How Much Does A Baby Horse Cost? (Complete Guides)

Did you know that it could cost $4000 annually to take care of a horse, including its luxuries and food? A horse might be easier to buy, but many things cost when you buy a horse.

How much does a baby horse cost? A baby horse or foal might require extra care and cash than adult horses does. A baby horse’s cost varies as the breed. The estimated cost for a miniature horse would be more than $1000.

In this article, I will describe the pricing and care-cost of a baby horse in detail. Let’s start the blog post without wasting any time.

Should I Buy A Baby Horse?

Many people are crazy about buying horses because they are more famous than cars regarding style, modernism, and coolness.

Buying a horse would be pretty expensive for you as trained horses never cost less than $10k to $20k depending on the horse breed, but a baby horse would cost you the same over a 3 to 4 years tenure whey you invest in its health, training, and medical bills.

A horse baby will not be trained before three to four years, and all these years, you have to pay for the bills, the nutrition, the housing, water costs, and a long list.

Do You Have To Be Rich To Own A Horse?

A horse is like a baby that requires proper attention and care to grow as an independent and mature mammal.

How Much Does A Baby Horse Cost

Anyone can get a horse irrespective of its race, creed, and color. But horse care requires money and appropriate spending, like food, housing, vaccination, etc., so you have to have some money.

So if you can invest the money properly, you don’t have to be rich to own a horse.

What Is The Average Price To Buy A Horse?

The university of the mane is taking notes to update on the price of the horse and their buying guide.

Buying a horse would require looking for several factors, and its price varies accordingly. Medical bills, appearance, feed, training all affect the cost. The price’s more than $3k to own a horse.

The most common and particular factor affecting a horse’s price is the horse breed, which I will discuss later.

Can You Buy A Horse As A Baby?

Buying a horse baby might be cheaper since it costs less than a fully trained horse, but many things are required to keep a horse.

You can buy a baby horse, and it’s much reliable and cheaper than a fully trained horse, but the annual charges to keep a baby horse are more than $3500. A baby horse costs more than $1000.

Thus, owning a horse is one thing, and keeping it is a greater responsibility that is not for everyone.

How Much Does A Baby Horse Cost?

Baby horses are known as foals when less than three years. Some baby horses are expensive, and others cost a lot less, but all this varies according to several factors.

Considering several factors, a baby horse starts from as low as $1000 and increases according to the breed, color, size, and other features.

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How Much Does Miniature Horses Cost

To continue our topic: how much does a baby horse cost? I would discuss the miniature horses.

A miniature horse is characterized by a small length less than 3 feet tall, even in adult age. But the price for an average horse is up to $500 and may increase to $200,000 if they are show horses.

Moreover, the price, age, breed, and parental history affect miniature horse price the most.

How Much Does A Good Riding Horse Cost?‎

A riding horse would cost more than an average horse. It is simply because they are well-trained and require a lot of effort to make it in the class of elite racing horses.

A good riding horse could be more than $100,000 and more. But some riders can find the best horses to ride for only under $1000.

It is good to check the breed of a horse before buying it, and take an expert with you while buying a horse.

How Much Does A Horse Cost Per Month

How much does a baby horse cost? You know it won’t cost more than $1000, but there are not only the buying charges to keep a horse.

A horse demands a monthly allowance just like a child does. Vet bills, housing, vaccination, farrier bills, and other charges would be there, making a total of several hundred per month.

Here are some things which you would consider:

Vet Bills

Vet bills are the charges which include a monthly checkup of your equine. 

It is mandatory for your horse, and you would require a total of $250 to $500 each year.

It will be higher if your horse has significant surgery or an extensive annual checkup.


Housing requirement is necessary for a baby horse or an adult horse.

A stall is readily available on online merchandise such as Amazon. A standard stall costs $1000, and a good-looking luxurious one is available for up to $2000.


Vaccination means you need to get a jab of medicines to boost your horse’s immune system to make it less vulnerable to different diseases.

Vaccine jabs are available for the horses for $500 to $1000 annually.

Farrier Bill

Consider hooves as the nail equivalent of humans. They require trimming on time to be healthy and infection-less.

A farrier would be charging $50 per session, and it is needed each time the hives grow back, which depends on the horse’s genes and breed.

Feeding Cost

How much does a baby horse cost if you are feeding?

Typically a baby horse needs milk and grass (Hay/Fescue) FOR ITS OPTIMAL GROWTH. Milk and grass could cost up to $60 a month for a baby horse aging between 2 months or less.


Making sure that a baby horse looks clean is the best way to prevent horse infections from transmitting to your house.

Maintaining the overall appearance would not require anything else except water or shampoo. It would cost $10 a month.

Caretaker Salary

A baby horse requires a lot of care and nurture when it is less than one year. Typically, people hire some caretakers to nurture the horses.

How much is a horse caretaker? A caretaker’s salary varies according to his expertise, and an expert horse-sitter would charge up to $50 per day.

Essential Equipment And Grooming Accessories

Do you think that horses are that easy to manage and keep? I guess they are not!

Essential grooming accessories, including the shampoo, the washer, the sponges, the flyers, or something like that would be helping to groom a baby horse, would be available for under $300 till they finish.

Water Cost

Water costs would be an unnecessary charge, you would think, but they are worth it.

How much does water for a horse cost?‎Clean and efficiently filtered water would require electricity, and it could cost $10 a month for your horse.


Training a horse is the most challenging thing to make it stand out from the crowd and face the real world.

How much does a month of horse training cost? A horse trainer would generally charge per day, but the institutions may charge as low as $300 a month and increases according to the reputed training centers.

Some Horse Breeds Price with Caring Cost Chart

The price of a horse breed depends on several factors. Bred is one of the factors which may affect the cost of a baby horse.

Let’s take a look at different horse breeds and their price.

Horse BreedPriceLoading/MonthFoodVeterinary ‎care /monthTraining MonthlyAdditional ‎Fees
Clydesdale‎$1,200 to ‎‎$250,000‎‎$400 to ‎‎$1800‎‎$140 to ‎‎$185/ ‎monthFarrier: $20 to ‎‎$140 Annual Checkup feesSelf-TrainingShoes: $500 A Year  
Miniature$400 to ‎‎$1,200‎$40 to 100$$25 Hay/feedEqual to Big Horses$250 and moreBlankets: $50 Sheets: $30 Carts: $1,500
Pony$300 to $1000s$200Hay: $1k Grain: annual ‎$140‎ Minerals: $20‎Checkups: ‎‎$200 Worming: $50/year Hooves Care: $50/month>$2000 per yearEssentials: >$1000
Shire horse$2,000 to ‎‎$25,000‎Up to $2000$200Same as Clydesdale HosesVaried. Minimum $100Saddle: $800 Grooming Gear: $150
Thoroughbred‎$4000-‎‎$7000$50 a day Farms day rateCost according to feed. (more than $100 a month)Blacksmith: ‎‎$70-$100 Veterinarian: >1,000 Dentist: $70 Chiropractor: ‎‎$75  Trainer Rate per Day: >$100Variable

This table represents an estimated cost of a baby horse and its luxuries.

11 Things To Consider When Buying A Horse

Before buying any horse, it would be crucial to see what affects a horse’s cost and your responsibilities towards it.

1. Horse Age

As you were considering the baby horse, its age matters a lot.

Does horse age matter? A baby horse, less than one year of age, costs less than a mature and a trained horse. So a horse’s age fluctuates the price as the age increases.

2. Breeds

Breed affects the cost of a baby horse the most. A baby horse of Arabian or thoroughbred origin would be the most expensive one.

How much does a baby Arabian horse cost? The Arabian horse breed is the most expensive and is the basis to compare other breeds’ prices—a baby Arabian horse costs between $5000 to $3000.

Other horse breeds would be less expensive than the Arabian horse.

3. Training

Training requires a lot of dollars each month for your horse. a well-trained and sophisticatedly well-mannered horse is expensive than a baby horse.

A trained horse has more worth than a baby horse, and its cost starts from five thousand bucks to twenty thousand dollars.

A horse owner would spend a lot of time training a horse, so when it wants to sell its equine friend, all the years of practice would be finally paid off.

4. Health Issues

While buying a horse, look for several diseases if they are found in your horse.

You could ask the owner to show the previous medical history to confirm that a horse doesn’t have an inherited disease.

But if you aren’t sure, consult the hospital from where the reports have been generated to cross-check the medical reports.

5. Demand And Area

Have you heard about the supply and demand theory in economics? It states that the demand for a product increase when the supply decreases or vice versa.

Let’s take the example of horses. The area where a specific horse is scarce will demand more price than the place where it’s abundantly found.

So, never go to an area where horses are scarcely present, and the horse traders will charge you extra for this.

6. Selling Reasons

The selling reason will disclose if you want the horse or not. Most horse owners will sell their horses if they’re annoying or the horse numbers increase on their farm.

Take notes for the horse trader and identify the reasons for selling the horse, and then you can benefit from the weak points of the owner selling the horse and get a cheaper and good breed horse.

7. Temperament

The crucial factor which will affect the future life of a horse is its temperament.

Never buy a horse that is angry and doesn’t cool its temperament. Such horses are hard to train and may get aggressive if you force them into anything.

8. Ask A Vet’s Opinion

A stitch in time saves nine. Does it ring a bell? Yes, an expert’s opinion should always be considered as he could tell a lot of things to help you buy a horse.

9. Take An Equine Person With You

Always take an experienced person or a friend into horses, and have been trading horses for some time. It will help you with the bargaining and get a budgeted horse.

10. Ask For A Trial Period

The most important thing is your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your horse, you don’t have to rush; ask the owner to give you a trial period and then buy the horse.

11. Understand The Effort Required To Own A Horse

Again, I would appreciate anyone buying a baby horse, but it is just like raising a child. Baby horses would need more care and attention than human babies do.

So, make up your mind, ask if you are ready to buy a horse, and then buy it from the best dealer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Foals Cost?

Foals are tiny horses less than three months of age.

They could cost according to the breed and their characteristics. An average foal can cost anywhere between $1000 to $20,000.

What Is The Cheapest Horse?

There are a lot of cheap horse breeds you can buy at a great price. Some of the breeds which cost you less than $2000 are:

  • Quarter
  • Thoroughbred
  • Mustang
  • Paint
  • standardbred

You can find the best baby horse for you online and even looking into the local pet shops.

Final Verdict

How much does a baby horse cost? The horse would cost according to the traits and breed. You can expect a horse to be costing between $500 to $20,000.

After buying a horse, there are many changes which have to be covered each month. You can check the 11 things to consider while going to buy a horse. The 5th factor is the best thing we should see in a horse.

That’s all about: how much does a baby horse cost. I hope you like the content, and don’t forget to share it with your friends to make them aware of the horse buying guide.

If you have any doubts, please comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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