

Always Take Care Of Your Horse’s Needs

When asked about the care of a horse, the actress said:

Remember that you and your horse are a team, and sometimes o be a good team member, some compromises have to be made. Even though your horse may not talk, but it may speak out loud if you listen to it carefully!

So, it is not difficult to take care of our horses, but we are not willing to listen to what they are saying.

Thus, to make a stronger bond with the horses, one needs to spend time with them, take it out to see their needs, and choose the best environment for them!

Fun Facts about Amber Marshall

Certain facts are not very common but still true about the Canadian actress Amber Marshall. She played the role of Amy in the big hit series Heartland.

Amber Rode A Horse When She Was 4

Amber Marshall could ride a horse when she was 4, and since then, the love for horses developed and inspired her to be a skilled cowgirl.

So, she started riding the horses and also started acting. She attended the Lester B. Pearson Arts School as well.

Amber Rode Horse To The Aisle

It might be the first time in normal weddings that a bride rode a horse. Generally, in other cultures, the groom rides the horse.

Amber Marshall was the first actress who had a love for horses, and also she rode a horse to her aisle. It was a romantic moment when both the groom and the bride rode to the aisle and kissed!

Thus, the bride’s longing wish came true that she had since her childhood.

(Fun Fact: Amber has a wish that she ride on a horse at her wedding and kisses her husband riding on a horse)

She Has A Ranch Of 100 Acre In Alberta

After getting to know her husband Shawn turner for three years, the actress decided to marry her in 2013.

Amber Marshall and her husband owns a 100-acre ranch, and they have many horses and other animals there. Five horses are mainly present, out of which 3 are quarter horses, and two are miniatures.

The couple takes care of the horses together and regularly post on their social media profiles. Her husband is a professional photographer.

Amber Did Her 1st Job At A Vet Clinic.

Another popular news about the actress Amber is that she had done a job as a horse caretaker at a vet clinic before joining the industry.

Amy joined a vet clinic and volunteered as a vet assistant for one year at a young age. After that, she got a real job as an assistant.

She even guided her on-screen husband Graham Wardle and other crew of Heartland so that the show would be as real as it could be.

The producer and the director also listened keenly to her to make the show better and better.

Amber Is A Screen Star Award Winner In Canada

There’s good news for Amy’s fans who don’t know about her much. The successful equestrian and actress has been a Screen star award winner in Canada.

The actress joined the cast of Heartland in 2007. When the 1st annual Canadian screen awards occurred, she was nominated for the best actress, and she won the title!

It was all because of her hard work and dedication that had paid off after many years. She continued working in the industry as Amy in the Heartland and completed 13 seasons.

Amber Was 18 Years Old When She Did Role In Heartland

As you know, she started acting at a very young age. Amber was very keen to work on a show with horses.

Luckily, the wish came true at a young age, and she started to act as a horse whisperer and appeared on the set of Heartland when she was only 18 years old.

Amy did not get a chance to attend the university.

But this bold decision gave her a big break. She became one of the biggest hits in the Canadian industry and became global fame.

Final Verdict on does amber marshall have children

Amber Marshall is a young Canadian actress who started acting at a very young age. She played the role of Amy in the long-running series Heartland and became a global hit!

Upon asking Does Amber Marshall have children? She replied that she wants to have kids, but it isn’t the right time, and she wants to focus on her career now.

So, she is a young actress with a national screen start award and a successfully running show for 13 years! She owns five horses and many other animals on a 100-acre ranch.

That’s all about Amber Marshall and her horses! If you find this blog post informative, please share it!

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