7 Things to Know About George Washington’s Horse “Nelson.”

George Washington would always be remembered in golden words in the history of America. Of all their achievements, he was the most beloved person in the United States.

George was one of the most powerful leaders of the world and a great admirer of nature. The third US president, Thomas Jefferson, entitled George as “Best Horseman.”

Things to Know About George Washington’s Horse Nelson

He owned many horses, but who was George’s favorite?

Out of several horses George Washington had, Nelson was his favorite one which remained with him even during extreme conditions of the Civil War. The horse was also awarded National awards for its services during the war.

In this blog post, I will share some interesting facts about Nelson and how he helped George fighting the civil awards. Let’s start the article.

What Was George Washington’s Horse’s Name?

George Washington had many horses which served him during his reign. Two special horses were very close to his heart. One of them was “Nelson,” gifted to him in 1778 by his friend Thomas Nelson.

Nelson was a fine breed of horse that became the best friend of George. George named it Nelson as he loved his friend and dedicated it as an eternal memory that has been discussed till now.

So, that’s how we know the name of George Washington’s favorite horse. But, here is some interesting information about Nelson that I have collected from history.

7 Things To Know About George Washington’s Horse “Nelson.”

1. A Quick Runner, brave and Bomb Proof Object

Nelson was a chestnut breed horse and had white feet. As some of the contemporaries explained to him, he was a very brave horse, “Splendid charger.”

He was in every war with the great George Washington. Even during the civil war, he was with the king. The horse is said to be bombproof. It easily tackled all the explosions and was the best horse in the history of US pets.

2. A Gift From Friend Who Lived Perfectly Fine In Old Age

George Washington was almost seventeen years old when he received this auspicious gift from his friend Thomas Nelson. The Virginia stakeholder heard the king has been in trouble while replacing the former horse.

So, Thomas Nelson gifted one of the best horses to George. As a thankfulness, George named the horse “Nelson” to pay tribute to his friend.

Another thing which has been said about the great Nelson horse is that he perfectly remained alright till his last age.

When Nelson was gifted to George, he was about 15 years old. He was very active even when he retired in the late 1780s.

3. A Special Horse Of Royal Family Who Served During American Civil War

The royal families always pick up the best horse. Nelson was one of them.

But why was Nelson very special to the Royal Family?

Due to Nelson’s services to the royal family and the dedication and love of George, Nelson was the royal’s favorite.

Nelson was very active during the French civil war. It is reported that, when the British troops surrendered in New York, Nelson was the horse on which the king rode and gave his victory speech.

4. Nelson Spent His Retirement In Mount Vernon

As the American troops celebrated their victory after the American Civil War, Nelson retired with full royal honor, and the Crown presented him with an award for his service.

During his last years, he was happily living on the royal farm in the estate of Mount Vernon.

It is said that the king loved the horse so much that he always visited the horse and spent time no matter how busy George was in his political or Military affairs.

5. Color of Nelson and His Nature

Nelson was a great horse which was a gift to his highness. Let’s talk about the color and nature of this precious horse.

Nelson, an elegant and tall horse, had a water-blue coat. A strong intellect and white toes characterized him. According to legend, the horse was very calm, like a bomb proof jacket for the king.

It is like a miracle that all the violent bombshells and cannonballs were not able to harm him. He magically tackled all these hurdles and saved the king like a professional armor suit.

That’s the reason why George liked Nelson the most.

6. Nelson was chosen over Blueskin in Civil War For Being Less Skittish

A horse is a sign of bravery and wisdom. In old times, people used horses to go on long routes. Like the craze of cars today, horses were dreamt of in the old days.

Nelson was very special. King George has two horses, of which he had to choose one for the civil war. When he tested both of the horses in front of a cannon bolt, Nelson stood there bravely.

It was the turning point of Nelson’s life. Being less skittish and braver than the other horse, Blueskin, he was eventually chosen by the king.

He then served during the great Civil war and was an absolute winner. His intellect saved the great George many times from deadly attacks during the war due to his intellect.

7. Nelson died in 1790 on Christmas

The last famous thing about Nelson that I want to disclose is his death. It would be great grief for his loving master George when he was informed that his favorite horse joined heavens.

It was a Christmas night when the guards had discovered an unusual silence from the stable of Nelson in 1790. The royal guards saw that George had passed out and left the world for good measure.

 Great George was informed of his favorite horse’s death, and he felt heartbroken. He left everything and went back to the royal house.

The day was mourned as black day because Nelson was his favorite and all the royal family’s favorite.

George bade farewell to his horse and returned the precious gift to nature. George and his family deeply loved Nelson.

Nelson is always remembered as the best horse, competent, brave, calm, and the best protector of the United States.

Other Famous Horses Of George Washington

George had one too many horses. He enjoyed buying horses and training them for use in the military. He had direct involvement in the military as he served as the first governor-general of the US.

He had another horse who was very dear to him. It was Blueskin. Blueskin was not blue, but he was gray and stayed on the royal farm most of the time.

The horse was a little skittish, so George preferred Nelson over him in the Great Civil war.

But, overall, Blueskin was the best horse among the other horses in the royal pet collection. He was also with the king in many wars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Washington Have A Horse Name Nelson?

King George had two horses, one was Blueskin, and the other was Nelson. His great friend from Virginia gifted the horse, and he named him Nelson after his friend Thomas Nelson.

The horse is very active and has served the royal family in most of the wars, including the Civil War.

He is also called a “Splendid charger” with a height of 16 hands. Indeed, the best gift a person would ever get from a friend and a sign of bravery was seen in Nelson, which stood by him till his last breath.

What Did George Washington Name His Horses?

George Washington was a horse-loving king. He had many horses which were named according to their intellects and abilities.

But two favorite horses were present with Washington most of the time. Nelson was the favorite horse of Gorge and the great Royal family. It was a brave horse who had the power to escape bombshells and explosions in a war.

What Color Was George Washington’s White Horse Nelson?

The great George Washington had his favorite horse Nelson with him all the time. The horse was less skittish than other horses and had a physical appearance of reddish-brown color with a height of sixteen hands.

When Did Washington Get Nelson?

Washington received a gift in 1779 from his Virginian friend. The horse was about 15 years old when George acquired Nelson.

Nelson was the best horse the royal family ever had and served for almost 13 years.


Horses are the Ferraris of old times. The Royal house had a bunch of horses and chose the best breeds of horses.

George Washington was a man who inherited the love for horses in his blood. He had many horses and had two favorite horses who served him for more than 15 years during his reign.

Nelson was the favorite horse and was a brave, 16 hands high, reddish-brown colored horse with a strenuous physique.

So, that was all about  ‎7 Things to Know About George Washington’s Horse “Nelson.” if you have any queries about it, please comment and let us know.