Camels Vs Horses – Which One Is Smarter?

Camels and horses are herbivores that eat grasses and hay and are powerful and active runners and smarter than most flesh-eaters.

That’s why I wanted to write on camel vs. horses.

Camels Vs Horses

The camels vs. horses comparison makes a classical story, as both eat plants but may not be equally brilliant; camels are more intelligent than horses and learn new things quickly. Camels also survive longer without water, but horses are faster on lands, and camels are faster in the desert.

In this blog post, I will make a comprehensive comparison between camels and horses.

Are Camels Smarter Than Horses?

Comparing the camels and horses is not very simple, but are camels wiser than horses?

Horses have a perfect memory, but camels outsmart horses in all kinds of intelligence and memory particularly. Camels perceive better and get trained in a short time than horses.

Studies suggested that the IQ level of camels is higher than that of horses. The IQ level of a camel is like an adult teenager.

But horses give better rides and don’t get emotionally aggressive or upset even if someone is bothering them; they remain calm in most conditions.

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Differences Between Camels Vs Horses

Let’s get to the fundamental differences between camels and horses. We will see the intelligence, land speed and desert speed, cavalry, fight, and of course, riding.

(i) Camel Vs. Horse Intelligence

Intelligence means the ability of an organism to learn new things and solve an unknown problem on its own. The size of its brain predetermines an animal’s intelligence.

Camels live in peace with their owners and learn new things quickly, and there is no problem at all to train them. A camel’s memory stays for as long as 20 years, and it can easily recognize its master.

Camels also are easy to train for the shows and get along with almost everyone.

Horses, on the other hand, are brilliant but not more intelligent than camels. Horses have fewer brains than camels so that they might think slower, but the Arabian horses are the most intelligent and expensive.

Thus, a horse and camel can tell their owners quickly, but camels with better-developed brains and more significant grey matter possess more remarkable memory than horses.

(ii) Camel Vs. Horse Speed In Desert

A desert is the camel’s kingdom. Camels run at very high speed in the deserts than a horse would. But what exactly are the parameters for the speed of a horse and a camel.

The camel runs faster than a horse in the desert, with a maximum of 60 km/h. At the same time, horses could only run at 30 km/h in deserts.

The reason why horses are better in deserts lies in the fact that horses have bigger hoofs. A bigger and broader foot means a reduction of pressure on the sand.

As the pressure on sand decreases, faster and longer steps can quickly be taken, as horses’ hoofs are less wider than camels’, so they run slower than the camels.

A camel can also go on without water at least for 25 days and still survive by storing a large quantity of water in its hump, whereas a horse would not get very long without drinking water.

(iii) Camel Vs. Horse Cavalry

Cavalry refers to the use of animal forces in war to attack the opponents. For ages, camels and horses have been used in the cavalry.

As camel cavalry is more ancient than horse cavalry, horses were more used in wars like the French and German, World War I, and world war II.

Camels would make a better cavalry, but horses are more resilient to the injuries because of their stronger ankles with relatively low center-of-mass.

But it would be wicked and clever to use camels in a war, where the opponent has horses instead.

A camel has a bad smell because of the urine it releases on its toes, and that pungent smell and the enormous size of camels scare the horses.

Another reason why a camel would be a better choice to use in wars is because it survives longer without water and food than a horse would survive.

So a camel is better than a horse in terms:

  • A camel holds more Equipment than horses
  • Camels scare off the horses.
  • Camels run faster in the desert.
  • Camels run for a more extended period than horses.

So, that is why napoleon used thousands of camels instead of horses in the French war to defeat their enemies.

(iv) Camel Vs. Horse Speed

Well, a general view of sped will tell us a lot about the camels and horses. Horses are tougher and high-esteem to withstand prolonged activities than camels.

An average horse will be running at the speed of 30 km/h, with a maximum speed of 40. At the same time, the camels would only run at 20 to 25 km/h on land, with a full speed up to 35 km/h.

But the speed of the horses would decrease in a desert, and in the driest seasons, a camel would be your best friend and running faster than horses.

Extensive and regular exercise and training helps the camels and horse increase their speed and stamina eventually. 

Increasing the speed solely depends on regular exercise and proper diet. So never forget to feed fresh and nutritious food to your animals for their healthy development.

(v) Camel Vs. Horse Fight

What do you think? Who would win in a fight, a camel or a horse?

A fight between a horse and camel is rare, and horses are terrified to fight horses. Because of the pungent smell, horses get panic and are repelled.

Horses would not be able to tackle the attacks by camels, as they bite very hard, but a trained horse will also retaliate the attack viciously.

I also read the fights between horses and camels in the Napoleonic era and the civil war, where some camels used to care for the horses, and their enemies ran away.

Jefferson Davis also used 80 camels in the 1850s to test them fighting against the horses.

(vi) Camel Vs. Horse Riding

Is it easier to ride a horse or a camel? Camels and horses are both great animals, but a camel would be a great start for any beginner.

Camels generally walk slower than horses due to heavy water consumption and storage. Horses are lighter weight and run faster than camels on lands.

But if a beginner wants to start riding, he should begin riding a camel and gradually shift to horses by taking proper lessons.

(vii) Camel Vs. Horses Defense Tactics

A camel knows how to survive in the harsh conditions all by itself, but a horse might not get along with the dry and dangerous situations during the wars.

That is why horses’ causalities were always more than camels, as they better counter the attacks. In world war I and II, millions of horses were killed, but camels were limited.

But a horse responds to vulnerability and danger faster than a camel. It would quickly run towards its herd and will make itself safe when it feels unsafe.

Are Horses Scared Of Camels

Horses are the cutest creatures that will not be bothered even when somebody teases them (not talking about aggressive teasing will make horses angry, and they react furiously).

I have seen lots of horses getting scared of camels even though camels aren’t that scary.

Why are horses frightened of camels? There are two reasons for this. First, a horse gets scared by big and strange creatures, and it isn’t a social animal. Secondly, camels smell awful, so that’s why horses are repelled and run away from horses.

Having a huge animal standing next to the horses makes them scare the horror out of them. If you want your horses and camels to get along, regularly bath them, so no one smells terrible.

Are Camels Stronger Than Horses

Who is a more stronger camel or horse? It is a question that ponders most people. While you want to buy a camel, you must see the water resilient, and horses have better physique and strength to fight.

But in the camels vs. horses competition, both may outsmart and knock out, having a unique feature that other doesn’t have. But it is also true that horses run away because they are scared of camels.

A horse weighs up to 500 kg, but a camel might outweigh the horse by 1000 kg. Such a big animal will be more resilient and more robust than horses.

Are Camels Faster Than Horses?

Can a camel beat a horse? A horse rarely exceeds the camel because camels are giant animals that scare the horses by their presence and pungent smell.

Who would win in a race, camel or horse? A race between a camel and horse would be insane. A horse would easily win on dry land, and the camel would easily win in a deserted area.

Camels run up to 60 to 70 km/h in the deserts, which horses can’t, but horses will be running faster than camels on a straight road or land.

Thus, camels are faster than a horse, but only in deserts.

Do Horses Hate Camels?

Naturally, horses and camels don’t go well with each other. For ages, horses have been scared to be with camels.

Are horses terrified of camels? If we look at why horses scare to live with camels, we see that horses are not afraid of camels, but in reality, they get irritated by the pungent smell of camels.

So any horse would be easily scared and run away quickly if a giant creature with an awful smell was standing next to them.

How Long Do Camels Live

What is a camel life expectancy? A camel has a great life expectancy, and it lives easily to 30 to 40 years.

A dromedary camel can live up to 40 years, whereas other camel breeds may live less or more than 40 years.

How Long Do Horses Live?

Horses also live a long life, just like camels. Most breeds of horses have a lifespan of 35 to 30 years.

The ponies have a lifespan of over 40 years, as they are short horses.

But if you want your horse or camel to live longer, take care of their diet, and make sure they are always eating the right food at the right time with proper exercise and running, making them healthier.

Why Are Camels Used Instead Of Horses?

Camels have been used instead of horses since ancient times. The first people used camels in wars to send a message in the deserts and long routes.

Camels outsmart the horses because they have a highly developed brain and can remember the incidents more precisely. Camels also scare the horses, so they were preferred by the warriors in the great wars.

An excellent reason why camels are used over horses is that camels smell pungent, which scares horses, and also camels are resilient in dry seasons, and rational animals that find their way out even if they are lost.

Who Wins The Longer Running In Camels Vs Horses?

A race of camels vs. horses would be worth seeing. But the race would be won by the horses without any stance.

A horse would easily win a race against a camel, as horses run up to 60 mph, and they can even speed up to 70 mph, but the camels would only be running at half of the speed of horses. So Horses would win!

But if you imagine a camel vs. horses race in a desert, horses may win there because their hoofs are not wide enough to minimize the pressure. Therefore, horses lose in the desert.

Final Verdict on Camels Vs Horses

So a clear-cut difference of Camels vs. horses helps us understand that both animals have equal importance, but camels have superiority over horses in some ways.

Camels are more competent, more giant, and resilient than horses and can even live without food or water for days. 

Thus it might be a little biased, but camels might be better than horses, but horses have more strength than camels.

That concludes our topic, and if you got any questions, please comment down below!

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