7 Best Lightweight Horse Blanket In 2022 – Buying Guides

Blanketing your horse is vital to keep them safe from weather elements. Various types of horse rugs are essential to keep your animal safe from extreme conditions. Whether it’s winter or hot summers, there are lightweight horse blankets to choose from.

Best Lightweight Horse Blanket

The ability to get the best blanket can be tricky. Depending on your horse, there are different sizes, styles, and materials to choose from.

Here are the best blankets for horses to get in 2022.

Lightweight Horse Blankets Overview 

Blanket Name Size (inches)ColorMaterialWeightWaterproof
Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet69″ – 84″Hunter GreenNylon Extra lightweightYes
Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet68″ – 84″ BlackWool2.1 LbNo
Essential Standard Neck Horse Blanket48″ – 87″ Red, Silver NavyPolyester6 LbYes
Classic Combo Lightweight Horse Blanket48″ – 87″ Red, Silver NavyPolyesterYes
Snuggit Turnout Blanket Horse Belly Wrap60″ – 84″PurplePolyester3 LbYes
Saxon Lightweight Horse Blanket69″ – 84″ Hunter, BlackPolyester6 LbYes
Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug81″ BlackMesh2.5 LbNo

7 Best Lightweight Horse Blanket In 2022

1 Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet – Our Pick

Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet, Turquoise/Brown, 72-Inch

Your horse, just like you, needs to keep the body comfortable. You can accomplish this with a Tough 1 waterproof sheet. The highly crafted horse rug is lightweight, which makes it an excellent option for summer seasons.

The tough 600D waterproof material is excellent for durability. Even when you are walking in bushes, the fabrics never get damaged. Also, the waterproofing treatment is ideal for keeping your horse dry.

This horse rug is lightweight whether it’s going for trial riding, pasturing, and other events. It means there is no excessive sweating due to the high summer heat.

Fitting this horse sheet is straightforward. The incorporated shoulder gusset, straps, and double buckle ensure there is a perfect fit. With an adjustable design, your sheet fits snugly.

To ensure a correct fit, crossed surcingle belly and a tail flap ensure there is an amazing fitting.

The nylon fabrics are lightweight and don’t trap moisture. Therefore, it’s great to keep your horse comfortable without wetting due to trapped sweat.

  • Waterproof nylon lining prevents water leaks
  • Adjustable straps to fit all horses
  • Multiple colors for choice
  • Tear-resistant fabrics for use in extreme places
  • Not best for winter weathers

2 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner & Sheet

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet, Black, Medium

Weather is always unpredictable. However, don’t let the elements ruin your horse’s comfort and health. The surest way to enjoy cool looking and a protected horse is using a Tough1 soft fleece blanket.

Wearing your horse this sheet helps to regulate body temperatures. Especially when outdoors, it keeps your animal-free from changing weather elements. Unlike heavy-duty ones, it has a lightweight construction.

With high breathability, you can expect your horse to have the best feeling ever. The construction features fleece and wool, which helps to keep the animal feeling cozy. Despite the blended materials, the sheet is super lightweight. Weighing 2.1 pounds, it doesn’t add bulkiness to your horse.

Apart from being liner, it is also ideal for use with other horse blankets. Thus, it’s easy to use during hot and cool seasons without inflicting discomfort on your animal.

The blanket is available in different colors like black, navy, pink, and other choices. Also, the size is versatile, which lets you choose the right fit for your animal.

Fitting the liner is super easy. It comes with an adjustable bucket front and buckles. Sturdy straps and a fitting system ensure a great fit.

  • Soft and comfortable fleece
  • Washable and indestructible fabrics
  • Multiple colors to choose
  • East to put on and strap
  • The blanket isn’t waterproof

3 WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential Standard Neck Horse Blanket

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Lite Horse Blanket, Navy/Silver/Red, 78'

WeatherBeeta Comfitec horse warmth blanket is among the best you can get. Dedicated for use in horses of all sizes, it is available in different sizes. 

You can get these blankets from 48 inches to 87 inches. Whether you have a large or small breed horse, you can bet on these blankets to fit perfectly.

Despite the professional manufacturer, the sheet has a lightweight design. Actually, it weighs 6 pounds which eliminates bulkiness. 

Moreover, the construction boasts 600D oxford cloth. Whether you are walking your horse in the wood, there is no chance of tearing by branches.

The outer shell has a waterproofing treatment to keep water away. Additionally, the medium insulation makes it ideal for keeping horses warm. Whether it’s rain or wind, there is excellent protection.

Unlike other blankets that make it difficult for a horse to walk, this one is perfect. It has an ingenious design that enables smooth horse movement. Additionally, the neck has fleece which prevents rubbing.

The horse rug has comfort at the front, but the back also has a tail flap. The flap ensures your horsetail is fully protected.

A variety of colors, styles, and decorations are available to keep the horse looking appealing.

  • Highly streamlined and breathable
  • Secure and comfortable padding in back and front
  • Durable ripstop fabrics
  • Reliable, weatherproof coating
  • It has no fill for good horse warming

4 Classic Combo Lightweight Horse Blanket

It’s time to give your horse an updated look and experience. WeatherBeeta Comfitec horse rug is the ultimate option. The rug is sleek and reliable with durable construction.

The selection of premium fabrics ensures there is great comfort. Made from polyester, it’s lightweight and breathable. Even when the weather is hot, your horse can enjoy playing outdoors without discomfort.

Unlike the cheap horse rugs, this covers your animal from neck to tail. With super high flexibility, it means your horse can walk comfortably without restrictions. The traditional side gussets are superb for ensuring natural movement.

Once the horse is wearing the blanket, comfort and unrestricted movements are guaranteed. Even when the animal is playing, it experiences a natural feeling.

The sheet not only keeps the horse dry and warm but also offers protection. The 600D ripstop fabric keeps the horse free from injuries from hard braches. It is safe for horses to walk in woodland without the risk of injuries.

Wearing your horse this blanket is super easy. It comes with adjustable buckles for the front and rear. Also, the removable leg straps and tail flap helps in keeping your horse comfortable.

  • Full body protection horse rug
  • Improved body heat regulation
  • Breathable and lightweight with moderate heat regulation
  • It lacks heavy fillings

5 Snuggit 1200D Turnout Blanket Belly Wrap

Tough 1 1200D Turnout Belly Wrap Horse Blanket Purple(10) 75

Letting your horseplay outside without a protective sheet isn’t advisable. In case of weather change, it can subject it to stress and health issues.

Tough-1 Snuggit blanket for horses is one of the fantastic and top-performing sheets. It’s a dedicated blanket that ensures you give your horse the best treat. 

Compared to others, it has excellent usability and reliability. The manufacturing features 1200D waterproof polyester, which helps in keeping your horse dry.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or snowing; the skin of your horse won’t get wet. The ripstop poly shell is impressive for element protection. Besides, 210D outer lining makes the sheet perfect for use in different places.

Despite the tough shell, cleaning the blanket is super easy. By using water and detergent, it’s simple to keep it clean. The 250 grams polyfill means the blanket isn’t heavy. Also, the snug-fitting design ensures your horse enjoys this rug.

Whether you like hand washing or machine washing, this rug is super easy. The fabrics are strong, which ensures cleaning is a breeze.

  • Heavy-duty waterproof and tear-resistant shell
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Waterproof shell to resist wind and water
  • Adjustable fit for different sized horses
  • Seams not double stitched

6 Saxon. 1200D Lightweight Horse Blanket

Saxon 12000D is one of the best horse blankets available on the market today. The super lightweight rug offers excellent comfort since there is no excessive weight.

The fantastic thing is the horse rug has heavy-duty polyester that can resist wear and tears. Thus, as your horse is playing, the blanket shields the body without adding a lot of weight.

The ability to fit this blanket to your horse without strain makes it great for all horse owners. Apart from its lightweight nature, the blanket is breathable. Durable straps with easy adjusting and reliable straps help to adjust the blanket.

Since the sheet doesn’t have a lot of filling, it’s lightweight. Also, you can use it in different situations and weather conditions.

  • Adjustable buckles and freestyle design
  • Ripstop fabrics with waterproof treatment
  • Affordable and simple to clean
  • Multiple and attractive colors
  • Not elongated neck

7 Back on Track 81’’Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug

Back on Track therapeutic horse rug is reliable and superb to keep your animal relaxed. Whether your horse is walking or playing for pleasure, this rug fits different occasions.

Besides wearing the blanket at home, the mesh rug is ideal for events. Whether it’s Olympic horse races, the blanket is super fitting.

The state-of-the-art Welltex fabrics are amazing to conserve horse energy. Boasting reflection ability, it’s suitable for cold days since there is no heat loss. 

Apart from maintaining constant temperatures, the blanket promotes blood circulation. Even when the horse is from extreme sports, it gives the animal chance to relax and tone muscles.

Lightweight nature makes the blanket ideal for use as a liner or under your thick horse rug. Made from premium materials, there is no reduction ineffectiveness. The ability to fold down and ease of storage make this blanket among the best you can opt for.

  • Effective and heat-retaining fabrics
  • Ideal as a liner or full blanket
  • Improves horse health
  • The blanket isn’t waterproof

Best Lightweight Horse Blanket Buying Guides  

If you are wondering what to look for when buying horse rugs, here are some crucial tips.

1. Type of blanket 

Deciding on the type of best horse blanket to buy is vital. It determines whether you will get the ideal one for your horse.

Basically, the blankets for horses come in two varieties; turnout and stable blankets.

Stable sheets are for use indoors. Especially when your horse is in a barn, these blankets are perfect. Due to their use indoors, they aren’t waterproof.

Turnout blankets are waterproof and suitable for use outdoors. They can be sheets or blankets, depending on your preference. Moreover, they offer more coverage, especially from withers to tail.

2. Blanket fill 

The level of filling in a blanket is essential when you are buying one for your horse. When you are purchasing a horse rug, you should check whether it’s a sheet or blanket.

For lightweight blankets, they offer no fill at all. They are just for protecting your animal from the sun or rain. For light options, anything with 100 grams and below is perfect. However, the higher grams, the more warmth it can provide.

3. Tear-resistant ability 

Horses are active animals and need to have heavy-duty blankets. Different blankets come with varying levels of rip resistance.

The ability to resist ripping is expressed in Denier. The higher the scores, the better when you are buying the horse blankets. Amazingly, the available blankets range from 210 to 2100 deniers.

4. Size 

The other vital feature when you are buying horse rugs is size. It is obvious horses have different body sizes. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you choose the correct size blanket for your animal.

Knowing the ideal size for your horse blanket is achievable through taking measurements. This will give you the exact size of horse rug to purchase.


Having looked at the blankets above, it’s evident you can keep your horse safe from extreme weather.

If you want a durable horse blanket, WeatherBeeta Comfitec Classic Combo Lightweight Horse Blanket is a good pick. Its durable fabrics ensure it doesn’t tear easily.

For people looking for a premium blanket, Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D Turnout Blanket Horse Belly Wrap is a sure bet. Despite being a bit pricy, you get value for your money.

For anyone who wants to give their horses super light rugs, Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet never fails you. Super lightweight fabrics ensure comfort and usage even on hot days.

Back on Track 81’’Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug is the best overall. It provides all the qualities every horse owner is looking for.

When it comes to keeping your horses safe and comfortable, these blankets are the best cheap options. Created with different features, you can have the best that suits your animal.